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Sarah's opinion

Sarahnorthway (talk)

Rebuild 3 needs many new random events. I'm also planning to reduce the more mundane daily results, eg you don't need to hear about Joe successfully killing zombies at the church every effing time; this will be replaced by a briefer and more icon-based notices system. So that leaves even more room for more interesting events.

Oh, and I want way more events where you need to make a decision, and give you more than yes or no choices!

Thanks for the great ideas! I've been processing them all, and for those curious here are my notes.

loqman (talk)

i read the half , that was great you rock ! ;) try concentrating on leadership events they are so fun ! even maybe method of politics can be good idea , a weekly paper (newspaper) radio show...

PNH (talk)

I have some simple ideas to a better game. Would be good to have some 1-shot items scavenged from anywhere, like a Grenade, Traps or, why not, an Antidote. Also some crafting would be cool, and please, make us feel that intelligente of Scientists is useful, more tech researching, and make them actually useful techs, would be good also if Scientists skill rises up faster than other people, they wont make more than 2-3 science-related missions, and it's like a weak point of the former 2 Rebuild games. Obviously you won't make an airplane from scraps, but there could be something to do, can even be something apart from techs, like preparing traps or whatever. Of course, I'd make some different kind of zombies. Let's say, one has a chance to appear weekly, searchs for walls and when it comes to a nearing scouted spot, you see the icon, it can attract more zombies, reduce happiness because it won't start screaming all night long, you can go out and kill it like any normal zombie -if it doesn't attack you first and get shot-, and so on, some special zombies you can kill like anyone -could be more resistant- and will want to do it ASAP. Special people, like high ranks of Soldier (let's say, a Sergeant), Engineers, a Governor-Charismatic Famous, that make missions with builders, leaders, soldiers or whatever more efficient, and can reach better soldier level than normal ones, and so on. Also, what about Prisons? That and Energy Plants would be good buildings to add to the mix. Capturing someone from a rival faction and try to get information or isolate a bitten survivor, and Energy Plants to bring on extra lights (maybe a one time defense bonus if you have extra lights from any Power Plant, maybe more chance of getting attacked or not attacked because of annoying lights, your choice if you choose to implement it), and also they can be a key building for everything, cool air, stoves, oven to cook, etc, so it would have a major impact at happiness, could use 2 squares, better overall usage of any electrics/electronics, can fail sometimes and need to be repaired, can even kill someone not qualified enough to deal with it (low danger on repair missions? lol), could be fun to use some electricity to an overall improve of your city, subway webs to do some missions, missions with few days to complete them that give better rewards, tributes, someone you need to please (so you don't have total power over survivors, because someone demands for a higher status and safety and a part of the fort also supports him), even some survivor on your fort with an IA to do missions, although that could be messy. Natural accidents, like Mountains, Rivers, irregular cities could add realism. Also building that can only be built by survivors, like Outposts, Tent Camps, etc, maybe switch a Farm with a Tent Camp instead of a Suburb seems more realistic, you can even make Tents an item to do it, even a crafted one. Take whatever you want, I don't know what direction you will choose for your game, but it will be cool. I hope that helps ;). Sorry for the effing brainstorming text.

Optional Options

Sarahnorthway (talk) I just finished another Choice Of game (Life of a Wizard) which got me thinking about choices with requirements (eg need 30 food, need a level 5 builder), or even hidden plot-based choices (eg must have adopted that kid from the Riffs two weeks ago). It's frustrating to miss a great random event at the wrong time or cock up a plotline because you didn't know what you were going to need ahead of time, but it'd be a big bonus to replayability. I think I'd like to do it, but not frivolously.

Miguelinileugim (talk) I think that by default most events must have that sort of choices, though balancing is always a problem you know...

loqman (talk) : choices on the rebuild two wasn't good enough , because i had to play the game for a lot of times or find walkthrough for them which makes game uncool than its best position...

New Random Events


  • Child Tax
    • Requirements: An hostile faction is present
    • Trigger: Random day
    • Event: A messenger comes to your fort and ask for a tribute of 2 childs, if they are not handed his gang will come and take them by force
    • Effect:
      • Choice A: Hand over 2 childrens, preventing further hostile actions.
      • Choice B: Refuse to meet the request and brace for the inevitable attack and loss of reputation with the faction
  • Found a safe
    • Trigger: You reclaim a commercial building, random chance.
    • Event: Your builders found a safe while reclaiming the area, they will require some time to open it and see what's inside.
    • Effect: You may send a mission to open the safe, you are rewarded with 2-3 items.
  • Neighbors in danger
    • Trigger: You initiate a scouting or scavenge mission, random chance.
    • Event: You spot a survivors running away from zombies.
    • Effect:
      • Choice A: You can abort your current mission to to save him.
      • Choice B: You ignore him, no effect.
  • Kidnapped
    • Trigger: You initiate any mission near an hostile faction, random chance.
    • Event: Your survivors were captured by an hostile faction, they ask for a ransom.
    • Effect:
      • Choice A: Pay the ransom
      • Choice B: Rescue him by sending some soldiers
      • Choice C: Lose them


  • Armed dudes
    • Trigger: Random chance
    • Event: A group loaded with guns come up to the gate, they look dangerous.
    • Effect:
      • Choice A: Kill on Sight, they die, you lose reputation with factions
      • Choice B: Let them in, they might be new recruits or kill random survivors.
      • Choice C: Tell them to leave: Very little chance they kill a random survivor, no effect.


  • Zombie-free sanctuary
    • Trigger: Random chance
    • Event: Rumors of a zombie-free sanctuary start circulating
    • Effect:
      • Choice A: Disprove them completely, happiness loss
      • Choice B: Promise to find the sanctuary after you've conquered the city, no effect, very little chance of survivors leaving
      • Choice C: Ignore them, little chance of survivors leaving

Miguelinileugim (talk)

Original idea by Alexthethug

  • Rebellion
    • Trigger: ~5 turns of unhappiness (>20?)
    • Event: You've been warned, now you'll face a rebellion
  • Choice A: Ask for a break, the rebellion stops but can only be used once
  • Choice B: Give a speech, requires high leadership of the leader, the rebellion stops but can only be used once
  • Choice C: Kill the leader, the rebellion stops but can only be used once
  • Choice D: Resign, lose the game

Woolfe (talk)

  • Fire
    • Trigger: Random chance OR Sabotage activity
    • Event: A fire begins in a location. The fire can be addressed or not. Fire can burn out on its own, but is more likely to spread. An Area that eventually burns out would have little salvage, and would need to be rebuilt to be serviceable. Spread would be dependant on location. Fire should destroy Zombies in an area. A fire that is not fought should get out of control and become a major incident. All factions should actively fight the fire, although some may be more inclined to take advantage of it or to allow it to burn in opposing areas. Fire should be difficult to fight. However that may make it hard to manage, and would likely result in people letting half the city burn down. So it may be worthwhile to make a fire relatively fight-able. In reality fires would wipe out half the towns they start in if there is no active fire fighting. Of course they wouldn't necessarily start as often either as the most common natural cause of fire are lightning, and Rock sparks (Volcano's and Spontaneous combustion might be a little too much), tho you could add broken glass or electrical fires in areas that now have power.--Woolfe (talk) 04:33, 18 June 2013 (UTC)

<SNIP> I have removed Miguelinileugim's edit of my comments. Feel free to add it back in yourself Miguel with correct attribution, as in your own ideas on how it should work, as opposed to it appearing that these were my suggestions. I am not saying they are bad, I am merely stating that they were not MINE and should not be attributed to me. Happy for the editing to make things more readable, but please do not add your own elements/spin without correct attribution. Some of us may not agree with your ideas, and sometimes the language we use is specific. I do question now how much of the posted information is unique to the users who originally posted it, and how much is your uncredited additions.--Woolfe (talk) 04:34, 18 June 2013 (UTC)

Saarkin (talk)

  • Jim got bit by a zombie today his wife is begging you to allow her to keep him chained up at home while a cure is being worked on. She's sure she can bring him back.
    • Allow her to keep him contained at home with a chance he will kill her or someone else and cause an outbreak inside the walls
    • Allow him to live but in a prison cell
    • Kill him on the spot regardless of how she feels
  • A woman came by today begging for food and weapons she clearly seems to be hiding something.
    • Give her the supplies
    • Search her camper for what she is hiding (maybe a zombie child or human flesh in her trailer)
    • Send her away
    • Kill her
  • You catch one of your people on the wall with a mirror flashing signals to someone outside the base.
    • Throw him out of the base
    • Throw him in prison and question him
    • Throw him in prison and torture him
    • Throw him over the wall to the zombie horde below.
  • Your people want to hold an election to decide who is in charge.
    • Allow them to hold the election and run for President (Choosing this gives you a chance to lose control of the group. Any big ideas like whether to attack a fort has to be cleared by the president. Maybe they won't allow new survivors to enter the base)
    • Allow them to hold an election for an advisory board to support you in your role
    • Deny them the ability to hold an election and punish the people behind the idea
  • One of your men didn't return from the mission today. It seems he got separated from the group but he may still be alive. You received a static filled transmission from him just now you couldn't tell much except his location. Do you want to go get him?
    • Do not go get him but hope he gets home on his own
    • Send a full squad of soldiers to go get him and hope you don't lose anyone else today.
    • Send one of you Delta squad members to extract him by stealth.


  • A random guy comes to your fort
    • Ket him in (risk that he's infected)
    • Ask someone to check if he has been bitten (risk that he bites someone)
    • Let him in and close in prison for some days to see if he's infected
    • Tell him to leave

(User:Jesa) A faction want demands something so they didn't attack

  • Give him he want
    • Didn't give him anything and get ready for a war
  • Dead Teammates
    • Trigger : Any moment
    • You found ( 1-3 ) dead friends that got ( shot or stabbed ) at the base. (Another friend) Has been suspicious when the murder had popped up what should you do?
      • Choice A: Kill him or her, he or she could kill more people.
      • Choice B: Kick him or her out of the base.
      • Choice C: Keep him or her.


  • War Prisoner
    • Trigger: You have chosen to attack the rival gang
    • Event: You attacked the rival gang and your group and you have been captured. You have a gun aimed at your head and aimed at all your survivors. What do you do?
      • Choice A: Choose a survivor to die. (Your strongest and most-trained survivor will die, and you will be let go.)
      • Choice B: Try to disarm him and use the gun. (50% chance of killing the rival gang, 50% chance of rival gang killing two survivors.)
      • Choice C: Ask them to kill you. (80% chance you will get shot - You survive regardless but cannot do any scavenging, defending, etc. 20% chance someone will dive in front of you and take the bullet - They survive but cannot do scavenging, defending, etc.)


  • Election Day
    • Trigger: >40% morale for 4-7 days
    • Event: People are getting fed up with this dictatorship. They're demanding that I step down and allow them to elect a president.
      • Choice A: Refuse to allow an election (-10% morale)
      • Choice B: Suggest a Senate to make big decisions (Your power is limited, +10% morale)
      • Choice C: Step down from leadership (You lose power, +25% morale)
  • Vive la Révolution!
    • Trigger: >20% morale for 7-14 days
    • Event: People have outright declared revolution. What should I do?
      • Choice A: Put down the revolution (Requires 1/3 of fort to be level 8 soldiers or better. If that is true, 20% chance of being killed, 40% chance of injury, 50% chance of any soldier loyal to you dying, -20% marale. If that is not true, 100% chance of death)
      • Choice B: Give a speech to try and talk them out of revolution. (Requires level 8 leadership. If true, revolution over, +20% morale)
      • Choice C: Step down from power. (You lose power, +40% morale)


  • Sickness
    • Trigger: Random day or very low food for 7-12 days
    • Event: Some people are starting to feel bad and working less. Maybe they are sick?
    • Choice A: Try to give them good medicine for they sickness (50% change of them getting worse, 20% chance of them dying from wrong medicine given, %30 chance the medicine helped and they get better next turn and be good the turn after)
    • Choice B: Examine the symptoms of the sick and search for good medicine for them (Requires some sort of hospital type of building)
    • Choice C: Let them rest and heal (5% chance the sickness is deadly, 20% chance the sickness spreads, 75% chance they heal)
    • Choice D: Ignore the problem (30% chance of sickness spread, 65% chance of healing, 5% chance of deadly sickness)
  • Monster sight
    • Trigger: Horde active or just attacked (can happen a lot of times in a game)
    • Event: Today while guarding the fort we saw mysterious figure roaming around
    • Choice A: Try to kill it (10% chance of killing it and getting +20% morale and food rations for 30 days, 30% of injury, 40% chance of dead, 40% chance of area loss but when recovered it will have a sing saying "peace")
    • Choice B: Leave it (50% chance of a little amount of food be left in the fort, 10% of another horde appearing, 40% chance of it getting closer to the fort)
    • Choice C: Leave food for it outside (50% of making it appear more frequently, 10% the food is gave back, 40% chance of it trying to be your "protector" when something happens in exchange of food)
  • Alive pets
    • Trigger: Discover a pet shop, veterinarian (more commonly) or (little chance) from any building
    • Event: Tonight we heard some barking (or other animal noise) from a nearby building
    • Choice A: Go end it or their misery by killing them (-20% morale)
    • Choice B: Go see if you can free them (50% chance yes +20% morale, 20% chance of injury, 30% chance they are infected)
    • Choice C: Adopt them (20% chance of injury, 30% chance you have to kill some from infection, 50% chance some are sick or injured which you can cure (+5% morale but consumes resources) or kill them (-5% morale), if adopted +30% morale, consume food depending in how many you kept)
    • Also the pets could be trained to hunt, guard, smell certain things like resources, people, food, other animals, etc
    • Animals possibly could be breed and the parents' training might transfer
  • Zombie food
    • Triger: Had low food for a few days
    • Event: Everyone is so hungry that they want to try and eat zombie/infected animal flesh what should we do?
    • Choice A: Let them eat (40% chance of infection spread, 60% chance nothing happens, some will lose morale some will gain)
    • Choice B: Don't let them eat (50% chance of someone eating and getting infected, 50% chance of nothing happening)
    • Choice C: Let them eat a little (20% chance o infection, 80% chance of nothing happening)

([[[User talk:Cowardly chaplain|talk]])

  • The Sadist crackshot
    • Trigger: Random chance
    • Event: Some armed to the teeth crazy guy showed up nearby your base – staying on the watch becomes more dangerous than ever, because that asshole loves to kill both zombies and men. He may strike and injure or kill survivors (no match men, women or children) and cover the fort by shooting from sniper rifle. Also may kidnap kids from the fort to torture/rape/kill them.
  • (chance to lost or injure a survivor once a few days, 10% penalty to Fort’s Moral and loss of the children)
    • Choice A: - We’re staying. – (the attacks continue till next same event to decide what to do with that bastard).
    • Choice B: - Say a prayer, you fucker. We’re coming for you! – (attacks stop, 30% chances of injury/ 20 % chance to lost of survivor).
  • If player decide to stop the Sadist, there is a 50% chance to get his gear and supplies (guns, melee, food etc)

zombieslayer1000 talk Regenald gefortserworthing ton

  • requires: random day, one free space for survivors
  • a strange man with a very odd name showed up at our gates, he has a very strange accent and is wearing strange clothes but he claims to know vital information about zombies
  • A: you tell him to take a hike; no effect
  • B: you let him in; it turns out he is crazy and kills two survivors
  • C: Ask him questions; you learn he is crazy but he is also a detterent to zombies and gives your fort 25% saftey by acting crazy

The Straggeler

  • requires a scouting mission on an empty feild
  • your scout has found an unarmed man with an obviosly over stuffed backpack. he is clearly struggling and is attracting alot of attention the backpack may have usefullstuff.
  • A: kill him; you get 15 food, 5 items and negitive 25 morale
  • B: Talk to him; you get one survivor but he decides to leave the backpack behind plus 20 morale
  • C: ignore him; your group watches him get eaten, minus five morale

The German

  • requirment: random day
  • a man wearing a lederhosen and a german hat came to our gates today, he doesn't speak english very well but we can still understand him, he wants to teach us to improve our culture through his knowlage

of german culture

  • A: Tell him to take a hike; no effect
  • B: ask him just one; 25% chance of getting the knowlage of making good beer 50% chance of getting the knowlage of well made chocolate 25% chance of him joining you and raising morale by teaching history
  • C:Ask him to join you; he joins you and teeches you everything
  • D: kill him; you get a soccer ball sighned by the german soccer leage, a poster of berlin and an arnold swarchineger style machine gun and minus 20 moral
  • The Artist
    • Trigger: Random chance
    • Event: At the gates of your Fort is standing lonesome stranger with old violin.

“Would you kindly give me some food? I have nothing to trade, but you’ll not regret, I promise. Sorry I can’t stay, nothing personal. Do you want to remember again what was… what was Before?” What you want to do with him?

    • Choice A: Shoot that guy and take all of his (you’ll get his(small) gun and valuable Violin; penalty 10% to Moral)
    • Choice B: Give him some food. (the Musician plays wonderful music that reminds to your people about their past and they feel happy. Minus 4-6 Food; boost Moral + 15%)
    • Choice C: Sorry pal, but for now we must worry about the present day. (No effect)
  • Doomsday Book, Scraps & Liquor Shop
    • Trigger: Random chance/Good relationship with Gustav the Trader;
    • Event: Gustav’s trade caravan showed today’s again up with bunch of his well-armed merchants. Trying to rob them will be too risky. They’re said that today they had an Annual Gran’ ‘Ole Big Sale day, whatever it means. They offer to you next stuff for free because you the one of their most valuable customers in town (you can choose only once):
    • Choice A: Porn magazines, domestic made booze, cigarettes and toilet paper (add 15% of Moral)
    • Choice B: Few Small weapons.
    • Choice C: Some Food.
    • Choice C: Some Gas.

  • nemo

short stuff:

Backup: one of the main sewers under (random square in colony) has back up into the street and worse theres zombies coming up with it! Takes builder + solider both level 3 to fix, returns square to unclaimed + cannot be made 'safe' till mission complete

Long stuff:

[zombie 'hunter': this guy turned up the other day and took out most of the zombies before we got there. He said he could use some where to stay should we let him I mean he is pretty bad ass?

Trigger: active zombie killing mission (completes mission)

Choice tree: Yes we could use more soliders > kills zombies in worst nearby infected square (takes one turn + cannot cancel mission) > A No sorry we have no space >event ends no effect

A > man this guy is a one man army but some people are worried that he is too reckless or has a death wish and could get others killed should we let him stay?

Yes > kills zombies in worst nearby infected square (takes one turn + cannot cancel mission) > B No > event ends no effect

B > he just got (name) injured while fighting zombies says it was an accident which it sort of was should we still allow him to stay?

ok seeing as it was just an accident > kills zombies in worst nearby infected square (takes one turn + cannot cancel mission) > C he was luck she wasn't killed we can't have people like that > event ends no effect

C > oh @£$% we just found out why he had such a death wish he had been hiding a bite from us the whole time and just turned on us during the night. We killed him but not before he got (name) and (name) > 2 people killed + 10% morale decrease]

[so close yet so far: while out scavenging (name) knocked got covered in this weird chemical stuff sitting on a shelf. Now all of a sudden they seem to be a zombie magnet! we've been surrounded by a horde help us!

trigger: scavenge mission

we must help them a once! > 2 require soldiers > A

it's to late for them > event ends all of them are killed

quick find out what chemical it was and how to was it off > require level 8 scientist > event end all saved

A > there are two many of them for every one we kill three more come what should we do?

keep trying! > B

we could build a bridge to get them over them and into the colony > requires level 5 builder and causes zombie attack but all saved

The needs of the many must out weigh the few > (name) killed + morale decrease 15% event end

B > got in but (name) was injured. we need a way out quick!

a bit of explosives should do the trick > require level 4 soldier event end

run for it! > (name) killed + morale decrease 10% event end

other stuff haven't fleshed out yet:

black mail: someone outside the colony has hidden a bomb on a zombie (a bombie? :-)) by the fence and is demanding payment or will set it off! do you negotiate, pay up or call his/her bluff?

smuggler: people are using your city to smuggle people from other areas why are they doing it and why is (fraction) so desperate to stop it? will you help, stop it or sit back and watch?

hit and run: a mobile bandit gang has taken interest in your colony. Can you get rid of them, exterminate them or even use them to further your scheming?

MAD: something very interesting was found in the building where the army had their last stand in your city. Will you use this new weapon or stop it getting into the wrong hands? You might also find some one else is very interested in it!

watched walking dead and came up with an idea of perhaps encountering an A.I run building (was going to suggest it as a fraction but can't fluff it out enough) only everyone in it died and the A.I is having a hard time distinguishing between zombies and humans. Expect it to help sometimes and be a real pain other times also have some odd requests (maybe a shrubbery? with a nice little path).

(Scoot) Getting infected. I always thought that maybe if you didn't have good enough fighters, that it could become possible for one of them to be bitten, and possible secretly infected. If it isn't noticed, the person could turn into a Zombie, and the whole thing would spread. Betrayel. I also think it's a cool idea if one or more members of your group betrayed you, and possibly killed a bunch of people and stolen supplies. That way you would have to be careful who you trust.

Prutton (talk)

  • Marriage
    • Requirements: Have two free characters of opposite sexes with high affinity and a leader to make the ceremony.
    • Trigger: Random day
    • Event: The couple asks to make a party to celebrate their union.
    • Effect:
      • Choice A: Accept to send the couple, the leader and 1-3 random characters to a mission. Raises fort morale.
      • Choice B: Refuse to arrange the party. Reduces fort morale.
  • Pregnancy
    • Requirements: Have a free couple of married characters.
    • Trigger: Random day
    • Event: The woman gets pregnant.
    • Effect:
      • Choice A: Accept to send the woman in a mission to take care of her health. Raises fort morale.
      • Choice B: Refuse to let the woman rest. Reduces fort morale and have a chance to get the kid and the woman killed.
  • Date
    • Requirements: Have a free couple of characters.
    • Trigger: Random day
    • Event: The couple want some free time to hang around.
    • Effect:
      • Choice A: Accept to send the couple in a dating mission. Raises the couple morale and affinity.
      • Choice B: Refuse to accept the date. Reduces fort morale.
  • Party
    • Requirements: Have a free group of 4-8 characters.
    • Trigger: Random day
    • Event: The group of characters want some free time to have fun.
    • Effect:
      • Choice A: Accept to send the group in a party mission. Raises the group morale and affinity.
      • Choice B: Refuse to accept the party. Reduces fort morale.


  • Invasion
    • Requirements: Know that another gang exists.
    • Trigger: Reclaim an certain area that, unknown to the player, belongs to that gang.
    • Event: A rival gang have began to invade your fort! You are losing ground fast!
    • Effect:
      • Choice A: Fight to the death - Depending on the amount of soldiers you have, you may win or lose.
      • Choice B: Surrender - You lose the game.
      • Choice C: Attempt peace - Risk the gang not accepting.
      • Choice D: Attack the gangs main land - Requires a subway - The gang will retreat, so you have the advantage, but could still lose.
      • Choice E: Evacuate - Requires a police station, heliport or bank - Take 5 people to leave the city and start again.
  • The best scientists
    • Requirements: A nearby lab and a workshop in your fort.
    • Trigger: Recruit survivors from a lab.
    • Event: A well known scientist from before the apocalypse was hiding at the lab you recruited him from. In thanks, he would like to develop an extremely useful technology for you. What should he make?
      • Choice A: Guns - Creates an extremely deadly weapon that doesn't exist in real life (like an automatic rocket launcher)
      • Choice B: Electricity - Creates energy for the entire fort that cannot be switched off, ever.
      • Choice C: Massive bomb - A one use bomb that destroys everything, humans or zombies, within 25 blocks.
      • Choice D: Sedatives - Increases morale.
      • Choice E: Cure diseases - Will start curing non-lethal diseases like Hay Fever or the Common Cold, and if kept working, will cure cancer and the zombie virus!
  • Gustav in Trouble
    • Requirements: You must know Gustav
    • Trigger: Random Day
    • Event: Whilst traveling in his van, Gustav was attacked by members of a rogue gang. He may need some help.
      • Choice A: Send in your best soldier to save Gustav by stealth - 60% chance of Gustav escaping, 40% chance of Gustav dying, 20% chance of your soldier dying.
      • Choice B: Send masses of soldiers to rescue Gustav - 80% chance of Gustav escaping, 20% chance of Gustav dying, 10% chance of one of your soldiers dying.
      • Choice C: Leave Gustav - 100% chance of Gustav dying, you can no longer purchase things from Gustav
    • If Gustav survives, he gives you a free present for his survival.

  • Stranger in the Gates Ammocan (talk)
    • Requirements:
      • One (1) empty house/apartment/dwelling (In other words enough empty beds to constitute one)
      • Twenty (20) food over daily consumption (must have at least 20 left over after the day's food is taken)
      • Nearby (within three (3) spaces of gates) unsearched Warehouse, Lab, Gas-Station, or Fuel Depot
      • Threat Level: Very High
    • Limitations?:
      • Can only occur once-per-playthrough
    • Trigger:
      • Horde Approaching The Gates
    • Event:
      • "During a routine patrol last night that (Warehouse/Lab/Gas-station/Fuel Depot) just outside the barricades caught fire and blew up. (Survivor Name) said they saw someone running out and slip inside the compound, a lot of people are talking about hunting 'em down and hanging 'im out to dry. But I think we owe him, even if all that's left over there is smoke and ash, that explosion drew that horde off of us and scattered them like roaches." ((One of the buildings that meet the requirements is turned into a "Pile of Smoldering Rubble," the approaching horde is redirected and decimated, and threat level drops to Moderate.))
    • Choices // Outcomes
      • "Hunt Him Down and Kill Him!"((Select a group of four(4) armed survivors *Excluding the one who's name is signed in the journal* to search the entire compound for the intruder with the intent of putting down a possible threat. Those selected are occupied for Two (2) days)) // "We couldn't find him, Sir/Ma'am." ((Despite your people's efforts the intruder was able to avoid them, and anyone else for that matter. A few days later a journal entry should appear saying that someone saw him slip out in the middle of the night with a full back pack. Resources should drop by Fifteen (15) *Spread across all accumulated resources* Morale should drop by five percent (5%) for each journal entry after the first. Begins "Our Enemy Knows Us *W.I.P. Side-quest*"))
      • "We Just Want To Talk." ((Select a group of three (3) Survivors *One Leader, One Soldier/Armed Civilian, Scavenger/Unarmed Soldier* to accompany the survivor whose name is in the initial journal entry in a search around the the compound. Those on this mission are occupied for One (1) Days)) // "We didn't find him, But it looks like you did." ((Having discovered the intent of your search party, the new stowaway approaches another of your survivors, explains that he spent a lot of time before the apocalypse Working for a demolitions company and would like to offer his help and expertise to the group. Morale Increase Ten Percent (10%). New survivor. Begins "Just one Crazy S.O.B./S.O.G. *W.I.P. side-quest*"))
      • "Wait And See" ((Decide to leave the problem for now and focus on something else)) // "Oh Fuck/Man" ((Within a few days one of your survivors should find the intruder either dead *If any two (2) of the next three (3) are met: morale is below sixty percent (60%), food consumption takes five (5) or more a day, there is no medical building in your compound* or severely sick *requiring (3) days of downtime.* If dead, you lose ten percent (10%) from Morale but gain a small cache of supplies. If Alive, You take a Five percent (5%) hit to Morale, Gain one Sick/Wounded survivor, a slightly larger cache of supplies, and begins "He might not make it *W.I.P. side-qeust.*")).
    • Other Notes?: Seeing as I've had no feedback on this I'll be continuing as previously intended. I'll most likely start with "Our Enemy Knows Us" and write the Aggressive Plot line to completion, before starting on "He Might Not Make It."
  • Bad politics (surviver)
    • Trigger: Random or possibly triggered by getting certain characters if they'd fit.
    • Event: You open the door to your office to face another day of decision making and a remarkable level of paperwork for the end of the world when you notice the cluttered mess inside is more disorganized than you left it. Hesitating to observe the mess stopped you from moving deeper into the room where you would have been ambushed by the zombie silently shuffling out of the blind spot behind the door. A closer look after securing the area reveals the zombie to be one of your closest advisors and no obvious source of infection.
      • (Option 1) There is more important business to deal with.
        • Moving on results in 1-2 appropriate characters being lost to an unknown zombie plague and a loss of morale due to fear. A large scale investigation must be formed to ease fear and prevent further cases. No more missions outside the base can be started until the issue is resolved. 1-4 turns to discover the cause (Ending A).
      • (Option 2) Launch an investigation into what happened (Pulls characters into an investigation that falls in a set range of turns, but state indefinite to make the player really think about whether they can afford tying up a character for an “indefinite” amount of time. If the number of turns is shown it might make it too easy to choose option 2 as the best option in my opinion.)
        • Launching an immediate investigation prevents further cases with an 80% chance of uncovering the cause. Failing to find the cause results in ending B.
    • Ending A: The door to your office opens and (Investigator chosen for option 2/random character that was free when emergency investigation was started for option 1) enters with someone you recognize as a recent addition to your personal staff. (Previously named character) steps forward and places a jar containing a disgusting goop on your desk. “Went to talk with them about possible leads and they took a swing at me. Found the jar after I subdued them. They had a lot to say once I suggested testing it by making them drink some. Their plan was to slowly assassinate their way to the top via infection. How do you want to deal with them?”
      • Quick execution. (No changes. Some don’t care for the execution but others are glad a strong consequence was given for purposely infecting others. Things balance out.)
      • Infect them with their own goop. (Morale penalty. People feel you went too far. Maybe a slight research boost from observations on infection, but a high chance of having to deal with a future event about one of your scientists who took infecting people to study the infection to heart.)
      • Give them a metal pipe and throw them out. (Morale boost. It shows a strong punishment while leaving a small chance for survival which makes people feel you are merciful as well. Should they survive maybe higher chance of a hostile faction attacking as they join up and share everything they know about you.)
    • Ending B: The investigation failed to turn up anything. With no further cases of mysterious infection the matter eventually faded from immediate concerns and was forgotten. (Failure to locate the one responsible can tie into an increased chance of any betrayal style events such as someone leaking information, letting bandits in, staging a coup, etc. to represent how you still have someone willing to use extreme measures to gain power.)

loqman (talk)

Dont Press the botton !

  • a wierd device found while player was looting graveyard and there is a note under that has written this : Real Danger! Never Press The Button...
    • remove the danger note and send it for the other teams , all of the other team will turn up to become zombies !
    • pressing the button will cause one of the guys in the team turn up to a zombie unless they have antidote !

no mercy to trators : some guy fells in love with a girl in another fort it comes in the news

  • they caught him while he was trying to steal half of our precious food , he was doing it for her love when he heard their fort has found troubles with their food he could've asked this from the leader to make the decision ... if everybody does the same then your leadership is over !
    • punish him by sending him in prison and not giving him any food , but sending those food to that fort ! (+Respect +relationship with other fort -half of food and that guy looses all of his fighting and building skills because he starved badly and his body is poor ,that girl joins your fort)
    • no punish ! let him do that (-respect +relationship with other fort -half food ! he joins the other fort)
    • no food ! when you shout it that guy find something sharp and kills himself , terrible mess blood was every where it took a lot of work to clean up ... he did it because without that food that girl certainly would dead...

RachniKiller (talk).

We found a secure building with sighs saying "trespasser will be shot on sight" It seems the zombies attack just yesterday. We found the man who was hold up insides dead body, he apparently shot him self rather then be turned into a zombie. He wrote on the wall "they wont take me" (Effect gain food and a weapon)

A car smashed throw the wall today while being chased by zombies. The man driving was impaled straight through the head, miraculously she was okay just knocked out, When she woke up she asked "were is Daddy" No one said any thing, she just stared at us until she started crying, I think she knew (effect -10 to happiness plus one child)

I woke up today to meowing, I followed it and found a cat and her two kittens behind a dumpster. They are so Cute! I named them (name) (name) and (name) (Effect plus 10 happiness gain 3 cats

While out on patrol we heard a baby crying in a dumpster, when we open it (event A) we found a baby (gender) who would abandon their child like this?!(Effect gain a child plus 10 to happiness) (event B) ( surhappinessvivor name) was bit by a infected baby and we put it down (effect Survivor can be infected -10 to happiness)

Max24833's New Events


  • Reclaiming Paradise
    • Trigger: Reclaiming Suburb
    • Some of our guys reclaimed a walled house with a little gasoline generator, a working pool and a stockpile of food and even a working mini-bar! It's like a little piece of paradise. Still, a flood of people using it would wreck it.
    • Effect
      • Choice A: Keep it for yourself and your close friends, all skills upgraded for you and four other people.
      • Choice B: Tell the others about it, 10% Happiness Increase.
  • Scavenged Book
    • Trigger: Scavenging
    • Some Scouts found an old copy of 1984, and now they want allow people to read it. I don't know, a book like that might make people realize we have to many rules and make them want to leave.
    • Effect
      • Choice A: Let them read it. Adds 5% Happiness.
      • Choice B: Ban the Book. Loss of 5% Happiness.
  • Bunny Hutch
    • Trigger: Reclaimed Suburb
    • Event: Some guys found a rabbit hutch in one of the old houses. I'm just saying, they were cute at the start, but they look pretty tasty.
      • Choice A: Keep the bunnies as pets. 10% Happiness increase, 5 food lost to feed bunnies.
      • Choice B: Make some Bunny Steak. 20 Food Increase.
      • Choice C: Release bunnies into wild. No Effect.
  • Zombie Bear
    • Trigger: Random Day
    • Event: There's some kind of bear over near our walls. I think it could be a zombie bear. Zombear. Heh. What do you think we should do?
      • Choice A: Leave it alone. 50% of a Square lost by bear breaking walls, 50% Chance of death of member, Bear escapes.
      • Choice B: Plant some old bear traps around the fort. 75% Chance of injury, 5 food lost to bait traps, bear killed.
      • Choice C: Charge the bear. 100% Lost a member of your group, bear killed.
      • Choice D: Stalk and hunt Bear. No effect, Bear Killed.
  • Comedy Club
    • Trigger: Reclaiming Bar
    • Event: Hey, Sean was looking around the bar, and wants to start telling jokes there. Thing is, some of the folks are finding his jokes... offensive, 'cause they're about Zombies and death. But he is hilarious. Should we let him?
      • Choice A: Let him. 10% Increase of happiness, 10% chance someone leaves
      • Choice B: Don't let him. 5% loss of Happiness.
      • Choice C: Let him, but limit his jokes. 5% Increase in happiness.
  • Strange Dog
    • Trigger: Random Day
    • Event: There's a dog at the gate, and it's acting strange, like it's sick, or something. What do we do?
      • Choice A: Put it out of it's misery. 10% Happiness Lost.
      • Choice B: Leave it out there. 5% Happiness lost.
      • Choice C: Let it in. 50% injury, and 50% chance of Happiness Boost. (Dog turns out to be pregnant and has puppies)
  • Kids messing
    • Trigger: Random day, must have a kid in fort.
    • Event: Hey, some of the kids in the fort are messing around, going out at dark and pretending to be zombies. The other day I nearly shot one of their heads off. What do we do to stop them?
      • Choice A: Tell the kids off. 50% chance of loss of Kid who tries it again and gets shot by guard, and 20% happiness loss.
      • Choice B: Ration their food as punishment. 5 Food added, kids stop.
      • Choice C: Send them out with scavengers to see zombies aren't jokes. 50% chance of loss of Kid who gets bit by a zombie, and 20% happiness loss.
  • Jail-Bird
    • Trigger: Reclaiming a police station.
    • Event: We found a prisoner handcuffed inside a jail, who has finished of all his food. What do we do?
      • Choice A: Release Convict. 50% Chance of him injuring someone, 50% chance of him joining team.
      • Choice B: Keep him in there. No effect.
      • Choice C: Release him outside the fort.. 25% Chance of injury.
  • Zombie Hunters
    • Trigger: Horde sighted.
    • Event: About twenty men showed up today in a convoy of SUV's with Heavy Machine Guns and Machetes. They're travelling mercenaries, and they want thirty days worth of food to kill the horde. Should we do it?
      • Choice A: Pay them. 10% Chance they leave and do nothing, 50% they eliminate horde, 40% chance they are forced to retreat and give you a refund. 30 Loss of food.
      • Choice B: Don't pay them. No effect.
  • Debate
    • Trigger: Alliance with Faction, Random Day.
    • Event: A Member of the (Allied Faction) wants to come over here and have a debate on the differing issues between us and them. Should we let them?
      • Choice A: Let them.
        • Requires a +8 Leader. Relationship with faction goes up, increase in morale of 10%, 50% chance someone from the other faction joins you.
        • Happens without a +8 Leader. Relationship with faction goes up, 50% chance someone joins other faction.
      • Choice B: Refuse. Relationship with faction goes down.
  • Celebrity Survivor
    • Trigger: Scouting Mission.
    • Event: One of our scouts found a crashed limo surrounded by a horde of zombies. They said there was some actor inside who'd fortified himself in. Should we help him, up the morale? Still, it'd be pretty dangerous.
      • Choice A: Send a squad. 50% someone is injured, 10% chance someone is killed, 30% increase in morale, survivor recruited.
      • Choice B: Do nothing. No effect.
  • Dead Horse
    • Trigger: Random Day.
    • Event: One of the old horses that helped out at the farm died yesterday. I was just thinking, we could do with some extra food. Any chance we could, you know, have steak tonight?
      • Choice A: Cook the horse. 5% Happiness loss, 5 increase in food.
      • Choice B: Bury the horse. 5% Happiness increase, 5 food increase.
  • Soiled Food
    • Trigger: Random Day
    • Event: It turned out there was a mass of rats hiding in the food storage, eating their way through our supplies. They ruined a huge bit of food. Goddamn Rats.
      • Result: Loss of 20 Food.
  • Drunken Accident
    • Trigger: Random Day.
    • Event: A few of the guys had a party last night and got drunk. It was great fun, but things got out of hand and *NAME* got hurt. He'll be out for a few days.
      • Result: Loss of 5 Food, Survivor injured.
  • Gustav's Request
    • Trigger: Random Day.
    • Event: Gustav showed up today with a special request. He wants us to scavenge some house so he can get some cigars he wants to trade. He's willing to give us fifty days worth of extra food if we get them for him.
      • Result: 50 food added as well as food in suburbs if Scavenge Mission is done.
  • Gustav's Brother
    • Trigger: Random Day.
    • Event: Gustav showed up again, this time showing us his brother, a giant soldier armed to the teeth named Boris the Bullet-Dodger. He says Boris will capture any square we've scouted for twenty days worth of food by sundown.
      • Choice A: Do it. Loss of 20 food, select one square to become fortified.
      • Choice B: Don't do it. No effect.
  • Convoy in Trouble
    • Trigger: Random Day.
    • Event: A few of our scouts found Gustav's convoy. He says he needs more guards to pass through a heavily infested street that's known for bandit attacks. He asked for four of our soldiers to defend the convoy, and he'll bring them back in three days. Should we do it?
      • Choice A: Do it. Four soldiers gone for three days, plus 40 food.
      • Choice B: Don't do it. No effect.
      • Choice C: Give him one soldier. One Soldier gone for three days, plus 10 food.
  • Injured Guard
    • Trigger: Random Day, requires one hospital.
    • Event: Gustav showed up with a wounded man. He says one of his guards got shot by a bandit, and Gustav doesn't have the facilities to help him. He's offering him to us for twenty food.
      • Choice A: Do it. Loss of 20, one injured survivor with eight fighting skill.
      • Choice B: Don't do it. No effect.
  • Entertainment
    • Trigger: Random Day.
    • Event: Gustav's in town again. This time, he brought his little cousin Vera, who plays the violin. He says she'll play a great piece of art for ten food. Should we do it?
      • Choice A: Do it. Loss of 10 food, plus 10% happiness.
      • Choice B: Don't do it. No effect.
  • Explosion
    • Trigger: Random Day.
    • Event: There was an explosion at the church the other night. It could have been one of the other factions. We managed to get everyone out alive, but the entire building's nothing but wreckage now.
      • Result: Church turns to Rubble.
  • Good 'ol Fashioned Taxes
    • Trigger: Scavenge Mission, Military Faction Neutral or Allied.
    • We managed to get a good haul in that scavenge mission, but on our way back a convoy of Humvee's showed up, killed a couple of zombies and took our food in "Taxes". Death and Taxes are the only thing that's certain, and we sure have plenty of the former.
    • Effect: Scavenging Mission has no Effect.
  • Scavenger Party
    • Trigger: Scavenging, One Allied/ Neutral Faction.
    • One of our Scavengers found a group of (Faction Name) Scavengers, all killed by the Zed. I know we should return their bodies or something, but they have some supplies and weapons we could really use...
    • Effect
      • Choice A: Return Bodies. Plus 10 Respect.
      • Choice B: Loot Bodies. Minus 5 Respect (Suspicion), Plus 10 Food and 2 Items.
  • School Defenses
    • The Kids at St Michael's have asked one of our builders to help them with some defense designs they've been planning. Should we help them?
    • Effect
      • Choice A: Help them. 8 Level or higher Builder gone for 4 Days, Plus 5 Respect.
      • Choice B: Don't help them. No effect.
  • Hospital Requested
    • Trigger: The Pharmacists Allied/ Neutral, Hospital required.
    • The Pharmacists have asked to scavenge some drugs from our hospital, only things we won't need. Should we let them do it?
    • Effect
      • Choice A: Refuse. Minus 5 Respect.
      • Choice B: Let them scavenge the hospital. Plus 10 Respect, Hospital forced to be turned into Apartment due to Pharmacists taking everything important.
      • Choice C: Give them a few unnecessary drugs. Plus 5 Respect.
  • Drinking
    • Trigger: Random Day, Required 3 Bars.
    • The Riffs/Last Judgement stopped by today in a convoy and took up the bars. We had a pretty good party.
      • Result: Plus 5 Respect.
  • Market Day
    • Trigger: X Allied Factions (depending on factions on map), Supermarket.
    • Gustav says he's stocked up on equipment and wants to host a market day in our supermarket. He wants to invite a few of our allies and host a week long event. Should we let him?
    • Effect
      • Choice A: Refuse. Minus 10 Respect.
      • Choice B: Allow them. Plus 10 Respect, causes following events.
      • Choice C: Tell them to host it somewhere else. Minus 5 Respect, causes following respects.
  • Special Deals
    • Trigger: Choice B or C chosen in Market Day, 100 Food.
    • Gustav told us he has a few special items on display for a hundred day's food. He wants to know if we want anything.
    • Effect
      • Choice A: Refuse. No effect.
      • Choice B: Buy a large supply of alcohol. Plus 50% Happiness. Lose 100 Food.
      • Choice C: Buy a crate of weapons. Plus 5 Weapons. Lose 100 Food.
      • Choice D: Hire two of Gustav's mercenaries. Plus 2 Survivors with 8 Fighting skills. Lose 100 Food.
  • Market Payment
    • Trigger: Choice B chosen in Market Day
    • Gustav loaded up his convoy and headed out today. He gave us fifty day's rations for renting out the store, and went on his way. This Market's been pretty profitable.
    • Result: Plus 50 Food.
  • Winter Fuel
    • Trigger: Random Winter Day.
    • Gustav showed up today bringing a fuel truck. He wants fifty days of food for the fuel, to fuel our generators and keep us warm during the winter.
    • Effect
      • Choice A: Refuse. No effect.
      • Choice B: Buy the fuel. 25% Happiness increase, lose 50 Food.
  • Rude Neighbors
    • Trigger: Recruitment Mission, neutral or better relationship with the Pig Farmers.
    • The Survivors nearby refused to join us, and said they never would. They've been taking a lot of food from the area, and are basically a problem. The Pig Farmers offered to get rid of our problem for us if we tell them where they were. Do we really want to tell them?
    • Effect
      • Choice A: Refuse. Minus 5 Respect.
      • Choice B: Tell the Pig Farmers. Lose 5% Happiness, Plus 5 Respect, Lose neighbors, Plus 10 Food (Reward).
      • Choice C: Tell the Survivors of the Potential Danger. Neighbors join, Minus 5 respect.
  • Artillery
    • Trigger: Infested square nearby, Military Faction.
    • The Military found a large group of zombies, and called in some artillery. They blew the zombies to shreds, but the buildings are nothing but rubble.
      • Effect: One infested square turned to rubble, becomes safe.
  • Peace Agreements
    • Trigger: Enemy Faction
    • A few of the people in the fort are sympathizing with the (Faction Name). They want an end to the conflict, and want to start negotiations. Should we let them?
    • Effect
      • Choice A: Refuse. Minus 5% Happiness, lose 5 Respect.
      • Choice B: Allow Peace talks. Plus 5% Happiness, plus 20 respect.
      • Choice C: Punish them for supporting the (Faction Name). Minus 10 Happiness, lose 10 respect, two dead survivors.
  • Deserters
    • Trigger: Military Faction
    • A soldier from the Military arrived today. He said he went AWOL, and needs a place to stay. Should we let him?
    • Effect
      • Choice A: Refuse. No effect.
      • Choice B: Allow Peace talks. Plus 1 Survivor, leads to Manhunt Mission.
  • Manhunt
    • Trigger: Military Faction, Choice B chosen with Deserters mission.
    • A Military Patrol came by, asking about (DESERTER). They're giving a reward for him. Should we tell them?
    • Effect
      • Choice A: Refuse. Minus 5 Respect.
      • Choice B: Tell the Military. Lose the Deserter, Plus 20 Food, plus 10 Respect.
  • Blasphemy
    • Trigger: The Last Judgement, The Church of the Chosen Ones.
    • The Last Judgement have started picking on the Church of the Chosen Ones. saying they're committing blasphemy with their zombie worship. They're looting food, sabotaging the walls and attacking Scouts. The Church is asking for our help in defending against an attack. Should we?
    • Effect
      • Choice A: Refuse. Minus 5% Happiness, lose 5 Respect with the Church.
      • Choice B: Assist the Church. Plus 20 Respect with Church, Minus 5 Respect with the Last Judgement, 3 Soldiers gone on mission for two days, Plus 10% Happiness (Church increases morale).
  • Recruitment
    • Trigger: Military, 2 Free Survivors.
    • The Military came in, asking for Recruits to join them, saying they'll pay ten rations per Recruit. (SURVIVOR) and (SURVIVOR) stepped up and volunteered. Should we stop them?
    • Effect
      • Choice A: Allow them both. Plus 20 Respect, Minus 2 Survivors, Plus 20 Food.
      • Choice B: Allow one of them to join, but not the other. Minus 1 Survivor, plus 10 Respect, Plus 10 Food.
      • Choice C: Stop them from going. Minus 10 Respect, 5% Happiness.
  • The Circus
    • Trigger: The Rotten on Map, Random Day.
    • Gustav is hosting a circus in town. A few of your soldiers say they have a member of the Rotten caged up there. Should we do something about it?
    • Effect
      • Choice A: No. Plus 10% Happiness.
      • Choice B: Convince Gustav to let him (It?) go. Needs 10 Leader to succeed. Plus High Respect with Rotten.
      • Choice C: Rescue the Rotten. Needs 2 8 Soldiers. Minus Respect with Gustav, Plus Respect with Rotten.
  • Donations
    • Trigger: Good Relationship with Church of Chosen Ones, 50 Food minimum. Can occur more than once.
    • The Church of the Chosen Ones has started asking for donations to help them out. They're asking for donations of fifty day's food.
    • Effect
      • Give Donation: Loss of 50 Food, Plus Respect, can be done again.
      • Refuse. Lose Respect.
  • Artillery
    • Trigger: Infested square nearby, Military Faction.
    • The Military found a large group of zombies, and called in some artillery. They blew the zombies to shreds, but the buildings are nothing but rubble.
      • Effect: One infested square turned to rubble, becomes safe.
  • Scouting for Artillery
    • Trigger: Military, Not scouted Infested Building
    • The Military has asked us to scout the (BUILDING) for their artillery to attack.
    • Effect: Scouting (BUILDING) in the next 3 Days converts it to Safe Rubble.
  • Training
      • Trigger: Good Relationship with St Michael's, School, one Lvl 8 Soldier.
  • The Kids at St Michael's have asked us to give them a training session, to teach them how to fight for a couple of days. Can we spare the effort?
    • Effect
      • Do it. Lvl 8 Soldier and School used for 4 Days, plus 25 Respect with St Michael's.
      • Refuse. Minus 5 Respect with St Michael's.
  • Molotov Defense
      • Trigger: 20% Happiness Minimum, Incoming Horde.
  • A few of the guys want to make some fuel to make Molotov's to destroy the Horde before it even gets to the wall. Should we do it?
    • Effect
      • Do it. Loss of 10% Happiness, Horde destroyed, nearby squares become "Clear".
      • Don't do it. No effect.
  • Pregnancy
      • Trigger: Two Survivors: One Male and one Female, Fifty Food.
  • One of the girls in the fort has been pregnant for several months. What should we do about it?
    • Effect
      • Kick the couple out. Two Survivors leave, minus 10% Morale.
      • Help the Girl through pregnancy. Minus fifty food to help the girl, new child after several turns.
      • Let them stay, but don't help them. 50% Chance Baby born after several turns, plus 10% Happiness. 50% Baby dies after several turns, minus 10% Happiness.

SomeTraveler's events


  • Today's Special is long pork
    • Trigger: Scavenge mission in an area close to hostile neighbors, little to none food found in the area, no food left in the fort
    • Event: Your survivors didn't find any food but captured an enemy.
      • Choice A: Let's butcher the meatbag, feed our people and keep the secret to ourselves (more food, morale loss to those who know)
      • Choice B: Let's butcher the meatbag and announce long pork will be part of our menu (more food, option to kill prisioners and other survivors for food, morale loss for everybody at first, morale loss in the other times for people who find this act barbaric, chance of those people leaving fort, morale rise in the other times for people who enjoy the taste, loss of respect to some gangs, rise of respect to others)
      • Choice C: Just kill him/her. (no effect)
  • Hungry are the living
    • Trigger: No food in the fort, someone died recently
    • Event: The body of "insert name here" disappeared last week and was found today...missing some parts...with bite marks...(morale loss)
      • Choice A: Search all homes, investigate everybody immediately (cancel all other missions, can't send anyone on a mission for a couple days, no deaths, culprit is found and can be killed or released in the city, morale loss)
      • Choice B: Tight the security (fewer people can be send on missions, chance of people dying is higher with each day, culprit is found eating someone and can be killed or released in the city, morale loss)
      • Choice C: Do nothing (people will keep dying every couple days until you accidentaly find the culprit, find more food for the fort or the culprit dies, morale loss to every victim)
    • If you find more food the attacks will stop as long as the food lasts
  • Be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm
    • Trigger: Talk to Willard after your survivors didn't come back. (pro tip : he will lie to you)
    • Event: The season is over and the survivors you send to work at the slaughterhouse didn't return
      • Choice A: Do nothing (survivors loss, morale loss)
      • Choice B: Search in the areas between your fort and his (waste of time)
      • Choice C: Send someone to sneak in their fort (50% he/she will learn about your suvivors' fate, 50% chance he/she won't come back, morale lost for both outcomes)
      • Choice D: Attack his fort (chance of losing your soldiers, chance of capturing some of his areas, chance of capturing all of his areas, last survivor found alive missing some limbs, morale loss, chance of making a truce after some days,choose to shoot Willard if you win, choose to butcher him if you win, choose to throw him to the zeds if you win)
      • Choice E: If you are a cannibal he will tell you the truth and give you "dinner" since you gave him "lunch" (morale loss, more food)
  • American History Z
    • Trigger: random, must have radio
    • Event: Hey boss, this guy on the radio says he can answer our questions, apocalypse questions, if we do some favors for him.
    • This would be a long quest with this scientist on the radio telling you a little about how the infection started, and maybe how could you fight it, after some favors including kill the zeds in one area, leave supplies in another and attack some gang. He could also tell you about himself and his alredady gone family and friends and in his last transmission he would tell you the last bit, wish you good luck and then your hear a gun firing. Or maybe he wasn't a scietist and just some guy using you, pulling everything from his ass with the possible exception of the family part.

xiaolaoshu's events


I had the first two under missions but they should have been here.

  • Repair's Needed
    • Trigger: random, but increased after attack
    • Event: One of our buildings (random building but some more likely) is falling apart.
      • Choice A: Repair- uses builder skill, tools and materials
      • Choice B: Building becomes (1) less efficient (e.g. 1 less house or food); (2) unusable until repaired; or (3) becomes unclaimed.

  • Clean-Up Needed
    • Trigger: time passing (maybe comes up every X number of turns or once per season)
    • Event: We are living in our own filth!
      • Choice A: Clean it up- no particular skill but takes a number of people/turns proportional to population. Morale penalty until completed (no likes doing this job). Optional: something usable is salvaged (random).
      • Choice B: Ignore it-, health goes down and chances for fire and disease outbreaks go up.
  • Overlooked Treasure
    • Trigger: random but influenced by number of blocks held and recent reclaiming/remodeling (like 0.1% chance each block + each block remodeled/reclaimed last turn)
    • Event: While doing the duties X found Y (a random item, a small amount of supplies)
  • Hidden Knowledge
    • Trigger: random part of item find (like during Ovelooked Treasure above or scavenging)
    • Event: Books about (research topic) have been found! Gives bonus to that topic.

The following two events can be affected by faction morality. Similar events could be made for specific kinds of movies and books (like Disney-style, action, romance or porn) which might generate different results depending on factions beliefs.

  • Found Books
    • Trigger random (any item find)
    • Event: A cache of entertaining reading has been found!
      • Choice A: Have a Story Night! Open minds get 5 morale +1 each person assigned to Story Night [actually a night off]. Fanatics get -5-1 per assignee.
      • Choice B: Don't have a Story Night but keep books (+5 morale)
      • Choice C: Burn the books!Open minds get -10 morale and Fanatics get +10.
  • Found Movies
    • Trigger random (any item find, requires electricity for following)
    • Event: A cache of entertaining reading has been found!
      • Choice A: Have a Movie Night! Open minds get 5 morale +1 each person assigned to Movie Night [actually a night off]. Fanatics get -5 morale and -1 per assignee.
      • Choice B: Don't have a Movie Night but keep discs. Open minds get +5 morale. Fanatics get -5.
      • Choice C: Burn the discs! Open minds get -10 morale and Fanatics get +10.

A similar event can be used for finding alcohol, drugs, fireworks with similar factional effects but added danger or disaster checks. Also, these things can be recycled. Groups which despise the stuff will have reversed morale outcomes.

  • Found Hard Liquor
    • Trigger random (any item find)
    • Event: A bunch of intoxicating beverage has been found!
      • Choice A: Have a Wild Party (+2 morale each person assigned [actually a night off] to Party). Increase danger +1 per participant. Check for disaster.
      • Choice B: Don't have a Wild Party but keep booze (+5 morale)
      • Choice C: Recycle Booze for fuel (-5 morale + 10 fuel; tech requirement)
      • Choice D: Burn the Booze! (-10 morale)
  • Found Drugs
    • Trigger random (any item find)
    • Event: A bunch of intoxicating chemical has been found!
      • Choice A: Have a Wild Party (+2 morale each person assigned [actually a night off] to Party). Increase danger +1 per participant. Check for disaster.
      • Choice B: Don't have a Wild Party but keep drugs (+5 morale)
      • Choice C: Recycle Drugs for Medicine (-5 morale + 10 medicine; tech requirement)
      • Choice D: Burn the Drugs! (-10 morale)
  • Found Fireworks
    • Trigger random (any item find)
    • Event: A bunch of illuminating explosives have been found!
      • Choice A: Have a Wild Party (+2 morale each person assigned [actually a night off] to Party). Increase danger +1 per participant. Check for disaster.
      • Choice B: Don't have a Wild Party but keep booze (+5 morale)
      • Choice C: Recycle for ammo (-5 morale + 10 ammo; tech requirement)
      • Choice D: Burn it! (-10 morale)

Ninjastyle124's Events

  • Missing Child
    • Requirements: Have a child survivor
    • Trigger: Random
    • Event: NAME's gone missing, little punk. He must have left thinking he could impress the soldiers.
      • Choice A) Send out our best soldiers and scavengers to search for the scamp. (70% chance of finding him alive, 30% of finding him dead, decreasing happiness by 15%)
      • Choice B) We can't risk the lives of other survivors over one kid's stupidity. (The kid doesn't return, decreasing happiness by 30%)
  • Tensions at the Gate
    • Trigger: Random
    • Event: NAME was walking along the wall until the unlucky bastard saw a gang of armored humvees storming towards our walls. They shot him in the leg without a warning and demand access to half of our food supply and two of our women. They don't look like the most cooperative bunch, and they are plentiful and armed to the skin and bone. (NAME is now injured)
      • Choice A) NAME and NAME won't be happy, and we'll be starving, but it's better than an all out war. Damn bastards. (Lose two survivors, lose 50% of food supply, and lose 50% happiness
      • Choice B) Who are these assholes to act like they have authority over us? They get what they deserve. (NAME on the wall is shot and killed, 50% chance of flawless victory, 30% of someone being injured, 20% of someone dying, 10% happiness loss)
      • Choice C) We can't afford losing these many supplies, but we can't go to war. How about a compromise? (lose 25% of food, keep both survivors. 5% happiness loss.
  • Uncooperative Survivor
    • Requirement: Have at least 30 survivors
    • Trigger: Random
    • Event: Ever since NAME joined ___ Weeks ago, He/she's always been a problem. I think he/she's autistic or something. Uncooperative and makes a scene over the littlest of shit. Bright person, but I can't allow NAME to behave this way.
      • Choice A) Demand NAME to cooperate, and monitor him/her. (10% chance of NAME to leave, 90% NAME cooperates. increase in happiness)
      • Choice B) It's NAME's problem, not mine. (You do nothing. 10% chance a random survivor leaves, decrease in happiness)
      • Choice C) Pains me to do it, but you need to leave or die. (50% NAME leaves, 50% NAME freaks out and attacks you, resulting in NAME's death and you being injured)

DeadShooty's Events

I thought maybe the zombies could use some fleshing out(pun not intended)

  • Zombie Survivor
    • Requirement: Scavenging
    • Trigger: Random
    • Event: Okay this is weird. NAME was out picking through what he/she thought was a real good spot when he/she saw someone. For a second NAME thought it was another survivor, but when he/she got closer, saw it was a zombie! Half its face was gone, and one arm all chewed up! But the thing didn't even bother noticing him. It just grabbed an armful of medical supplies, and pushed past him, didn't even care he was there. NAME followed the zombie and wouldn't you know it, the thing ran to some overrun safehouse filled with supplies. The zombie dumped its cargo on the pile and ran out again. NAME had no idea how to deal with this so he's/she's wondering what should be done
      • Choice A)Shoot n' Loot: Put the poor thing out of its misery, but we need that stuff more than it did. Scientists are going to be real sore we didn't preserve it, but who cares? We eat like kings tonight!(+20 food, +3 items, + 1 combat item
      • Choice B)Steal: Not sure if it'll react to people taking its stuff, but whatever. We'll take some supplies that we're sure it won't notice, and mark this place on the map for later.(+5 food, +1 item, scavenged building has this choice as a looped option)
      • Choice C)Study:NAME with a bit of help and way too many close calls, managed to tie the sucker up for study by our scientists. The thing became very violent when we tied it up screaming and thrashing; but hopefully this 'variant' zombie can shed some light on what makes these things tick. Course with all that noise, we probably attracted other scavengers, so chances are the stockpile's been looted...(Bonus to zombie research, scientist skill up around the city)
  • Eye Spy
    • Requirement:Undiscovered faction
    • Trigger:Survive a horde attack
    • Event:After we fought that attack off, we started clearing out the bodies. NAME found one of them had a camera sewn to its head! Looks like it also has some jury-rigged antennae or something. Either someone had a sick sense of humor, or someone is spying on us! Zed's still alive. What should we do?
      • Choice A)Smash!:It's a Zed. Dropped a cement block on its head, crushing the skull and the camera. Whoever it is won't be getting anything more out of this guy.
      • Choice B)Trace it:We pried the whole thing off the zed(after killing it) and sent it to our science guys to see if they couldn't triangulate the signal, or something.(If Science skill >8)They found that it belongs to some guys not too far from here! May need to pay them a visit later...(Else)We couldn't find out anything. Whoever built this contraption knew how to hide himself.

Samarneil's Events

  • National Guardsmen turn up
    • Trigger: Survive for 75 days
    • Event: Three Humvee's have just rolled up to the gate and there's several well armed guys outside asking if they can join us. They have tons of military gear with them and are well trained. Should we let them stay?
      • Choice A) Let them join the fort (+15 to moral, +7 survivors, +1-5 pistols, +1-5 Assault Rifles, +1-5 shotguns, +15 defence (Humvees placed around fort)
      • Choice B) Turn them down (50% chance of them eventually coming back every 10 turns and attacking the fort)
      • Choice C) Attack them, and take their gear. We need it, but not them (-10 to moral, +1-5 pistols, +1-5 Assault Rifles, +1-5 shotguns, +15 defence (Humvees placed around fort), 25% chance of each survivor who took part in the attack being either injured or killed)
  • Crashed plane
    • Trigger: Have heliport/airport fortified
    • Event: Holy Shit! Did you hear that?! I think a plane just smashed into the airfield and ploughed through the fence! There's alot of Zed coming, but should we search for survivors or just defend the breach and search later?
      • Choice A) Defend the breach (Attacked by 250+ Zed, +1-5 Pistols, +1-5 Assault Rifles, +1-5 Shotguns, -15 to moral) Resulting text - Shit that was close, we got what we could from the burning wreak, but damn there were alot of chewed bodies, if only we helped them
      • Choice B) Search the burning plane AND try to defend the breach (Attacked by 250+ Zed, +1-5 Pistols, +1-5 Assault Rifles, +1-5 Shotguns, 35% chance of 1-10 survivors being injured, 15% of those being killed, +4-15 survivors (all injured, 40% in bed for week, 50% in bed for two weeks, 10% MUST be in a hospitable within a week or they die from wounds, +15 to moral) Resulting text - Fuck! Man we almost/lost some people to either Zed or the burning plane, but we got the ones who were still alive out and got some gear too, but now its just a black skeleton and we have no chance of getting anything else out of it
      • 5-10 days later: The leader of the survivors wants to tell us something in private, out of the fort, but he seams a little shifty about it, should one of us listen?
      • Choice A) Listen (50% chance of -25 to moral, 50% chance of +50 to moral) Resulting text: He told me they came from another fort in NATION-CITY NAME and they left because they were overrun/looking for other survivors and to spread the word that there are others who aren't/are surviving this
      • Choice B) Refuse (No Effect) Resulting Text: Their leader understood, and says that we have a good thing here, and that he and his men are staying to help us.
  • Authority arrive
    • Trigger: Survived 75 days AND expand over 50% of map
    • Event: Errr......I don't know if we should be celebrating, or running. A tank and several armoured vehicles have turned up, there's 30 men, and they're armed to the teeth in military gear. Their leader has asked to camp in our 2X BUILDING NOT BEING USED for the night, and that they will be gone by morning AND will clear the areas around our walls of any Zed hanging around. Should we let them camp for the night? Or turn them down?
      • Choice A) Accept. They occupy 2X BUILDING NOT BEING USED. Next day (0 Zed in area around fort) Resulting text: They kept their promise and cleared the area around our walls, and left. Shit, they even cleaned where they stayed! They're leader said that they've been moving from place to place since they amazingly, they stay safer that way. Eh, may see them again some day.
      • Choice B) Decline. Resulting Text: Eeerrr......they're leader is giving us a choice. They can do this the easy way, or the REALLY easy way, and they're guys are arming up for a fight. Should we let them stay? (Able to take Choice A), with the same results. If still decline, 25% each survivor is killed, 25% each survivor is wounded, 10% survivors leave with their gear and go with the troops, -50 moral, -5 areas, +100 Zed around fort) Resulting text for decline: Fuck!! I mean....they just opened fire and burned everything and killed anyone they found! After a hour they asked if anyone wanted to join, and SURVIVOR NAMES HERE joined them, and now they've left, and ENTER SURVIVOR NAMES HERE have left the fort, but we might find them again.
  • Refugees arrive
    • Trigger: middle of winter
    • Event: Several people have just turned up a the gate, they're starving and have almost nothing. They said their camp was overrun, and they have nothing. They have asked to stay, but can we really afford to let them join? I mean, we're already OUT/LOW/LOTS of food. What do you think?
      • Choice A) Let them join(-NUMBER OF SURVIVORS X2 loss of food) Resulting text: We welcomed the starving people in, and when we gave them some food and they ripped into it, then asked for more and we couldn't refuse it. They've said they will help us for helping them. Maybe we made the right choice.
      • Choice B) Turn them down. Resulting text: They screamed at us for being greedy, and they we have tons of food, and that we will pay for it.
        • Event result of Choice B) Survivor missing (5-10 days later)
        • Trigger: Lone survivor goes out of fort for trip, 25% chance of going missing. Resulting Text: We found SURVIVOR. He had been tied up and eaten alive, on the wall the words "REVENGE" were written in his blood. I have a bad feeling about this.
        • Event result of Choice B) Survivor survived attack (5-10 days later)
        • Trigger: Lone survivor leave fort. 25% chance of being wounded. Resulting text: SURVIVOR said he was attacked by those people we turned down, he survived, but he's FINE/WOUNDED
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