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Sarah's Decisions

  • Going to try removing housing requirement, you can fit as many survivors as you want and burbs/apartments do nothing and can't be built
  • Unbuildable nonfunctional eyecandy buildings like fancy restaurant, auto repair, hardware store, computer store, clothing store, book store, garden square with fountain, doublewide park with pond, tall office tower, tall residential tower, post office, multilevel parking garage, doublewide factory, doublewide junkyard, library, fire hall, pharmacy
  • Alternate art for common buildings like office buildings, farms & apartments
  • Keep the buildings colorful and easy to identify
  • New building workshop - where builders craft things like grenades
  • New scenario buildings related to faction forts, plots, and endings like university, power plant, military base, dock, water treatment plant, stadium, radio tower, pig farm / slaughter house, prison.

Dude (talk)

Not sure how I feel about no house limit. A lot of my most difficult tactical choices in rebuild 2 were deciding whether or not I should remove a farm and start losing food so I could get an extra survivor or two to go on a dangerous mission.

New Basic Buildings

Useless Buildings

These buildings do nothing and can't be built, but will have appropriate stuff in them for scavenging.

  • Fancy restaurant
  • Auto repair
  • Hardware store
  • Computer store
  • Clothing store
  • Book store
  • Tall office tower
  • Tall residential tower
  • Post office
  • Garden square with fountain
  • Multilevel parking garage
  • Doublewide factory
  • Doublewide junkyard
  • Pharmacy

Useful Buildings

  • Have 1-2 science labs is a good Idea for the purpose of increasing technologies, they could be set up by the player as a tent even...
  • Can Allow for Tents to be used for temporary housing purposes, or storage...
  • Most of the Buildings ABOVE (in the Useless Buildings) can Actually serve a Purpose, such as:
   *Auto Repair Shop -
    Can provide tool and auto lifts to repair damage or inoperable
    vehicle...  Can also allow for Vehicle modifications for battle...
   *Hardware Store -
    Can provide construction tools & supplies for constructing
   *Computer Store -
    Can provide computers and surveillance equipment to increase
    defense capability, or early alert of Zombie Hordes... 
   *Clothing Store -
    Customize individuals wardrobe, in order to generate a uniform, or
    customize camouflage...  Can have specific clothing requirements
    for specific jobs...
   *Book Store -
    Can provide book of knowledge a variety of subject, such as
    increasing specific Technologies, how fix vehicles, aircraft, or
    boats, how to increase fort defense...
   *Tall Office Tower -
    Can provide extra space of an increased limit of squatters... 
   *Tall Residential Tower -
    Can provide extra space of a well increased limit of squatters...
   *Post Office - Useless
   *Garden Square With Fountain - Useless
   *Multilevel Parking Garage -
    Can provide a larger number of vehicles for modification and can be
    placed scarcely around the city...
   *Doublewide Factory -
    Can provide a way to manufacture certain things (such as better
    material for Fort wall construction, vehicle parts, aircraft parts,
    boat parts, etc.)...
   *Doublewide Junkyard -
    Can provide raw material to be manufactured through the factory,
    as well as random items or k-9's...
   *Pharmacy -
    The place to find medications for illnesses, can either be used to
    provide the Local Hospital or just used for medications...
  • Having a National Guard Armory near would definitely help with Weapons, a larger selection of weapons would be helpful...

  • Workshop: builders/engineers can craft things like grenades here, and you need it for some building upgrades
  • Library: can be used in place of a lab? labs look weird.
  • Fire hall: like a police station
  • Indoor movie theatre: grants happiness like bar/church if you have electricity
  • Doublewide park with pond: can hunt like on parks, but maybe it's called fishing here

n-zone talk

  • How about a Quarry? It would hold lots of Building material. Or a saw mill? Did you plan a limited or a unlimited amount of materials? Some buildings could be upgraded too, e.g. the quarry could have a pond for fishing or a forest for wood and hunting?

Schurill (talk)

  • Emergency shelter: a building specifically set up and designed to be barricaded off in an emergency, reducing casualties in an emergency situation(especially children and any other persons designated as "first in" by local ordinance (such as women are breeders not fighters ordnance)) (reduction decreases with distance away from the shelter as it would take longer and be harder to get to) as an upgrade you can stock the shelters with supplies such that should you lose access to that section of your city peoples could survive in them for a time until you can organize rescue party missions to retrieve them.
  • Safe House: A hidden post you can set up outside your fort for emergency fall back should a mission fail they can return to there instead of all the way back to the fort or other staging for missions in the area, you want to limit your use of them as every use has a chance to have your location discovered causing it to be attack or sieged or teams in area ambushed or otherwise raided.

Runzwsissors (talk)

  • Building supply (massive building materials present but no food)
  • Gunstore (more ammo and weapons than other buildings)

Axethrower23 (talk)

  • Factory: maybe a storage for resources? or maybe a place to create vehicles/other tools
  • Power plant: electricity (maybe 1 per city. first faction to get it gets to monopolize electricity in the city)

Kakinaga (talk) I agree with axetower23 about electricity being resources (not only food).

And electricity is needed for research cost. Example: 100 energy needed for 2 day research. Electricity is produced by powerplant (generator ones). But it need storage. There is battery (or something like that) inside each building that can increase power storage. So this is another reason to reclaim other building, regardless how useless they are.

Justice112 (talk) I'd add the Gas Station as a useful building. Siphoning gas could be a multi-turn task, and an item found scavenging (hardware buildings or hospital buildings, etc) could be coupled with the gas to use to enhance building function, such as turning a hospital into a working one, or a pool hall into an air-conditioned morale boosting building.

Also, the gas could be used to help get a vehicle started (found scavenging a car lot?, then multi-turn mechanics to get it operable) and possible end the game?

Stryker (talk)

  • Ocean: How about an ocean? a small one from only 1 side or 2 or more for water. With a new feature Collect Water requires Scavengers!
  • Dock: Some food, ammo and weapons?


  • Prison: I wonder why there hasn't been a prison building yet. It could add to the defense of the compound for having fortified walls and it adds the possible opportunity of meeting some prisoners which could add to the events and consequences.
  • Fire station: Another building that I think would make a good addition to the fort would be a fire house. That could also have the possibility of being a defense point or a building that could be like a hospital in essence. Be able to put out random fires that might occur in the fort.
  • Statues: Some statues which that had some meaning in the town beforehand. It could be an useless building only meant for destruction or maybe it could be a building that would add happiness like a bar and church.
  • Bunkers: A bunker with a randomly generated number icon on it from 1-100, each number with it's own contents. Some have survivors, some have an infected population, special weapons/stories/enemies, etc. And maybe if you are lucky, a missile silo.


Undead (talk)

  • What about military buildings like few of them spread out in the city.
    • when you scavenge them you get like grenades and 3-5 guns.
    • when reclaimed you get +15 defence like the police station,

chance of finding a veichle


  • What about things like a pet shop, swimming pool, football fields, stadiums, furniture shops, beauty shops, jewelry shops, clinics (minor hospitals), pharmacies (only medicines), clothing stores, garden shop, water pumping station, etc. You know people once lived in the city.
  • Useless buildings have a lot of potential for having random events in them.
  • Pharmacies and clinics are faster to build than a hospital but have less benefits and this could make hospital a bit more rare.
  • Useless buildings also give more appearance of a city to a city.


  • Water towers or high level areas could become sniper nest and help widen the dark surroundings and lessen the number of zombies.
  • Number of hardware stores might allow an upgrade to the defense wall
  • Maybe some buildings are on fire and can not be recaptured unless a fire station is needed


  • Entire underground level (like in simcity)

with sewer which could be used to irrigate farms (+1 food) / get water to buildings (+1 survivor to live in?) once cleaned from zombies.

  • Goes along with eventuals waters pumps / cleaning system with purification station.

Which would need electricity ofc :)

  • Extended subway grid a slight chance of getting attacked by that underground ways maybe...

(Conan5000) How about your own house where your characters family could live in or you could have a day off and sleep in your house.Their could be upgrades for the house as well like a swimming pool or a mini armoury where you can store items for yourself.

Other ideas

  • Pool Hall
  • Arcade
  • Auto Repair Shop
  • Stores:
    • Gun store
    • Liquor store
    • Sports store

n-zone talk

  • stone henge: Just a creepy place with no use at all. But strange things happen after you acquired this place. Good or bad things or both. I leave the choice to you. Maybe create (or put it in) a scenario about it?


  • Skyscraper: The only building that doesn't make since is the skyscraper... are we really going to believe that after the apocalypse that a small amount of people can still build a skyscraper. also it really would have no effect, everything on this list is either for happiness, storage, training, or maintenance. a skyscraper is a business building. no need for business in the apocalypse.

It could be used for living inside, bunk beads in every room?

Sarahnorthway (talk) A skyscraper would fit thousands of people, see Houses.

Woolfe (talk) Or thousands of Zombies. Skyscrapers could be huge Zombie zones that you just want to wall up and ignore. You could clear them out with a lot of effort, but the gain would be little.

  • Morgue
  • Theater (non-film)
  • Museum
  • Hotel
  • Schools: (Level gaps for each building? e.g. Elementry Lvl: 0-3 Highschool Lvl: 3-6 etc.)
    • Elementary
    • High
    • University (multi-block?)

Maybe Scientists would have to research stuff at libraries before experimenting with it in laboratories

  • Club (dance, stripper, etc.)
  • Lake/pond - Can fish in it.
  • Camp grounds - Like for 4H or whatever. These usually have cabins and playground equipment
  • Playgrounds

Ciskje (talk)

  • Modular Building: Recently I thought about some kind of modular building: i.e. you start with a church, then you can add a bell (like an alarm) or a cemetery; or you start with a simple police station, and then you can add a car parking; it's like "upgrade your building" but in a "add things to your building" way (sorry for my english)

Woolfe (talk)

  • Greenhouse allows you to grow a small amount of food during winter

Kakinaga (talk)

I am suggesting building upgrade. Ex: Atrium (building with glass roof) upgraded into greenhouse. I think survivors can't to bring back large glasses safely (without breaking it) with zed around.

Mikeyg10744 I'm not sure if you are going to do this in like a world map type thing and you chose where you want to live but if you are like for example if you want to live in egypt make it so you can reclaim the pyramids but the mummy's do to the virus come back to life so this could be useful if you want to put a museum in their than out of nowhere some mummy popped out of their grave trying to kill the closest surivor to them. Hope you like my ideas.

RachniKiller (talk). Chicken coop: acts like a farm Zombie Holding Pen: Needed to study zombies, Can unless zombies on attacking factions, Chance of zombies breaking out during attacks by zombie horde? (can only be built) Survivor Beacon: Large tower with sigh that attracts survivors (can be upgraded to light up, can only be built) Wind Turbine: makes power Mansion: Can be used as a HQ? Survivor Fortress: adds Defenses (can only be built)

New Major Buildings

Some buildings might only appear on certain Scenario maps and be tied into certain endings, or provide city-wide (or game-wide) benefits once you've activated them.

Power Plant

(Cloven) The idea of electricity without them is probably the only thing that annoyed me in the first 2 games!

Powerplants for sure: coal, oil, nuclear (science faction may have this), hydro, biomass (expensive but lowtech)

Sarahnorthway (talk) I thought power plants would be too big and dangerous to put in the middle of cities, and also require a lot of people to keep running. But then I did put the creepy labs with cooling towers in, so I'm inconsistent. I imagined in Rebuild 2 that "getting electricity" meant stringing some big emergency generators (like the kind hospitals have) into the fort's power grid. I might make that explicit for Rebuild 3, and maybe require a steady supply of fuel to run them. I'd also like you to get a bonafide power plant working, but probably only on one map later in the game, then it could provide power to all the cities on the map. (see Scenarios).

Special Buildings (normally one-a-city)

  • Outpost (if destroyed lost the game) posted by:Kirigaya Kazuto
  • Oil refinery
    • Produces oil and gasoline?
  • water treatment plant (can have up to 5)
    • Necessary for growing the fort beyond a certain size?
    • Prevents waterborne illness event that spreads disease through the fort
  • Military base (can have up to 2)
  • Airport
  • Courthouse (can have up to 2)
  • Clock tower
  • Cathedral
  • Stadium (can have up to 2)
  • Monument (can have up to 5)
  • Radio Tower
    • Attracts survivors passively (Can be turned off)
  • Gaming Store-Used fro scavenging special items,(such as items to make a Life-like zombie attack training) And to improve happiness.

Saarkin (talk)

  • Library: Use this building for learning lost skills faster
  • Technical School: Use this to get Owners Manuals to better maintain machinery and vehicles


  • Post office: no more electricity, no more mobile phone, no more internet...
         HOW people able to know how to get mission, information exchange between another/cities?


  • Underground bunker
  • Temple
  • Junkyard: metal is melted to make weapons or another barricade source. Might also find useful parts
  • Dock: This would allow the use of watercraft bigger than a canoe. This could open possible missions like escape or transfer of your community to an island or oil rig, and could allow trade with other coastal or river communities, scavenging along waterways, and could make fishing possible as another food supply.
  • Military Base - Could be a small military base. Would add to defense. Also would make a perfect spot for Guard Duty. Aside from that, it would be a good change from the usual police station.
  • Airport - We need travel, right?
  • Harbor - For fishing needs.
  • Park w/ Lake - Harbors and docks would need to be at the edge of a map, but a lake wouldn't. It could be in the middle of a map (or anywhere really) and be a large square like the mall. You could fish at the lake.
  • Furniture/Hardware store or Mattress Warehouse - Similar to a Menard's store, it has furniture or supplies for building. With this building, you could get a lot of supplies to build things as well as mattresses to make almost any shelter building into a place where people can sleep.
  • Air Raid Siren: Will predict when huge mobs are coming ahead of time so you have more time to prepare, but will also gain attention of more zombies

Miguelinileugim (talk) Does the helicopter count as a building? A heliport maybe?

Scenario Buildings

  • St. Peter's Basilica
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Launch Pad
  • Colosseum
  • Great Pyramid (always 3)
  • Sphinx
  • Sydney Opera House
  • The White House
  • Church of the Holy Sepulcher
  • Dome of the Rock
  • The Western Wall
  • Zion Gate
  • Mount of Olives
  • Area 51

Harvey Add the option to add drenches to slow down zombies

Saruking Some of these building don't make sense. For example the great pyramid is not in a city and holds nothing of interests for a survival city.

If each city had a special or unique "landmark(s)" if you're doing seattle, having to recapture the space needle for ex.

Sarahnorthway (talk) These are a neat idea but I'd like the game to take place in a kind of "everytown" that could be anywhere, so I don't want to give it identifying features. But I might base some of the major scenario buildings off famous existing buildings like the Basilica.

Cloven Certain buildings should become critical at set points to progress. Eg, water filtration / pumping station before you can support above say 15 survivors? Or perhaps you can use them as set mission or bonus objectives objectives.

Karrachr000 (talk)

I agree with Sarah in that the game's setting should be in Everytown, North America, but most large cities have some distinguishing landmarks. These could include large universities, cathedrals, historical monuments, especially large or tall buildings. Where I live we have the 'Old Courthouse' and it is the gigantic building that you can see almost no matter where you are in our city, and our city only has a population of 30,000 (when it was built in 1889 the entire county had a population around 20,000), so these types of buildings are realistic. You could make these random and nonspecific, but could take inspiration from actual landmarks. You would also have to set the spawn rate super low. For example the huge city size might have two or three such buildings. These buildings could have special effects. These would increase moral for the entire fort. An especially tall building could reveal the surrounding area and make spotting the other groups outside of your forts easier and more accurate. Heavy, stone structures like a cathedral could act as a strategic defensive point. A national monument (similar to the Lincoln Monument) could have a more profound impact on moral, but could unlock special governmental options.

Roads and/or Countryside

Ramiro_ARG You could move further of the city limit to the countryside, using roads, and maybe would be a key to connect cities by ground. You could additionally have more farms here for example, but maybe a disadvantage could be that you need to bring the food to the town (in scavenged cars from parking lots maybe). Maybe you could put some country houses (different from suburbs maybe) But a bad thing about it could be that it can't be directly linked to the main fortress, those having to travel (maybe by car) from the main fort (town) to "secured farms/contry houses". These could be walled, but are too far away to be linked to the town or each other.

Sarahnorthway (talk) Sounds like what the world map is going to do.

Zombie control center

Miguelinileugim (talk)

Required for the "cure" ending and very useful in the "extermination" one

If used with a cure (a cure that can be dispensed by air, which requires even more advanced tech that the one required to discover the cure) it would dispense by air a retrovirus that would affect most zombies and turn them into normal people, it would have quite a slow effect but it would ultimately free the city and possibly bring thousands of survivors into the base (imbalanced you say? This is the end of the game!)

If used with a powerful biological/chemical anti-zombie substance, it would dispense a powerful virus or chemical substance that would kill zombies at twice the rate the cure would have otherwise cured them, and the tech is easier to develop. In the other hand, this is too easy and not too human, so don't expect a super-happy ending afterwards.

Adding a helicopter like those who throw pesticides at crops would be a good visual for this building, though this building is more like a mix between a helicopter launch pad, lab and police station.

Clock Tower

Max24833 I think this was already mentioned, but what about a Clock Tower? It would add a small increase in defense for Snipers, but more importantly would allow Players to have an increase in Mission Safety with Look-Outs helping plan missions, and make scouting missions really fast and easy, as all you'd need is to go up there with binoculars. Otherwise, you could make all squares with "X" distances scouted of the Clock Tower once taken over.

Discussion: Changes to Existing Buildings

Make the lab into something else, not a nuclear power plant. it should be a building of its own, fused with other building like on a floor/part of a apartment, mall or a unique building that can be found and not built. i really doubt one guy can built a power plant after XX days.

[User:Sarahnorthway|Sarahnorthway]] (talk) Yeah the cooling towers in the lab are ridiculous and have to go.

Sarahnorthway (talk) Calling Gustav from the bank (in mobile version) is silly.

Skye sken (talk) If you don't regard it as a too huge an undertaking, I was thinking maybe the buildings could be put into a few different slots. As modern landscape tends to be segregated into various zones like urban, suburban, industrial and rural, maybe some manner of pattern could be created here? Most maps would contain elements from all of them, but huge maps would have all of them in their own zones, with urban being the closest to the center of the city. This would create a cool atmosphere of advancing.

Karrachr000 (talk) That would add a touch of realism, but would also increase difficulty. Lets say your starting police station is in an urban business district. You might have to capture several buildings out before you get to your first farm. Or if you start in a suburban zone, you will have tons of housing, but your closest special building might be far off. I might make Skye Sken's idea an option that you can turn off/on in the options menu.

Justice112 (talk) Skye's idea of zoning would add complexity and realism to the game. Employing this idea, the beginning of the game could start with a choice of what zone to start instead of the "easy medium hard" model. Starting in an urban business district may be hard, urban living medium, and suburban living easy?

Discussion: Building Upgrades

You should be able to fortify or build turrets on just about anything. Also greenhouses to farms, engineering wings to schools, and so on.

(Davide) Only one note: turrets on Rebuild2 was incredibly strong, and that is unbalanced and even unrealistic: a turret cannot kill all zombies in an adiacent building. There are walls and other cover that blocks the bullets. So in Rebuild 2, when you begin to build turrets, the game is (boring) over... Please Sara, balance them!

(Harvey) You could also make it so that buildings will deteriorate at a certain rate and you can have people fix them, add more under ground tunnels.

(Cloven) Or just add some kind of 'level' system to buildings, eg, Rundown, Functional, Faultless. Higher level building would obviously be more valuable and perform their role better (provide more food / housing / hospital beds etc) and perhaps more fought over by different factions? Whether buildings could be upgraded / improved or not would be up to you.

(Harvey) Maybe have tactical areas that make so you can defend easier, or have places that can make a small amount of food but also have people there like a farm?

Rebuildfanisepic (talk) Maybe you could have a small blueprint of buildings,and place soldiers at windows,and make fallback positions.Also,Be able to make underground tunnels,only able to be achieved through engineering.

You ought to be able to add solar panels to any building with a roof.

(Ramiro_ARG) I like Harvey's opinion. You should be able to assign snipers or maybe spotters to some buildings near the edge of the wall. Also I think it would be good to be able to add a defense bonus to some buildings (But not so big as ALL-MARTS').

What about generators using motors from cars and some of the scraps? They could be set to use gasoline or just be rigged to a stationary bicycle, and they would power the 8 blocks around them.

ability to upgrade a farm with a greenhouse, reduced production but removes negative effects of weather and more resistance to other negative random events-Schurill.

Discussion: Visual Changes

If you add on to buildings or level them up, please please give them a physical change that way you can see what buildings you've upgraded and it also increases the visual appeal to the game. (mounting 50 caliber machine guns to the high school-every teenagers dream).

Sarahnorthway (talk) I'd like to do this but it could mean a ton of extra artwork if we've got things like machine guns you can attach to any conceivable building. More likely we'd only be able to show visual changes for major upgrades.

Justice112 (talk) A slight physical change denoting that there was indeed a change would suffice, but nothing drastic nor artistically draining. Perhaps a muting in color along w/ one physical change denoting the type of upgrade/use employed (for example, barbwire to denote defense, graffiti to denote social use of sorts [as in, this house/building is now a party place]).

Miguelinileugim (talk)

I've already said it somewhere, but what about a little icon on upgraded buildings instead of a visual upgrade? For example a shield for upgraded defense.

Discussion: Houses

I'm going to try taking housing out for realism purposes, so you can fit as many survivors as you want. Was thinking of adding storage rooms but that's again unrealistic, they've got all the space they could possibly need.

How does an entire apartment building only fit 5 people? It's the apocalypse for god's sake, pile in there! It's so sad to imagine you're leaving people out in the city to be eaten by zombies because your survivors don't want to share a bathroom. On the other hand, housing is an important resource and deciding whether to plow over suburbs and replace them with a farm can be an important part of Rebuild 2. If I take housing out entirely it will have to be because I've added some other systems that fill the void.

Why not allow people to live in these giant supermarkets, police stations, churches and so forth? If you happen to grab up a neighborhood or apartment, have them hold MORE than what they can now. But have maybe a supermarket hold the most. This would get rid of the necessity for a million homes, yet still allow the possibility of plenty of survivors.

If this happens, maybe worse housing (i.e. supermarkets or other areas not meant for living) could influence morale/stress? If this is the case, then it could be a balancing act, cram everyone into a supermarket and save space, but risk unhappiness, or place each family/group in their own home, taking up more space, but making everyone happier.

If there are going to be suburbs, apartments, and trailer parks again, why not make them more different? How about allowing some farming on the suburbs for a couple of food units? What if trailer parks tended to attract zombies more often (they attract tornadoes, so why not?)? Wouldn't apartments be easier to defend due to vantage points and fewer entrances (look at Pavlov's House in the Battle of Stalingrad)?

(Dalno) What if you could add upgrades that make people you select to move there happier? Such as add a computer upgrade or a gun rack? And what if you could scavenge these? Like a bar makes a morale leader happier or a medicine cabinet makes a healer happier?

(Ramiro_ARG) I don't agree with fewer survivors. In Rebuild 2 it's true, they are hard to manage but they aren't a realistic number. I think there should be more survivors BUT more survivors per house/apartment. Also buff a bit farms, it is incredible that a 100 square meter area (a block) just produces food for 2 people per day!

PunkCub (talk) While I don't have much of an opinion on number of survivors, I am strongly in favour of upping housing limits and potential housing places. It should be possible overall to just bunker down a lot, instead of maintaining a sprawling fenced of city with-what-would-be dozens of weakspots.

Blarg (talk) I agree with Ramiro_ARG, they are a bit to handle in Rebuild 2, but i don't think its such a good idea to lower the amount of survivors but instead to make the consumable or equipment menu more user friendly.perhaps putting certain survivors in certain groups? Like having a Scientist Tab where all your scientists are, so when your looking for soldiers for killing missions you don't have to go though your 15 scavengers and 10 builders to get to your 3 soldiers.

schubacca(a) (talk) I am against removing housing as an element of the game as you do have to remember this IS a game, not real, and as per a game stats numbers and boundaries need to be in existence to give things to struggle against and that need to be done to progress. The better option would be to remove the hard cap on survivors and convert housing into a morale adjustment. Yes you can jam as many people as you need into any building that has a flat space to sleep on, but stacking people in like cord wood is going to have a big hit on general morale. I'm stuck sleeping in the school gym while we tear down the row of housing to make farmland, I know it's for the greater good, but that does not stop it being a massive personal morale blow. We secured a group of houses and I can move out of the fleabag motel into a place I can call my own with my own room and door and everything... sure would make me a lot happier. This adds a whole range of building upgrades to the game. sure we extended the wall around an apartment building, but it has been till now occupied by squatters who had no working bathrooms and zombies and rotting corpses, its going to need a good cleanup before we can move any people in. Ok we now have people in it, but no indoor plumbing, getting that working ups not only building morale but improves general hygiene. Great, we have a stable habitation, now lets rehang all the doors that we blew off securing the place, up morale and security. Our raiding teams found a hardware store and brought back a few cans of paint, we can finally cover over the blood stains. The biggest reason to maintain some form of housing is the basic design of the first 2 rebuilds was finding way to convert every square inch into usable space, removing housing from the game means opening up 1/3 of the map that you have to find new ways of game play to make use of and negates half of the currently established game mechanics.

Woolfe (talk) I think Housing should be relevant to a degree. Sure you can fit people in anywhere, but would they be happy? Would you rather live cramped in a space with 5 other people, or have a nice bedroom to yourself. Also the way I justified it in my head for Rebuild 2, was that people were nervous about falling asleep around others that might be infected. So unless they were "a couple" sleeping by yourself in a locked room could be a good way of stopping your neighbour waking up dead and eating your brains. So my theory is that housing should affect things, but it should be happiness or morale. So if you have a nice apartment building, with all your survivors having a nice lockable room with own working toilet, surely they would be happier than if you just had a bit of old office space, with people bunked down under desks in sleeping bags sharing toilets etc.

[EllaClass] I second Woolfe's idea. You could have a basic stat that reflects the ratio of people in actual housing (each apartment building having 6 units, 2 people per unit; 6 trailers at a trailer park = 2 people per trailer) to the ratio of people crammed in remaining buildings (46 people sheltered in temporary housing). This way you can strategize if it's more important to cram people in, risking happiness but gaining workers, or spending resources/work hours tearing down/retrofitting/building new housing to boost morale.

Xiaolaoshu (talk)Housing is definitely an important aspect of the game. I kind of like the above ideas with different housing having different stats, like capacity, morale, and safety. Apartments might have high density but lower morale compared to suburbs. Suburbs and trailer parks might be less safe. Trailer parks might be cheap to build or mobile. I think a crowding mechanic would be a nice addition. Right now it is annoying that I can not add people when my capacity is at maximum. The housing number might represent the optimum but exceeding it causes problems. Perhaps, maximum capacity should be twice optimum. That way more people could be added at a morale/safety cost. Further, it might events like losing a block more palatable. I lost 8 houses, my population is intact but morale/safety will get hit until I fix things. I would like to add something about number of residents, the game is not realistic at all but we could assume that either there are actually more people than are shown or that the spacing is an illusion of game mechanics. Really all 150 survivors are occupying a relatively small amount of space but the blocks represent harvested resources and infrastructure to support them. If you want to increase the number of survivors, they should be managed as groups. Again, we could view the previous games as having 10 or 20 times the number of people being represented by their leader. How else can two people build a farm out of some suburbs in 2 days?

Discussion: Water

I was thinking that drinkable water will be the most important problems such as in war times. so why not here, using trucks to supply water, swimming pools could be life savers if you able to close them for not get a infection. Also searching for water will be fun, we can handle without food for few weeks but without water at most 2 weeks we are dead. Also building could be turn into clean water pools (basements).

People staying on places other than houses i think this can lead illness so you maybe use this for a factor. too many people in same place or huge and cold place like malls can lead illness strikes.

Woolfe (talk) I agree with water buildings. You should also incorporate "water tanks" ie maybe you build them everywhere to ensure you have a constant supply of clean water.

[EllaClass] I like the water building idea too. Maybe each building (school, apartment, etc) could have basic upgrades? So, you could add a water catchment system, solar panels/wind turbine, reinforced doors, etc. to each building. If part of the fort is overrun, reinforced buildings might provide some protection for survivors until reinforcements arrive. (You could have 1-2 days to reclaim that area and save survivors/supplies). The upgrades could be standard, managed from a building menu, don't have to affect the art, and would provide another scavenging goal.

Sarahnorthway (talk) Agreed, drinking water should be addressed in R3 in some form. Not sure I want the complexity of an entire system for it, but perhaps people could default to silently scavenging for water (eg boiling water from buckets on roofs, public fountains, swimming pools) and finding a more permanent solution would improve morale or food supply or reduce illness. Apparently there's enough water in US swimming pools to sustain the entire population for one year, so our surviving 1% would have a near-infinite supply until evaporation did it's work after 2-3 years. So, if the game took place 5 years later, water would be a much bigger deal.

Woolfe (talk) Water is also used for things like irrigation, cleanliness etc and I don't think that study took that into account. Also even if there is enough water in Swimming pools etc, that water is open to the elements and in a stagnant situation, so there would need to be basic survival techs etc for ensuring the water is clean and drinkable.

EllaClass (talk) Agreed, Woolfe. So if there isn't a need to collect water, perhaps there can be a need to collect charcoal and sand for a simple filtration system.

Idea: Replacing buildings

Sarahnorthway (talk) Yes, in a realistic zombie situation people would not be tearing down and building new buildings, they'd just move furniture around inside and make do. The reason that when you turn an office building into a school in Rebuild 2 it becomes a stereotypical red schoolhouse is so you can recognize at a glance what kind of building it is. This is unfortunately more important than realism. Also if you had to have art specifically for office buildings used as a school vs pawn shops being used as a school, it would take my artist (to be) a decade to draw it all.

Replace just about any building with any other building, by first tearing it down, then building the new one from scratch. Maybe not for doublesized buildings. Maybe buildings look different (crappier) when you build them like this?

What if when you make another one from the same building without tearing it down it makes people like soldiers and morale leaders happier when you replace the bar with defence? And it still looks like a bar but with paint guns and swords?- Dalno

Keep in mind this is post-apocalyptic, they shouldn't be able to tear down any building they want and erect a new one withing 5 days; however, making them the same basic structure and changing little things on the building would be more realistic.

(Foxlink) Maybe they could do something where if the buildings are similar (like the church and bar were in Rebuild 2) it is easier to switch over whereas if you are trying to take a park and turn it into an apartment you may need more of the crafting supplies such as bricks and wood. Also if this is post-apocalyptic it would probably be easier to build houses due to the fact that underground/inner wall plumbing and electricity wouldn't be as much of a concern.

Xiaolaoshu (talk)When I play Rebuild (1,2, mobile) I get frustrated by the appearance of dozens of labs and schools, especially when they are no longer useful. Everything should be recyclable. Perhaps squares should have some designated limits on the buildings that can be made there. For instance, there could be high or low density. A high density square could be used for apartments, hospital, forts, and the like. Low density could be suburbs, farms, wilderness or whatever. Some buildings might be available for either type. I almost forgot, please let malls/all-mart/police station (basically forts) be destructible. They just irritate me. Let add gravyards to that list. I don't care if it takes extra time or extra killing but I want them to go!

Idea: Building Internals

The large, multi-block buildings in this game don't really serve much of a purpose except for adding more defense(malls) to the fort and winning the game (helipad, city hall, evil graveyard from Rebuild 1). Instead, these buildings and "tall" buildings, given the "How does an entire apartment only hold 4 survivors!" argument and suggestions for skyscrapers and the like, could be split up into 2 or 3, possibly 4 "sectors" in each building.

These sectors could function like normal buildings since malls and the like can hold a lot of different shops and such, and they can be modified to fit the needs of the survivors. The sectors could be configured randomly, with building "areas" and connecting corridors to make them a bit more interesting in terms of defending them against zombie attacks. This addition would make clearing malls and apartments more difficult due to the fact that the zombies can occupy multiple areas in the same building, but hey, greater risk, greater reward.

Allow for more cross functionality of exsisting buildings. I cant tell you how many times I have ended up, in small mode, with like 8 schools, which you can do nothing at all with. You can only train people so much (unless you allow "graduate" level training or be able to cross train beyone 3 skill sets) Some have said theatres, which is a valid way of providing more "happiness", but what about allowing for the baser aspects of humans too? Have a Skid Row, where more deviant forms of happiness are available but with the twist(s) that A) too many of your survivors go there and wallow, which depletes from all of your strength, or it can become an attack from within spot for zombies.

It seems that on the board, the attack comes from one direction, but if the zombies breech the town, they overrun squares on the opposite side of the board. Perhaps work in phased danger areas, like the horde is coming in from the North, so that is more vulnerable, you can shift resources to meet the attack, but the extreme southern side of the board is "safer" allowing other work to continue, or letting you accept the risk of not defending the south to shift resources to meet the oncoming zombies. The zombies come in 3 days, and maybe it takes your survivors a day or two to move through the city to reinforce the assumed attack point. You could be wrong, within a few squares, exactly where they attack too, damage could be porportional along an attack front.

(Ramiro_ARG) I like this idea, maybe they could add an additional GUI to manage this with 3 or 4 sections named as for example: Shopping mall 1, Shopping mall 2, etc, were you could modify every part as a different buildings. About the directional attacks: I don't think my survivors would take a day or two to walk 600m (6 blocks). But it is a good idea. Maybe you could have watch towers which tells you if zombies are coming that way and sniper towers (more expensive) that work as watch towers and help in the battle in that area.

(Saruking) Something like the apartment can be broken down into floors (ex two floors and maybe a basement) and each floor could can be upgraded but consume more resources such as electricity, metal, etc. The mall could multiple function like it can be a school and defenses.( i mean a mall is huge it can hold a class room, hospital, living dorms( which could give extra bonus to increase people with low moral) and still be defendable).

(EllaClass) Like the suggestions above, maybe this could be a gameplay strategy, depending on how the city is generated? So, if might be harder to reclaim a high school or a mall, but if you did so you would access (or could retrofit it to hold) a cafeteria, nurse's office, science labs, storage, plus places for people to live. This would be an alternative to trying to secure multiple city blocks (e.g., The Girl Who Owned a City).

Xiaolaoshu (talk) Like above, those double blocks (and potentially skyscrapers) are too valuable to waste. I don't see how all-marts/malls add to my defense but they can certain house lots of people and have multiple functions. I could see such buildings being mini-bases, providing emergency space and services. Such a building should give broad bonuses (+1 morale, +1 health, +5 defense, +4 house, maybe more added with technology like roof gardens add +2 food). Or the building could have slots that can be stationed by certain professions. A mall, for example, has 4 slots: a doctor (hospital), teacher (school), and two techs (2 craft) could live and operate there. Such buildings would be coveted, especially in early games, when few buildings are reclaimed.

Idea: Dangerous Buildings

Certain buildings could pose a threat to the colony and have to be treated in a certain way

  • Examples
    • Explosive Storage: No firearms can be used inside or BOOM!
    • Nuclear Power Plant: "Produces" radioactive zombies that are harder to kill, needs builders with special equipment to fix. And they could power your base if all infection is gone.
    • Chemical Plant: Causes pollution which requires survivors near it to wear protective HAZMAT suits
    • Slaughter house: Filled with rotting meat and poses a health risk. Needs to be burned down.


I mentioned this before above but why not burning buildings that lose there value if they on fire (like a church's happyness would be voided or something) and buildings out side the wall can't be reclaimed until it is put out. Also a fire house will allow safe buring of slaughter houses and provide hazmat suits.

(Conan5000) How about an unstable building thats about to collapse like a big skyscraper that can destroy other buildings around it once it collapses.

Idea: Building proportions

Miguelinileugim (talk) In most cities there's a damn lot of houses, a few schools and parks, and very few hospitals and labs (little labs I mean) and there are either a lot of farms one after another or nothing at all. In Rebuild 2 there were some houses, some schools and parks and a couple hospitals and labs. The farms were distributed randomly making little sense.

I think that this should change, but before anything, what are your plans to improve these proportions? For now, dramatically increasing the number of houses (but designing different types of houses) and being able to use them for almost any use (or at least after modifying them) would be a first step. Still, what are you going to do about this?

Sarahnorthway (talk) Are you saying there were more suburbs + apartments in Rebuild 1 but not enough in Rebuild 2? The number of houses is a balance between:

  • capping (they force you to balance fort + population growth)
  • strategy (having to choose between a house vs a farm can be an interesting & important decision)
  • realism (real cities have a lot more houses than you'd ever need)
  • novelty (maps would be boring with a realistic amount of housing in them; houses would be boring if they did nothing)

Sarahnorthway (talk) Rebuild 3 will have completely different building ratios, city shapes and urban/rural divisions, new buildings and alternate art for apartments and suburban homes. (Hopefully) the difference between R1 and R2 will pale in comparison!

Idea: Building Upkeep

If you want to add an additional element to scavenging, perhaps certain buildings would need to be repaired with certain items to become operational or to maintain them.

Sarahnorthway (talk) This is an interesting idea, it's good to have something else to scavenge for. Maybe attacks sometimes just damage a building that requires repair using building materials before it can be used again, like how survivors might end up hurt instead of dying. Could be you need fuel for some buildings. Maybe an early way to get electricity is to rig up a big emergency generator (like they have in hospitals) for the whole fort, but you need to keep feeding it fuel to keep the power on.

Accepted idea: Faction Headquarters

Lordlyhour (talk) Possibly a Unique Building For Each Faction to use as a headquaters? Each faction would have an Individual One and they'd all have Some sort of Bonus Effect if You Took control of it, Either Through Allying or Conquest. The Riffs: The Dojo, Added Security, Survivors'd Gain Fighting skills Faster, St Micheals: Unique Shcool Building, Survivors would Learn Skills faster here than Other schools (maybe?) OR it would make survivors Learn Certain Skills at an Increased Rate. Beurecrats: Some sort of Headquarters type Deal, Would Provide a Leadership Bonus to All characters, maybe +2 or something or increase the Leadership Skill level improvement. Things like that. Each Building doesn't necessarily have to Provide a Skill or Skill Learning Boost, Some Might Function as More Effective Versions of Other Buildings (Such as providing a Morale Boost, Like the Church, Or Acting like a Lab Building with Faster Reasearch Times.

Sarahnorthway (talk) See my notes under each faction - some HQs will be unique and do cool stuff (well, probably just do the same stuff faster as you suggest), others will just be farms etc.


edit - I see I've put this entry in the wrong area of your wiki. I'm sorry about that. Sarah, can I be a pain in the butt and ask for you to put this entry in a more appropirate spot in the wiki? I'm using an iPad and it's brutal trying to change things around at this point. Sorry and thanks.

First, I want to congratulate you on Rebuild. What a great and addictive game/franchise. I've gotten my wife and her two younger sisters hooked on the iPad version!

Second, here are my ideas for buildings for Rebuild 3. Hope it's not too late. Forgive me if someone else has already suggested these ideas or they were in prior versions of Rebuild.

Bridges? - If you were to include river/water squares of terrain running through a city, you could have the shorelines be defensible barriers against Zombies and rival gangs...unless there were bridges or other crossing points (perhaps a tanker ship got sailed down a river, and then turned almost 90 degrees until it touched both shores, or maybe a massive antenna has fallen and spans the river) which would then have to be held and secured. They could even be a buildable (or destroyable) building. From a tactical military standpoint, bridges have been highly-valued real estate for thousands of years - you want to control them, but if you can't you destroy them so as to deny your enemy their use.

Other shoreline buildings could include:

  1. -marinas (could be an endgame objective to find a serviceable boat to escape on - like the heliport),
  2. -an abandoned coast guard station (weapons?),
  3. -beaches (decoration or perhaps a source of sand for sandbags which could be used to upgrade all buildings' defenses - i realize you already sort of did this in the iOS Rebuild. Or perhaps to increase happiness - lord knows I'd want to sunbathe during the Zompocalypse!),
  4. -water purification plants (another highly valued military target/asset - could provide "food" in the form of fresh water each day like a farm does),
  5. -tidal generators (provides electricity once a certain tech level has been reached? - not buildable),
  6. -abandoned water taxi stands (decoration),
  7. -abandoned ferry terminals (decoration - or could be and endgame objective like marinas),
  8. -lift (or regular) locks (decoration),
  9. -tunnels (ex. under a river - similar value/use as bridges, though not buildable),
  10. -fish farms (could provide food like a regular farm),
  11. -nautical museums (decoration unless its the kind of museum that's actually an old ship (google HMCS SACKVILLE) in which case it could be an endgame objective to get it running like the heliport),
  12. -abandoned naval yard (weapons)
  13. -abandoned dry dock (tools)
  14. -shipping container yard (extra scavengable food and supplies?)
  15. -aquariums (decoration or could be a building which could be upgraded into a fish farm),
  16. -docks,wharfs or piers (decoration)
  17. -oil/petrol holding tanks (decoration, or could be destroyed which would damage/destroy adjacent buildings - which would be AWESOME!)

Land based buildings:

  1. -hotels (ups max people - like apartments)
  2. -hostels (lesser version of hotels)
  3. -racetracks (decoration, source of fuel, source of happiness)
  4. -amusement parks (decoration, source of happiness)
  5. -pawn shops (tools and weapons)
  6. -TV/Radio news station (used to attrack other survivors)
  7. -abandoned historic forts (like Toronto's Fort York or Halifax's Citadel - added security and a place to scavenge weapons (archaic) and supplies)
  8. -health food stores (a place to scavenge food but provides less than a grocery store)
  9. -hobby stores (decoration)
  10. -indoor paintball buildings (could call it something like Toronto's "Sgt. Splatter's" - could provide happiness or a place to upgrade combat/leadership skill without risk)
  11. -health spas (decoration or a place to gain happiness)
  12. -tanning salons (decoration or a place to gain happiness)
  13. -whiskey distilleries (happiness)
  14. -beer factories (happiness)
  15. -solar plant (generates electricity - also, could gain solar tech to add solar cells to other buildings for elecetricity)
  16. -drug stores (scavenge for food and reclaim to get a minor hospital-like benefit)
  17. -dental offices (reclaim to get a minor hospital-like benefit)
  18. -health clinics (reclaim to get a minor hospital-like benefit)
  19. -train station (scavenge for supplies - could be endgame condition to get a certain tech/mechanical level to be able to fix up and escape on an old train)
  20. -bus station (scavenge for supplies)
  21. -museums and art gallerys (decoration or happiness?)
  22. -thrift stores (decoration or supplies)
  23. -pet stores or kennels (a source of happiness... or food - ughh)
  24. -law offices (decoration or a source of happiness when destoryed)
  25. -lingerie shops (decoration)
  26. -money changers (decoration - or a defensible building like a lesser version of the bank)
  27. -mansions (twice as big as a suburb with twice as much housing capacity?)
  28. -grow-op houses (scavenge for happiness? - could be reclaimed and made into a suburb-type dwelling or a hydroponics farm?)
  29. -hydroponics farms (with electricity could provide less food than an actual farm but could be used in winter?)
  30. -dry cleaners (decoration)
  31. -strip malls/plazas (decoration)
  32. -garbage transfer stations or dumps (decoration or a place to scavenge for supplies... ewww)
  33. -car dealerships (a place to get cars or fuel)
  34. -monuments (Space Needle, Eiffle Tower, St. Louis Arch - could provide happiness)
  35. -army barracks (scavenge for weapons, could also provide housing like a suburb or apartment, could also provide communications and attract survivors like a Radio station)
  36. -telephone company/switching station (could be used to attract surviors - also, could be an endgame condition to research the tech to fix up the station's equipment and link up other surviving comunities together vie phonelines)
  37. -computer/electronics stores (decoration or could help speed up researching technologies)
  38. -hardware stores (supplies - also could help speed up researching building or speed up reclaiming buildings)
  39. -book stores and libraries (a place to research or teach/learn - like the schoolhouse. Book stores could be the lesser version)

User:minotaar Suggestion: Demolish Buildings for Materials to be used elsewhere

Inevitably, there will be buildings that have no use - the extra school, etc. Conversion may only be to another useless building. Demolishing the building for it's materials could create an ecosystem for the maintenance and upkeep of the other buildings, and for fort maintenance. Also, for large buildings infested with zombies it might be a more effective way of clearing the zombies than actually clearing it floor by floor. Of course, there are risks with attempting to demolish a large building..

With regard to buildings and building materials, I have always thought of the forts in rebuild as being areas enclosed with walls or fences between buildings, and that the buildings were essentially used opportunistically as a pre-built wall. That would create a safe zone where zombies should generally not be. Of course in earlier rebuild versions, this was never visualized, but it is the way that the fort seems to behave relative to the roving hordes. But with building materials harvested from demolished buildings, you could use it to actually build the fence across streets between buildings. That mechanic creates some interesting decisions because the next house you take should permit you to build as little fence as possible, or move existing fences. Empty parks and fields have more of an impact on the game, because them you have to build a lot of fence to block them off, or they compromise your fort.

That introduces the need for more strategic planning of fort design, whereas in rebuild 1,2 the fort sort of spreads like an amoeba to the buildings that are needed. It also allows your randomly generated cities to include large multi-square city parks, like NYC's central park, that would add realism and also have a nontrivial impact on fort design.

/////////////////////////////////////// Coming in late so some of these might of be already suggested.

1) Buildings degrade over time that are not in the Safety Zone. This might reduce loot and take more items to bring back to a usable state. 2) Not too many of each building in any area so that every time you play, it will be a difference experience. That Hardware store that was next to your base last game, may take 2-3 weeks to get to next time. 3) Able to board up windows on buildings that are not in the Safety zone to protect them / reduce zombies at that location. 4) Able to setup outposts on top of large buildings. Run the risk of loosing survivors while transporting food / ammo / water. This could also be used for reducing zombies in the surrounding areas. 5) Buildings for maintain of weapons / items 6) Buildings to increase Farming 7) Buildings to get heating supplies for winter. 8) Every building accessible

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