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Sarah's Decisions

  • You aren't alone on the map - there will be other npc factions
  • Every faction will have a symbol and a leader portrait
  • Every city has 2-3 random factions, depending on difficulty & scenario
  • They have one slider to show how much they like you that persists across cities
  • They generate random events, raids, demands, offers, and quests
  • You can investigate and discover more about factions over time
  • New ui screen shows stats on factions you have met in the city
  • Their forts are on the map, and usually small, and do not change over time
  • Robust trading system where you see all your items and what they have for trade
    • Initiated a unit from their fort waiting outside your walls or vice versa
    • Giving good trades (ie tithing) makes them like you
    • Every faction has something they pay extra to buy and something they often sell
  • You can declare war on factions and fight them like you clear zombies
    • This will trigger raids and mob-style attacks from them
  • If they like you enough you can also unite and absorb them into your fort

Here's a scenario: you're playing along when a lone survivor you don't recognize walks up to the fort and triggers a text result. He's an emissary from a scholar faction. They love books and learning but are passive and not very good at applying their knowledge. The guy will return regularly to trade food and tools for the useless "books" you keep finding while scavenging at libraries and schools. There's a meter that goes up every time you trade to show that the scholars like you more.

After some scouting you come across their fort - it's small but has fancy looking hydroponic farms and a research center. Now you can send survivors to their fort to initiate a trade mission, or to attack them. You attack - it's like clearing zombies from a building but much harder and takes longer. Once you attack, they'll attack you back and refuse to trade.


You could build a relationship with them by doing specific things, like the riffs liked it when you set up a casino, and the church was happy if you let them throw parties and waste all the food. I'd like to make those relationships a more formal system like in Civilization, so you could go from being at war with another faction to having an alliance which would grant certain perks.

Attacking a faction would make them hate you while tithing to them would make them like you. But maybe the Church will get angry with you if you kill or exploit too many zombies, and they'll like you if you have a lot of churches in your fort. Also, befriending certain factions will make other factions dislike you. Some Events ordinances/laws will affect your relationships with certain factions.

Some endings might require befriending or be-enemying a specific group maybe if you attack one faction the other will like you better because they are enemies or just violent

Strength Meter

Factions also have a strength value which represents how tough they are in a fight. It starts off at max, which is different for each faction, eg the Riffs have a higher max strength than the school kids or luddies. But the strength meter goes down if you win fights against them, so subsequent attacks against an npc fort will be easier. The meter goes slowly back up over time.

Karrachr000 (talk) This is a great idea, but the meter should start out vague, and become more specific after your relations improve or you gather intel on them. This is similar to how this was implemented in 'Lords of Magic' in the intelligence report. For example you know that your strength is measured at 85, but because you are not too familiar with the School For Boys, you can only tell that it is higher than 55 but less than 110.

War and Alliance

Sarahnorthway (talk) Instead of having wars and truces and pacts and agreements, I'd rather a simple scale. If a faction hates you (indicated by being in the red) there's a chance they'll attack you, and that chance gets higher the more they hate you.

To make them stop attacking you, you need to trade with them and give them stuff. No matter what you trade, the leader you send to do the trade will get a chance to talk to their fort, and if his leadership skill is high they will like you a little more. If his leadership skill is low and they really despise you, there's a chance they'll attack him.

If a faction's strength value is low (either you beat the tar out of them, or they were never good at defending themselves), they'll be less likely to attack you and more likely to accept a trade. So your relationship with factions is a combination of the two values: how much they like you, and how strong they are.


  • You attack the schoolkids which pisses them off (red relationship). They start stealing supplies from your fort regularly, but they're very likely to accept if you offer a few food in apology and go back to liking you again
  • You attack the riffs which pisses them off. They start attacking your guys who are out killing zombies (they also kill the zombies). You have to give them a whole bushel of foods and maybe a couple swords before they forgive you and stop the attacks.
  • The last judgement hates you because they hate most things. you send someone to offer them some crappy baseball bats as a tithe but they reject them and break the guy's arm. you see the gang coming to raid you and counterattack before they can. you do this twice more, then send your soldiers right to their fort and tear down the walls around one building. now their strength meter is at half, so you send your best diplomat to trade with them. you offer the same baseball bats, and the gang suddenly likes you more. do it again the next week and they'll call off the attacks.


See Missions

Want a proper trading system where you can meet with a faction and see a list of items you own and a list of items they own. Everything has a value number (like Fallout) and you need to trade for equal or lesser value items. If you give them a better deal (like tithing something in exchange for nothing) they'll like you more.

The riffs pay more for weapons than other groups and tend to have more weapons for sale. Every faction has something they pay extra to buy, and something they sell regularly.

If you sell a ton of gasoline to one group the price will go down.

Sarahnorthway (talk) Nah this is too complicated, gasoline is always worth the same. Only food should change and be more expensive and more scarce in the winter.

Also, say maybe the scholarly faction, with all of its tech keeps getting raided maybe you could have a full on barter system with good and services where they could pay you and you send over troops or something. Sarahnorthway (talk) Maybe you could drag your survivors onto the trade screen to offer their zombie killing or building services to the other fort, as a way of trading labor. If you purchased labor from them you wouldn't see it as a mission, it would just happen instantly.

Sarahnorthway (talk) Trading will use the Leadership skill. The higher your survivor's skill, the more likely they'll accept a trade, and the more they will like you for it. How much factions like you goes slowly down over time, so trading is the primary way to maintain and improve relationships.

Karrachr000 (talk) You could also add a system where the more you trade with a faction, and the better deals you give them, could affect how quickly they get more and better items for trade. This would add a realistic dynamic factor and would encourage trading.


Sarahnorthway (talk) Recruiting solitary survivors hiding in attics is well and good, but realistically you'd come across small bands of 3-5 people as well. These could be represented by mini-factions, with forts one or two buildings large, that you need to approach diplomatically or risk being attacked if you scavenge too close to them. You probably don't keep their fort if they agree to join you, and likely they wouldn't all join you - maybe half join and half head off and are never seen again.

There could be different categories of them as well. Some could be cannibals, some small bands of soldiers, maybe a group of kids. And say you lose one of the people that went to recruit the cannibals because they ate them...

Factions List

The Granville Riffs

(A play on the Gramercy Riffs from The Warriors) Started as a karate dojo of tall thin black dudes and chicks, these guys love the art of war and melee weapons. They kill zombies just for fun. They start off neutral towards the player, sell melee weapons and buy food and will come kill zombies around your fort if they like you. Their fort is medium sized and well defended with a dojo/school/defended something in the middle. It's not clear whether they have kids or old people or pregnant women or whatever in the fort because even they all kick ass.

  • Leader: Masai, an imposing young black guy wearing karati gi and mirrored sunglasses, like this guy
  • The other Riffs wear orange gi, they all carry martial arts swords
  • Large fort with dojo at center

The Last Judgement Gang

A biker gang crossed with Catholic priests. They are a little crazy, quote angry bits of old testament in conversation, and treat women practically as slaves. I'll go easy on sex-slavery/rape; the gang mostly want these women cooking and cleaning and building, they don't let them leave the fort or take part in decision making or carry weapons. Some of the women are perfectly happy with this, but the ones that aren't get beaten. The Gang starts the game disliking the player, and will raid the fort and steal food and supplies and even shoot people. They have automatic weapons and a big well defended fort with a church in the middle. If you can make them like you, they sell guns and pay extra for food.

  • Leader: Father O'Grady, an old, fat and angry guy like this dude who wears black catholic priest robes with a white collar and prominent cross, with black leather chaps and fingerless biker gloves underneath. He rides a chopper and is often seen clutching a bible and/or rosary and yelling about hellfire and damnation.
  • Other members of the gang wear biker garb, oversized crosses and white priest collars but no robes. They all carry big automatic weapons.
  • Large fort with cathedral at the center

Church of the Chosen Ones

An external faction this time, they have a small fort with a church in the center. They are peaceful and very religious and weird and culty, believing that zombieism is the next stage of humanity as ordained by god, and that the apocalypse is god's way of remaking the earth to be better. They think it's only a matter of time before everyone becomes zombies and that you should be happy when it happens. They started as a much larger fort but have stopped defending themselves, and why the zombies haven't crushed them is a mystery. Many of them do kill themselves, but others believe they should stick around to spread the good word first. They have a strong willed leader and pass out literature. If they're on the map you may have to deal with your own survivors joining their religion (but staying in your own fort and spreading it). They are poorly armed and easy to kill, but at a cost to morale/morality. They sell mostly books and pay equally for everything.

  • Leader: a young, spacey looking (east)indian woman dressed in (dirty) light-colored robes with bell sleeves; she looks spiritual and a little crazy, like some ditzy new age enlightened yoga-goddess.
  • Other members of the church wear normal but light-colored clothes: button-up shirts and loose-fitting blouses. They all smile too much in a wide-eyed crazy way.
  • Medium fort with small church at center

Max24833 There should be a thing about their relationship with the rotten, as in viewing them as Gods, despite the Rotten wanting to be viewed as normal, which could develop into something bigger. Sarahnorthway (talk) good idea! I like that the rotten would really hate the attention. Ooh, even better - the church has one of them held prisoner, and once you reach "clear" level (ala scientology) you can be granted audience with the Rotten guy, who asks you to help him escape from these ridiculous people who dotter on him day and night like some kind of deity, but won't let him just go about his business like a normal person.

EthnicBlaze (talk) How about "The Knights of the Fallen Cross" instead of "Church of the Chosen Ones"

Pig Farmers

A medium sized fort with a slaughterhouse in the middle. These guys are cannibals, but at first introduce themselves as pig farmers. They start off neutral towards you and come by to sell pig meat (which is actually humans). They might offer to pay for your survivors to come work on their farm for a season. As time goes on you can discover the truth: they lure people in, kill them and eat them, and trade the meat for supplies. By associating with these guys you can embrace cannibalism for an all-season source of food, but at a cost to morale and morality. They aren't super well armed if you fight them.

  • Leader: Willard Pickton (named after Vancouver's famous pig farmer serial killer) a bald chubby guy who wears a black butcher's apron with no shirt underneath. He has filthy sallow skin and missing teeth and looks like someone out of a horror movie. He smiles, but you don't trust him.
  • Other members of the church look tough and well fed but with poor hygiene. Their skin is yellowish and hair and teeth are falling out.
  • Medium fort with pig farm at center (it becomes a human slaughterhouse after you discover the secret)


Part hippie, part luddite, they blame tech for the fall of man. They are vegetarian farmers, they have a large rural fort with farms in the middle, they carry hunting rifles but are poor fighters. Run by an eccentric guy in a tie-died t-shirt who calls himself King Ludd. They start out liking you but like you less as you research more tech. They have rare and coveted horses, will sell food but it costs more in the winter, and pay extra for construction material. When trying to convince them to join you, you debate about technological unemployment before the war.

  • Leader: A skinny mid-30's white guy with a short and messy reddish blond beard who looks just like colin northway. He wears in a tie-died t-shirt and jeans, with a wholesome smile and a rifle slung over his shoulder
  • Other members look like hippies and cowboys with bright colored shirts and dusty jeans
  • Large fort with big farm at center

St Micheal's School for Boys

Small fort with a school in the middle. They started as a boarding school, their teachers died so a fifteen year old leads them. They are the privileged kids of rich parents and have a bit of an entitled attitude. They're quick witted, but not good at much except scavenging. They start off liking you, but often need your help and will be sad if you say no. They suck at fighting but your survivors will really hate you if you slaughter them. They sell valuable odds & ends and buy food.

  • Leader: a skinny 15 year old Filipino kid with short black hair sticking every way and a defiant pout. He still wears his boarding school uniform tie even though it's way too small for him now. He has a backpack slung over one shoulder.
  • Other members: 10-14 year old boys, all filthy and hungry looking. not quite as wild as the lost boy's from Robin Williams' Hook, but going in that direction. Most still wear bits of school uniform.
  • Small fort with a school at the center

The Rotten

A rare faction you don't meet until later in the game. Small, barely-defended fort with a subway in the middle (they live underground). These guys are like the lead zombie from Romero's Land of the Dead. They're super brain damaged and can barely talk but the disease didn't totally liquefy their prefrontal cortex like the other zombies - maybe they have some immunity but it didn't kick in right away. They can still think if they try really really hard. They are not like the ghouls from Fallout; they are not superzombies; they do not command other zombies. They are very ill people who spend most of their energy trying to suppress the intense lizard-brain emotions telling them to kill you. But brains are very flexible, and as with stroke victims, these zombies (*ahem* I mean people) can work hard to gradually regain more of their previous functions. They offer a moral quandary: so should you eradicate them like the others, or try to help them to survive?

They are fierce fighters who don't feel pain, they use simple weapons like clubs. They start hating you and are hard to befriend, but won't attack unless provoked. Mostly they want to be left alone. They are the key to finding a cure for the disease. If you befriend them they'll sell building materials. Smart zombies are mostly good at manual labour. They just want to be treated as people, although some medical attention wouldn't hurt.

  • Leader: Jeffrey is somewhat decomposed but still jaunty fellow with a (cowboy? straw?) hat and a sparkle in his eyes. He's got a sense of humour and a too-wide receding gums zombie grin, and wears some kind of collared shirt. A zombie cowboy.
  • Other members look more complete than your average zombie and wear clean clothes, but most aren't as happy to see you as Jeffrey. Clubs and boards with nails in them are popular weapons.
  • Single-square fort with subway at center; attacking subway causes surrounding squares to immediately become part of their fort as they spring up from the underground

Schurill (talk) Befriending this faction would give you interesting options for using them as scouts for missions


  • The People
  • The Others
  • The Living Ones
  • The Talking Dead (bwahahaa)
  • The Brains
  • The Decomposing Gentlemen (braiinss please)

Schurill (talk) Something that refers to their state of decomp would be appropriate ie The Rotten or Jerky Bitters (not something they would call themselves but given to them in reference to the fact that some of htem can get a little nippy when annoyed)

Sarahnorthway (talk) I really like "The Rotten", though I think someone else gave them the name and they find it annoying

Stagg845 (talk) How does "The damned" sound?

Kakinaga (talk)

  • The Fallen Ones
  • The Abandoned People -> sounds tragic
  • Dead Struggler

"The Damned" => nice

The Government

A bunch of bureaucrats from the actual old government who control soldiers from a branch of the national guard. They have no contact with anyone outside the city, but pretend that they do via a secret government network and claim to have orders from higher up. They believe they're the only real legal power in the area and will make demands that you hand over supplies and other things. They have a large well defended fort with a military base in the middle. They start neutral but you'd best do what they say as the soldiers are skilled and well armed and armoured. There is a lot of red tape and secrecy when trying to form an alliance with these guys. They pay extra for weapons.

  • Leader: Senator Marshall is a serious, squint-eyed old guy with a dusting of hair and reading glasses, like this guy. Stoic and angry, he does not approve of much and will order his men to do just about anything for the greater good. Beside him is always General Davis who looks tough but more reasonable than the Senator, kind of like this guy.
  • Other members look like average soldiers, with a few generals and politicians.
  • Large fort with a city hall/bunker at the center

Miguelinileugim (talk) You could add some to the plot if they actually had some contact with the government and they could lend you a hand when researching a cure (maybe with some secret research papers) or by protecting you in exchange of their demands.


A feminist group who have decided this is their chance to overthrow millennia of male oppression and male-initiated violence and remake human society with women on top. Their leader imagines ultimately creating a peaceful world where women live in harmony and teach men to control their ambition and be humble laborers while women run everything. But first they need to kill a lot of zombies just to survive. Some members of the faction are particularly violent about it, inspired by the bloodthirst of female zombies who fight just as hard as the male ones. Their faction is divided between the idealistic peace-lovers who stay in the fort and farm and and the realist man-haters who are conscripted to battle the zombies. They have a serious feud with the Last Judgement Gang. Their large fort has a farm in the middle, and they sell food and buy guns.

  • Leader: Nellie McClung, a proper white lady who wears a buttoned blouse and jeans, and her long hair pinned up like she's out of the 1920's, because she is. She's in her 30's and serious but not cruel. She carries a pistol at her hip. Maybe she looks like me? Somebody should probably look like me.
  • Other members are mostly women, and mostly of the Tina-Turner-from-mad-max Amazon-ess variety, with short hair or ponytails or even mohawks and cobbled-together armor and badass attitudes.
  • Medium fort with office at the center?

Sarahnorthway (talk) I'm not happy with the name Suffragettes. It's descriptive and funny but kind of sexist. This faction's going to be skating the line of offensive as it is. Putting the leader's name in there might make it memorable without having to mention gender.

Possible Names:

  • Women's Warlords
  • Suffragettes
  • Lilith's Bitches
  • Kelly's Killers
  • Nellie's Nags
  • Northfield
  • Nellie's People
  • Nellie's New Hope
  • McClung's Movement
  • McClung's Group
  • Nellie's Farm
  • Nellie's Refuge/Shelter/Town/Enclave/Community

How about the McClung Clan? --Objection (talk) 23:35, 31 July 2013 (UTC)

Maybe I'll put them in a suburban subdivision instead of a farm

  • Shady Pines
  • Oak Wood Estates
  • Sandstone Heights
  • Dogwood Ridge
  • Timber Creek Terrace
  • Rockwood Estates
  • The Meadows
  • Sudden Valley
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Pinewood Grove (actually completely clearcut with not one pine tree in the entire subdivision)

Or combine the leader's name and suburban enclave feel

  • McClung Manors
  • McClung's Estates

schubacca(a) (talk) Amazombies or Zamazons or Zambazons (last one is the best) Mikeyg10744-Or the amazons the Greek mythology feminist group that hatted men.

Saarkin (talk)

  • The She-Woman Man Haters Guild (little Rascals shout out ;p )
  • Venusians
  • Riot Girls

Max24833 What about the McClung Movement? Or the McClung Militia?

--Zambia (talk) 06:00, 24 July 2013 (UTC) How about "The Matriarchy"? Has a nice feminist edge without sounding too goofy.


A bunch of gamers who were so into their video games that they didn't even realize the world was ending until the Internet went down. Their fort is small with a radio tower in the middle, they are the only npc faction with electricity in the form of generators. They sell tech equipment and buy fuel for their generators and electrical parts. They're convinced the Internet is still working and are trying to tap in and communicate with other cities. They'll help you get a powerplant online. They've got higher-tech defenses than most factions (but that isn't saying much), and they suck in a fight. Enemies of the Luddies.

  • Leader: Dara [l337cREw], who looks like a female version of Derek Yu (sorry Derek, we need more female faction leaders). She's wears glasses and an Evil Dead t-shirt
  • Other Members: Look like a bunch of nerdy young friends, mostly wearing humorous t-shirts.
  • Small fort with apartment at the center?

Possible alternative names:

  • Dark Irregulars... from Space!
  • Traceroute
  • Darknet
  • Clanzors
  • Guildies (for a wow guild)
  • l337cRew (leader could be "Derek [l337crew]")
  • Darknet Clan (darknet... dorknet)
  • Knights of the Immortal Valor
  • Knights of the Comfortable Velour
  • "The Blue Blaze Irregulars" was Buckaroo Banzai's support squad. [Zambia]
  • The Icy Black Hand of Death (from Calvin & Hobbes)

Crossroads56 (talk) The Post Apocalyptic Paladins.

Stagg845 (talk) Cyber honks

Kakinaga (talk) Zerd-N

Description: "Zed" word that was sprayed on the radio-tower wall changed by someone into "Zerd-N". A word that sound like "Nerd", or "Zed & Net".... or might "NERD-END". An end sign for nerd to stop by and take rest, just from "soundly-unreal" zombies outbreak. Hmm..... I think they just "R" letter because this is Radio-Tower isn't it?

The Pharmacists

Small time drug dealers run by a skinny smart guy. They have a medium sized fort with a pharmacy or allmart in the middle, and start off neutral. They prey on the other factions, stealing from some, selling drugs to others which make survivors forget the horrors but be totally unproductive and addicted. They are decent scavengers, but would rather wait until your scavengers have pulled all the best stuff out of a building, then fire a few shots to scare them off and make away with the goods. If they like you they won't prey on your people but the drugs can cause trouble. If they don't like you they won't attack the fort directly but prefer to catch your people when they're out alone on a mission, and like to sneak through your walls and steal things.

And the drugs they produce are...Bath Salts!

  • Leader: Thirion and Tiff, husband and wife. Thirion looks like this guy, only skinnier and less healthy, with a cunning gleam in his eye. He wears black skinny jeans and a black hoodie, and is usually smoking something hand-rolled. Tiff looks like tiff except with short blue hair (this color), sunglasses and danger. She wears punky looking denim, leather & fishnets and flashes a grin and her pistol
  • Other members vary from thugs to drug addicts, most wear dark clothes and carry pistols and submachine guns
  • Small fort with a pharmacy/allmart at the center


Good old trader Gustav, who brings his caravan by regularly with guns, gambling, prostitutes: all the finer things in life. He's the only faction that doesn't have a fort, and can't be assimilated or destroyed. How much he likes you determines how often he comes, so if you attack his caravan (which you can do now!) he'll leave you alone for a good long while. He'll have special prices and special offers for his good friends. He also trades with the other factions (flavor-wise) and will tell you about them.

You can no longer summon Gustav by telegraph or whatever from a bank, because you'll be able to trade with other factions for regular stuff like food and ammo.

  • Leader: Gustav, a large, eastern-european man with a huge black mustache and a wide smile.
  • Other members: big young guards in padded armor with shaved heads and m16s, and the ladies of his pleasure caravan in dirty camisoles.
  • No fort, Gustav's caravans can be attacked but he has no map presence

Max24833 You should definitely make Gustav's role bigger, like maybe adding discounts if you do side-missions for him, like scavenging a Drug-Dealer's House to get drugs he wants to trade with the Riffs, or clearing the path for him in a heavily invested zone. Also, he should have other options than trading, like hiring him to clear an area for you, or assist you in defense. That'd be awesome.

Miguelinileugim (talk) You'll trade with him using food as currency Regular offers:

  • Items (three random items to choose each time you interact with him)
  • Technology (basic only)
  • Survivors (only mercenaries and prostitutes)

Wink-wink offers:

  • Rare items (only one each time, very expensive but extremely hard to find otherwise)
  • Military support (he has plenty of mercenaries)
  • Sabotage missions

"Super-best friends forever" offers:

  • Equipment required for the cure or very special things
  • Secret info relevant to the plot, missions or gameplay
  • Association (you pay me now 300 food, I supply you from time to time with shiny things, discount to everything too!)

The Mutants

Achaix (talk)

Before the apocalypse, no one thought they were any different. However, a recessive gene in their genetic make-up benefited them in a way that didn't make them immune; rather, the virus made them stronger, faster, and more agile. Zombies just ignore them. Interestingly enough, they cannot spread the virus through body fluids, but several factions distrust them and think they ought to be put down. The only thing they really want is to be accepted by others, and if that's impossible, to be left alone and in peace. Some factions, however, think they are gods, a title they deny to accept as their own. Naturally neutral, though that may change as the game progresses. Come in handy during scavenging missions.

  • Leader: John Cotton, an Englishman with a love for tea, sharp suits and sharper knives. Well-mannered and respectful with the ladies, he tries to make the best choice for everyone. Few know his past, which was clearly illegal, but he sees the apocalypse as an opportunity to change.
  • Other members: Mostly european people of all ages, though there are a few Indians and Serbians. Prefer melee weapons above all.
  • Buildings: They have a 6x8 area with a school in the middle. Easy to enter, but difficult to defeat the guards and civilians due to their cast-iron commitment to their cause.

The university

Miguelinileugim (talk)

(Made to fit this character into the story [1])

A few students of a university in the city. They're fanatically defensive and won't conquer any neighboring tile though the university they stay is extremely well defended (even though they don't have any non-melee weapon).

They're completely pacific, though you might prefer to ally them.

  • Leader: Miguel [2]. Special character, once recruited through an special event (see the link) it will have 10 leadership but you won't be able to use him in any mission.
  • Other members: 2-5 students. Each one of them would have 1-5 science skill but nothing else.
  • Buildings: A single university, completely fortified and surrounded by a tall wall. Can be used for special research or as a special building (for special research or special training)

The science faction

Miguelinileugim (talk)

(Already suggested, here's my take)

5-10 scientists with a lot of ex-university students controlling a powerful faction focused on science and searching for a cure.

They're generally defensive, but they'll do anything that they think is right, and they're prepared to do that with lots of weapons (who said scientists couldn't have weapons?)

Speaking of their ideology, this is the original part. The leader, a crazy russian scientist (the best crazy scientists are russian right?) who firmly believes in eugenics and discovering a cure, he's completely merciless and has a long story of illegal human experimentation. It might be suspicious of developing the zombieism (but he definitely isn't).

The best thing about this faction is their moral ambiguity, they're looking for a cure, so they're good, but they want to do human experiments to achieve that, so they aren't good, but they want to create a better society, so they're good, but they want to do it through extreme eugenics, so they aren't good etc.

You might ally them and be good friends (making the game far easier, usually) while drastically improving the scientific advancement of your colony, or you might criticise their methods and end up in a horrible war, but a horrible moral war because it will be triggered by you not accepting their methods (moral ambiguity, excellent for the plot, let the player decide)

  • Leader: Stereotypical crazy russian scientist
  • Other members: 5-10 scientists and a lot of ex-university students
  • Buildings: A huge laboratory (the best of all the map) in the center and some general buildings around it, maybe a bunker or armory too

P.S: Though they are by far the most scientifically advanced faction, that doesn't mean they'll research a cure when you're not looking, they won't discover it without you because of some plot thing (like that you're the only faction who finds an immune person or something).

P.S2: Their technology is advanced, but they don't have sci-fi equipment, no cyborg things, no laser weapons and no supercomputers (unless they come from before the apocalypse).

Max24833 Does it really have to be Russian? Really? I mean, why do we never see a crazy French Scientist? Or Irish? When have you ever seen an Irishman who's not a drunk in games? I mean come on, according to movies, every russian scientist is trying to destroy the world! Sorry for ranting, I just have a thing for Country Stereotypes.

Sarahnorthway (talk) Good point: stereotypes suck. The "crazy russian scientist" who researches the cure in Rebuild 2 was modeled on a very specific RL man: Dr Sergei Bryukhonenko, who in the 30's kept disembodied dog's heads alive on heart & lung machines. He wasn't crazy, and his research was super valuable for human heart surgery, but it's hard to get the image of zombie dog heads and mad scientists out of your mind once you've seen the videos. I'm planning to move this "cure scientist" character to the Pharmacists faction and make him a canmerican anarchist in his mid-sixties who runs a meth lab. Or should he be French??

Miguelinileugim (talk) Nah, russian scientists are just crazy, chinese scientists are evil and american scientists are good, french scientists prefer to destroy the world with baguette-shaped death cannons and spanish scientists secretly want to be your friends! :)

Max24833 You should so model the Cure Scientist after Walter White/ Bryan Cranston, from the show Breaking Bad. He's into drugs so could be with the pharmacists, and is a genius level Chemistry Guy, so could easily diagnose and research the cure. Plus, he's just so so so so Awesome and kick-ass. He'd just fit in to the Apocalypse perfectly. Also, Baguette shaped death cannons? Please. We all know the French moved on to Giant Snails with ray-guns. Get with the times. Sarahnorthway (talk) Great suggestion (the breaking bad guy), I'm going to watch an episode now for research. Yeah, for research that's right...

Darklim (talk) Look mom, people are talking about my country! To be more serious, if you want to know anything about typical french behaviour, ask me. Being french and living in France, I have some top grade first hand datas to share! And by the way, frenchies are not usually attracted to deathmaking. If there had to be a french scientist... Well I think that an engineer or a doctor is a safe bet. It's basically the two most aimed careers for frenchies nowadays. (Also, I'm confirming something: while we are not obsessive about it, we do buy baguettes on a daily basis.)

Miguelinileugim (talk) You darn frenchman! Now you'll suffer the revenge of my olive oil machine-gun and my paella landmines, let's see who laughs last! MWHAHAHA!!!

The Brotherhood

Rick Grimes "Somewhere, Something Incredible is waiting to be known" -Carl Sagan

A Forgotten Supremacy of Scientists who came up with an idea of experimenting on the dead because they were astonished by how the living became the dead so their leader Dr.Richard Hamilton transformed zombies into salvage beasts and other gruelling Abominations. They are faster, stronger, and extremely deadly. Their leader released them into the world, the faction is neutral against you in the beginning but if you bring genetic materials to them from The Rotten faction they will befriend you and mind control the mutants not to mutilate you into so many pieces that you could be turned into a jigsaw puzzle. They have a rare laboratory in the middle of their perfectly defended, powered, and huge fort. The reason their laboratory is so rare is because of its technology's that you can research there (some examples):

  • Mind control 60 days (doesn't always work or it would be too powerful)
  • Mutants 35 days
  • Super Mutants 50 days
  • Bio Chemical warfare 100 days, and 3 Secret ones (Smart Abominations,Tank Abominations and lastly The Shadow Abominations)

The Faction it's self has 3 endings one being that you believe experimenting on zombies to become abominations is wrong and they should stop. Another being that You like their idea of experimenting on zombies so that they become abominations. And the 3rd being that you contact the Doctor and trick him into creating more and more and more powerful and destructive abominations until the point they go out of control break out and slaughter The Brotherhood entirely (1 thing about this ending you spread Abominations everywhere in a bloodrage!!!)

  • Leader: Dr.Richard Hamilton Former Genetic Research Scientist who got fired from his station in Greentech Labs "Building a better tomorrow" because of reanimating the dead (even though they were headless, brainless (i.e mutilated corpses) back to life). He wears a bloodied surgeon outfit always with broken eyeglasses. His audio logs can be found in laboratories throughout the world, they tell you his past and how experiments are doing so he has a pretty cool backstory. one of his audio logs tells you about another former Greentech scientist known as Dr.Branockhavo (Rebuild 2 zombie cure guy) a man who got fired from his job buy capturing scientists who work at Greentech labs having them get bitten then using a variety of syringes on the wound to try and cure the disease.

Sarahnorthway (talk) I like the moral choice of experimenting on zombies to find a cure or to enslave or even enhance them; will have to think about adding a research/science faction like one of these, or maybe roll it into The Government or The Rotten faction.

  • Brotherhood Members (Remnant Troopers): They usually have some sort of genetic upgrade with them like a cyborg eye for example and so much more. Also they fight very well and usually carry strange weapons that look futuristic (they are not plasma weapons or lasers) just extremely upgraded guns and melee weapons.

Sarahnorthway (talk) As cool as it would be, I'm hesitant to go all Fallout with the tech in Rebuild 3. The game takes place just a few years from now after society (and scientific research) totally breaks down. The factions will be lucky if they're got Google Glass let alone cyborg eyes.


    • The Brotherhood likes:
      • The Riffs
      • Gustav
    • The Brotherhood hates:
      • The Chosen Ones
      • The Last Judgement Gang
      • The Rotten (they don't shoot the rotten on sight but they want to experiment on them to find a cure themselves, altetnate cure)
    • Note: If you ally with The Brotherhood an event happens that says Dr.Bronchkokvo is angry with you! (he won't come to cure zombies)

Sarahnorthway (talk) Good idea, faction plots should interact if you're in a map with the right two (which I might just fix)

  • Buildings: When you find a fort in the zombie apocalypse it would normally look like a makeshift barricaded wall with buildings inside that are kinda ruined. The Brotherhood's fort is a exceptional revolution to any fort you would normally see. It has Self-Automated machine gun turrets with a laser sight mounted to the top, 3 Remnant Troopers guarding the wall on each side of their octagon shaped fort, and lastly a cake that just sits there looking like if it was just made fresh. (not just any cake)
  • Random events: The Brotherhood has their own unique random events such as experiment failures (a Abomination horde appears) experiment successes (they grow more powerful) Dr.Brachoko (rebuild 2 cure guy) sabotages an Experiment (extreme Abomination Horde arrives).
  • Endings: The Brotherhood faction has 3 unique endings:
    • You Destroy their faction entirely (Dr.Hamilton fails his work and kills himself, abominations destroy his fort).
    • You Ally with The Brotherhood allowing Dr.Hamilton's scientists to work at a much better pace knowing your scientists can help (Dr.Hamilton Completes his work allowing The Alpha/Beta and Omega projects to your nearest laboratory you own The Alpha Project allows genetic structure of abominations to be changed at will by you (allowing full control, what role they play and what they look like lastly their abilities). The Beta Project Insures survival of your faction by allowing you to fully customize your survivors (if one loses a eye you give them a new one by replicating the main structure of the eye surrounded by a titanium steel alloy protecting the main structure, body armor, helmets, weapons, cerebral cortex modifications if someone had brain damage (fix it up right away) respiratory modifications (if some one smokes way too much you clear the smoke out of their lungs) circulatory modifications (if someone has heart attacks often make them like iron man) and more! THE OMEGA PROJECT (You may not want to do this) Activate Tank Abominations, Shadow Abominations and the Smart Abominations. (Also a very special research that I don't want to say because it might spoil too much but I'll do it anyway) You gain access to the main grid of technology changing everyone in your faction to cyborgs.
    • Allow the rotten to destroy his faction allowing the rotten to stop decomposing, be smarter and change forever.

The Neighbourhood

Ninjastyle124 (talk)

The Neighbourhood is a faction composed of mainly a couple of close streets in a residential part of the city. Their laws and policies are based strictly on order, dictatorship, safety, and quality over quantity. Being brought together by only a few families, the faction is rather small in population, but they make up for it with their knowledge of the Zed and how to hold a weapon. Reliable folk, but they don't trust outsiders. Heard the rules there are strict and just one mistake leads to rations being shortened for days, I wouldn't want to be there. From our encounters with 'em, they're all disciplined and act like soldiers. Despite the strictness, they seem perfectly happy with their lifestyle. Rumour has it they're only allowed to eat healthy food, and any hint of chocolate or fries is prohibited. Even their kids act like damned soldiers. Bet they could fight like one too.

They're more of a defensive faction instead of offensive, however they're ruthless to their enemies, Zed or human. Good allies to have around I suppose.

Leader: Paul Hamilton, a tall intimidating bald guy with a goatee. Friendly if you get to know him but he doesn't trust strangers. Heard he taught Tae Kwon Do or something before the apocalypse, which probably explains his strict ruleset.


  • Likes:
    • Gustav, mainly for trade issues.
    • The Riffs
  • Neutral
    • Most other factions
  • Hates
    • The Rotten

Other Suggestions

  • Deniers: Group pretending the zompocalypse never happened
  • Science guys: Nerds in clean, modern, powered fortresses
  • Barbarians: People who will attack anything that is not allied with them and mercilessly attack your and other faction's forts. They refuse to use anything but things like swords, shields, and bows, and believe that their faction must be the best of them all and are almost oblivious to the zombies because of that.

SeymourG: Some of my ideas for factions:

  • Zombie Lovers: Mass murderers of humans and keep zombies as pets
  • Peace Corp: Just their way of saying "We will kill you all to 'help' you"

Sarahnorthway (talk) Totally, they mean well, they're just seeing the big picture and you're not - The Government

(Anonymous idea)

  • Farmers Faction - Lots of food. They need a lot of weapons though to protect them from being raided. Sarahnorthway (talk) The Luddies sell food & buy ammo, but nothing high-tech
  • New Age Engineers - They produce some high-tech equipment and weapons, making them nearly impossible to raid, but they are very expensive.
  • Women's Warlords - All women who believe only women should rule the world. They are very populous and are found all over. They believe that man caused problems such as world hunger and war, so the woman could blissfully rule the world, using cloning to keep humans alive.


  • What about adding Zombie Packs, who wouldn't be as important a faction as Mutants or the Rotten, but more like mini-factions of Zombies? You can watch their movements around the map to try and predict attacks from them, as well as try destroy them to increase your fort's security. They can have nicknames based on their appearance, like a group from the rich part of town could be called "The Rotting Suits" and an infected football team could be called "The Diseased Bulls". They could also have a section of town they stay around like the Rich District of Football Stadium, like Territories. You could start off trying to defend against your local pack, before destroying them and as you move outwards you'd have to target other packs as well.
  • The Human Militia: A Group of Neighborhood Watch and Police that are trying to protect their little corner of humanity, and are very strict against Raids and anything that's against the law, like Gustavo's Girls, Human Testing and Cannibalism. Their leader could be a Doomsday Prepper who fortified the fort and stocked it with supplies, the average people could be a mixture of police and armed civilians, and their base could be a police station and a suburbs. They'd be loyal to friends and friendlier than the Military, but not even close to as powerful.

The Fantastic Michael Preston (talk) United Nations: The name for the player's faction. (In multi-player edition, people could create their own if they had enough people.

Sarahnorthway (talk) Interesting one! Cloning is a bit extreme since the cities don't even have electricity, but maybe they hope someday to do it.


  • "The Cubans/Communists/Foreign govt" - Late game perhaps you might encounter a foreign military providing aid (but with a real motivation to conquer). They will be more or less friendly depending on your relationship with Gustav (a Capitalist and a pimp), the Government, and more general things like sharing food. The older members of your group will be distrustful, talking about the "the old war." Unlike other groups, they try to annex you. I got the idea from playing Pandemic, Cuba is always the most resilient due to a combination of embargos and a very strong healthcare system.


  • "Dark Blood gang" These people have brought everything evil from the old life when there was no zombies. Basically drugs, violence stealing and war. They don't want peace or love. There ruthless and war like. They have no problem with zombies. They also have many guns and ammunition.
  • "The poor". these people almost have nothing. There just holding out, but they are high on scavenging. They have high problem with zombies but can hold there ground. They are understanding and just want to get through this dark time.
  • "Kids". These kids are trying to survive. They have made a barricade around the a school and are doing well at holding it. They are using there skills they have from school and from there parents. They are just waiting to be saved.

Sarahnorthway (talk) Yeah, they were just off at boarding school. I bet they'd be good scavengers but need your protection.

(Ethan) Remnants: The Remnants of the U.S government with who don't fight anyone but zombies and they dont help anyone. They are not going to evacuate citizens. They hide in the heavily guarded white house with a bunker underneath that is fully stocked. There's should be different factions like one of feral cannibals,Remnant of U.N,Alien Race who started infection, Communist Faction That Believes They are the only true humans, etc. should be added and some are hostile or peaceful and some faction hate you because you helped a different one.

Sarahnorthway (talk) Aliens??? Ferals: They are half human mix breeds who are not bothered by humans or zombie. they also have electricity used to play a game called rebuild 1 and a half

(Dalno) What about a faction that is like a extremely hard faction that has everything and more like can use a broadcaster to make factions like or hate other factions or cause people to lose or gain morale? And can cause people to act crazy and kill,sabotage, or become a total traitor. Another power the faction can have, able to know your movements, like if you are attacking they can ambush of if you are shifting defence they can attack from the other side, but this is their weakness becaus the one problem is that few have the mental capacity so they are few. And how about a machine faction that has precious metals?


  • "Death's Heralds." Their tactics are simple but deadly, they use sound to their advantage by manipulating zombie movement around town. They have little weapons, but they don't need them. Each member of this gang is trained with months of experience running around town and setting off church bells, breaking windows, etc. Because of their experience, they are rather poor at combat, but they are stealthy and extremely mobile, as they are able to jump from roof to roof to get to their destination. They WILL relocate bases (without you ever knowing) within 5 days of being discovered, so you better put an end to the gang fast. Their gang is small, and almost never grows (10 members at start, 15 members maximum). An alliance with them will let your people know their tactics.
  • "The Blood." Their tactics are VERY similar to the sound controllers. Its simple, they use stealth and sneak around town with vials of zombie blood. Like sound controllers, these people are very mobile and stealthy, so you need a strong guard force in order to spot them before it is too late. The zombie blood vial is multi-purpose and deadly. If you aren't looking, they might put some zombie saliva/blood into your food and drinks, and you'll be one of 'em in no time. They can smear illusions of battlefields with zombie blood, and can create treachery everywhere they go. They will have 10 members at start, and will slowly expand to 14 members.
  • "United Raider's Front." These people are deadly, with both weapons and population. Unfortunately, due to poor planning, they have to raid for food. Their group starts at 25 people and will slowly expand to 40 people unless their people are killed by starvation or enemy factions. They carry large weapons like machine guns and sniper rifles, so a victorious battle against them is ALWAYS worth it, if you even win.

Cowardly chaplain (talk)

  • The Morte Family
 Remnants of the city's Mafia. Later on because of 20 years later Apocalypse become the "real" family, with rich traditions like break other people's legs if they don't want to pay them. 

Knew the ancient Martial arts.

Italo-Japonese gangsters, dressed in old suits, ties and hats, armed whith katanas, knuckledusters, baseball bats, Molotov cocktails and Tommy guns. May look both like elegant gangsters or thugs. 
 Lead by the Don Alonzo de Morte. 

Maybe like Al

   Their base is big luxury manor house/or casino in the center of the average fort, their number 15-20 men and women (not count with their old or children). When the things were going down the local japanese Yakuza and Italian mobsters set up together defenses and start to shoot everything and everyone, moving ahead to them.    
 They Want ammo, food and guns, oftenly for free.
 They Produce entertainment - alcohol, pimping, drugs, gambling.
If player agree to pay them for "Protection" with food and supplies they will showed up and kill zombies around the walls of your fort (Just business) quite more often than Riffs, who may appear for free, but rare.   
If player don't want to pay them for "Protection" they may appear too, but in order to assault and cripple and torture your men, old, women and children, but not to kill them.
 (It's just business again, and you'll haven't any profit from the corpses.) 
Are in war with The Government (too much weapons, discipline and manpower, have to destroy our competitiors for sure).   

(The Waffmeister)

  • Diablo: A flame fanatic faction of sorts. They love using fire based weapons such as flamethrowers and Molotov Cocktails. They bully weaker factions and torch their buildings. (Perhaps you need to re-reclaim buildings should Diablo torch them.) However, they love rich warlike factions (The Riffs, for example.) and they deal drugs with them if they can pay. The drugs improve morale but your survivors may become dependant on them. As for a base of operations they could be nomadic or leech on weak factions and their buildings. You could be pissing off a lot of people by being their allies, but Diablo will supply drugs as well as incendiary weapons to you at a discounted price.
  • "DragoonIII: the Legion": (super zombies) They are smart, fast zombies that can control the lesser ones. They use weapons and they are the ones who have been sending stronger and larger hordes zombies after the humans in order to wipe them out. Their structures are covered with bones and spikes, their words (the undead language example: you see a zombie say something to a bird that you can't understand. ) they say are written in zombie talk you can capture them or their buildings and then maybe you can get zombie slaves to work your on farms or build, etc.

The Military: Later in the game than the rest of the factions, the military appears. Their goal is to rid the world of these zombies and reunite the country you are in. Now obviously being the military they have guns and manpower, effectively coordinating assaults on zombies/enemies. However, by reunite the country, they mean take control of various forts and slaughter anybody who doesn't behave. Those who do surrender are under martial law. If the player surrenders it's game over. If they don't, they better have the best guns in town.

Sarahnorthway (talk) And what if they were run by bureaucrats? I'm calling them The Government.

The Riffs: Gun-toting, zombie-hating soldiers of the wasted world. Is that all they are? Another group of survivors that just kill many, many zed for nothing? Let's think of a way to make them more meaningful, shall we? If you've played a Fallout game before, you have heard of the Brotherhood of Steel- a technocratic entity with the goal of preserving all important technology in the Fallout world, with some factions also preserving Human life. I think The Riffs should be similar to them, saving precious tech and having a special hatred for Zed. At first, they aren't so friendly with you, more neutral. But as you help them more and more, or have more cage matches for them to watch, the more and more they grow on you, till they literally ally with you and help you every chance that's possible. They could all wear some sort of heavy armor and heavy gasmask. possibly modified riot gear. They could also be excellent repairmen, and modify the riot armor to include other meaningful doo-dads. Overall, The Riffs should follow the BoS example and being an incredibly strong faction that you can join/ally/merge with.

Sarahnorthway (talk) Damn, I'm going in exactly the opposite direction with them - less armor and fewer ideals. They will be organized and calm, but what brings them together isn't hope for the future but a love of the fight, kind of like a sports team.

Crossroads56 (talk) Morgan's Merchants (Can be a travelling caravan also): They have a default base but most likely difficult to find. They can also interact to other factions (which is optional. =) ) and to you. They have the best bodyguards or mercs that are well armed. They sell almost everything but pays extra for food and weapons. Most likely neutral throughout the game and cannot be befriend (if you enable them to be a faction to be allied with better just give discounts =) ) but they can be attacked if you wished to. or they can be just a faction that sells supplies and give you missions for lost shipments or something. uhmm... if possible sometimes they will drop off a survivor that they found and if you want to help him/her you can help him/her or just don't accept him/her. But it is different with Gustav primarily because they have a base about 4 blocks if possible. This faction can be a rival against gustav and most likely they can give missions that will damage the opposite caravan.

Axethrower23 (talk)

  • Hand of God(Needs a better name) - priests, religious people, etc. who believe that ALL zombies are servants of the devil/hell/satan or souls from hell, or manifestations of evil or whatever. They are generally kind and generous, but they stick to their beliefs like superglue. DO NOT get on their bad side. They're kinda the opposite of the church of the chosen ones and much like regular church(except for the fact that they are really good at killing).

I think that there should be "special" factions that rarely appear in the game. Maybe a faction that could give you a boost or drag you down

Lordlyhour (talk) Possibly a Bunch of People who got stuck at a Convention Center During a Convention? A Fairly Random Grab-Bag of Skills (People who were there for Various Reasons. TV and internet celebrities would, presumably have a decent Leadership Bonus (For example, If Wil Wheaton or Jontron Showed up at the Squalid Hovel I was Hiding out in and Told me to come with them, if I wanted to Live, I'd Ollie out of there Faster than if It was some random I'd never heard of) People who were there to Sell Their Merchandice would have Dent Crafting Syle Skills, As would the Cosplayers (at least some of them. There are some ridiculously Well made Cosplay Costumes out there) There'd be Some People Who'd Have Middling Fighting Skill (The LARPers, The People Who insisted on Learning the Ceremonial Blade Dances of the Fourth World's Elves), Not to Mention there'd be an Abundance of Weapons (replicas, for the Most Part, But they'd still be Things with Which to Belt the Decomposing Undead over the head with) There'd be a Few with decent Scavenging Skills ( The People who went there To Buy Buy Buy) It'd Probably Result in a Faction that would be Able to Look after itself Well enough in the Early game, But would Need help against Zombies or Invaders Later On. They'd Start Out Neutral With you, Sell Stuff you could Use to craft with and Buy Food at an Increased Price. If you Gain Control of their Starting Square (Through either Befreinding them until you Merge your Compounds or Conquering them), You get a Bonus to your Morale, until you lose control of it. Maybe +10 or 20% (Because a Convention Center is Filled with Awesome things. Toys and Games of both the Video and Board Variety, Cool Things, Interesting things. All sorts of stuff)

Sarahnorthway (talk) This idea is just too hilarious - Wil Wheaton leading a faction of cosplayers who all got stuck at comiccon. I might not make an entire faction out of it (hopefully I'll have "geek" covered by the 1337cREw faction), but this inspires an event of some sort. One of my favorite bits of World War Z is the celebrity bunker with Bill Maher and Ann Coulter. Of course the author kind of delighted in their deaths, but with Wheaton I'd have to find a way for him to escape into the sunset.


I thought that a very good faction Would be "The Brotherhood of Christ" what I thought would be interesting is that they and the Last Judgments are related. In this form that at one time only the Brotherhood existed they believed that God had made man pay for the sins of the world at the time. However they believe God's wrath was done and now his followers should help by protecting the people and spread the word. The last judgments not so much they thought the wrath was not done as such they started attacking people which the Brotherhood was very angry about and civil war followed as such they separated and HATE each other. I thought they are like this if you ally with the Last judgment you get more people and better lay of current land. While if you ally with The Brotherhood you get better gear and better soldiers but they are few in number. Also if you ally with one the other quickly declares war on you. I thought of this to they have very similar uniforms because of the common ancestry so they could be discovered and attacked or asked for help and it is the other side so a confusion of the factions upon discovery. Also I thought the bases have different levels of defenses making outposts weak while HQs are really hard to break down. Also could play off for many factions and relations to others. Nick names of the Brotherhood of Christ include "Templars", "Crusaders", and "Hospitallers" based on the separate sects of the group. Example Crusaders are base troops common but basic while Templars are rare yet elite soldiers and the Hospitallers are very weak but great scavengers, scientists, and doctors. This is a base idea I would not mind if you base on this but please give what credit is due no more no less. As for the idea of Emblem a Red cross comes to mind but any color does well also as for leader do some guy in priest robes seems very smart maybe called Father Hope.

(User:Jesa)We should add some more factions i recommedent like: The Old :A group of old citizen but they badass they have good gun but they peaceful only attack if provoked Black Ops :Somekind a people how gonna kill all survivors to cover up the zombie attack from the goverment

XXMitchzXx (talk)xXMitchzXx

  • Zombie Kill Squad ( a band of Teenager and Mature survivor that have only 3 main job (Eat and Drink,Sleeping,Killing zombie with style) they were armed to teeth and sometimes would kill zombie near your area without taken any single pay (cause they like it)
  • The Church of the Holy one (a small cult that was bigger because the zombie outbreak ,They believe the zombie outbreak was a curse from the god because humans have to many sin, They are Fanatic and armored and would do some sort of sacrificing ritual)

Just gonna say this. You should make a HUGE map full of different cities, with never ending fun. Progress it into the future, using an old protagonist force fighting the last judgment gang. Making it as the last judgment gang you fought first had little amount of survivors who survived and fled to a different corner of the map, and rebuilt. Make those 2 nations fighting each other, while having swarms attack and you are with a small group of people. You rebuild cities and such, gaining power then on day 500, a messenger is sent from the old protagonist (I believe should be called "United People of the World. (UPW) to talk to you about joining there forces. You should have him stay for 10 days, then help him go back. The next day a last judgment gang messenger comes and stays for 9 days to talk to you about joining them, making it your choice. Leaving you the neutral one instead forced to be there.

How about a new kind of "Species"? The Mutants. These are ordinary people who aren't only impervious to the disease; it makes them stronger, faster and more agile. Several factions will shun them, but you could be given the option to embrace or attack them. The only thing they really want is to be left alone(Loners: Several characters who travel alone but help you anyway) or to be accepted by others. Interestingly enough, they are of spreading the virus to others, though their children will be mutants also. Achaix (talk)

Necrocreture (talk)[Working name] *The Slayers. A group of people who are Immune to the Zombie virus, some of them are mentally insane. They hunt zombies and other survivors, first saying they are freindly, then finding out if they are Immune, if they are, they bring them in with them, if not, they kill them. Leader: Jeff Bearn. A formor psyciatrist who was there when the apocalypse first started, he banded togethor with his mental patients, the ones who were not immune were killed by zombies, and they went through, killing all the zombies there, but some of the others killed the survivors who were "weaker" then them. Goals: Rid the world of the "weak". Kill all the zombies. --Necrocreture (talk) 05:17, 22 July 2013 (UTC) Sarahnorthway (talk) I like the image of the psychiatrist who goes nuts himself, it's a good horror image. It might be hard to trade or have a political relationship with these guys if they're crazy and want to kill us, but they might be great for a one-off adversarial event. Maybe they still live in their hospital.

  • How about an animal "faction"? I was playing through 2 again today and the pack of wild dogs that breaks into the camp got me thinking... Escaped zoo animals would make an interesting faction. If one of the buildings in the city was a zoo, it would be useful for helping out with security. Lots of fencing and pits and security stuff. But what happened to all the animals? A zookeeper who didn't want them to starve during the apocalypse my have released them into the "wild". Who knows how they adapted to society or what effects the zombie disease/curse/strain had on animals genetically similar to humans. --Zambia (talk) 10:47, 31 July 2013 (UTC)

EthnicBlaze (talk) How about a faction dedicated to finding out the secrets of the past, because every time I play a post apocalyptic game there is always a scientific faction trying to find out about the future but never a history faction who make it there mission to find and preserve the secrets of the past, have there members dressed as a random assortment of historic uniforms. Like their leader can be a slightly crazy guy who dresses like a Roman and their soldiers dress as Random assortments of military uniforms from medieval and ancient times and missions for them could be recovering artifacts and books of the world before the outbreak. The could live in An old museum or something like that. Your thoughts?

EthnicBlaze (talk) Maybe a cannibalistic cult of escaped patients from an insane asylum and there leader is the old warden who became crazy after he saw his family get eaten alive by zombies. He manages to escape and begins a personal vendetta against the zombies and starts eating the bodies of the zombies he kills out of revenge for his family, but in turn becomes half zombie half human and in this becomes a sentient zombie he heads back to the asylum and rallies up all the patients and begins his war on all of zombie kind and every member of this faction becomes cannibalistic like there leader. So they are a faction of sentient zombies whos base of operations is, obviously, an old insane asylum. Your thoughts?

Survivor political traits

Sarahnorthway (talk) I've thought about giving survivors traits that would indicate political leanings and might pit them against eachother. It would be useful if those also meant the survivor would like or hate particular factions. You might get an event where all the "Pacifists" speak out against your involvement with the Riffs (who are quite violent), or praise you for working together with the Luddies (peaceful farmers). I've come up with:

  • pro-government (is there a better word for this? statist?)
    • believes we need to reestablish order and government
    • likes The Government (duh), The Riffs (want to lead by force), Suffragettes (want thoughtful women to lead)
    • dislikes The Pharmacists (anarchists), Chosen Ones (no rules), 1337cREw (anti-government hackers)
  • capitalist
    • believes we should benefit our own through trade
    • likes Pig Farmers (sell meat), The Pharmacists (sell drugs), 1337cREw (avid consumers)
    • dislikes Luddies (communists), St Micheal's (charity case), The Rotten (charity case)
  • pacifist
    • believes we should not fight our fellow man
    • likes St Micheal's (harmless kids), Luddies (peaceful farmers), Chosen Ones (nonviolent cultists)
    • dislikes Riffs (enjoy killing), Pig Farmers (murder people), The Government (history of war)

Sarahnorthway (talk) Nobody loves Last Judgement (how could you?) or The Rotten, and nobody hates the Suffragettes, but that's fine. Except though you might prioritize one of these ideologies over the others, they don't really conflict. I don't see people arguing pro-government vs capitalism vs pacifism outside of the context of the fort's relationship with NPC factions.

Discussion: Faction Assignment

Ramiro_ARG I think faction names should be random. Why? Let's look at this example: Player "Zombie Killer" goes to "Ottawa" and starts building walls etc, etc. He meets Gustav, The Riffs and the Last Judgement Gang. Player "Tom Tompson" who has nothing to do with "Zombie Killer" goes to "Moscow", a city that has nothing to do with "Ottawa" and is the other side of the world, and meets the same Gustav, the same "The Riffs" and the same "Last Judgement Gang". Please, be creative. Put on a list of names for the trader, the bad guys (Last Judgement Gang) and the good guys (The Riffs) and program the game to pick a random one!


  • Very important suggestion on factions: it should be possible to give his group/faction a name! Maybe after having three members or another achievement.
  • Smart zombies should only be 'clever' zombies = a maneating subfaction of the evil zombies that has improved strategies for spreading and attacking, with some rare leaders that can still talk with humans

Harvey You should choose what faction to start in and have that already be friendly to you and their rivals are unfriendly and by hurting one the other goes and vice versa

Sarahnorthway (talk) Factions need set names so you can easily remember which is which, and to lend flavor. Also how much they like you will carry over from city to city. Which factions appear in a city will sometimes be set (eg in a scenario where half the city is taken over by The Government and you have to wrest control from them) and sometimes be random. I figure 1 faction for small maps and 3 for large ones.

Ario Didn't the first Rebuild have a Zombie Kill Squad similar to The Riffs. They kill zombies around your fort and are generally nice guys to the player. When some other faction attacks you they will come in and help. Some members want to join the Zombie Kill Squad and at times, the Kill Squad will aask for a member of your group to join them

Max24833 It wouldn't be completely unrealistic for the factions to appear all over. The Rotten could appear anywhere and always have the same nickname, the Military could be fighting different campaigns all over the world, The Church of the Chosen Ones could have been a worldwide apocalypse cult, the Pharmacists and Pig Farmers could be thought up as a name by dozens of cannibals and drug dealers, the Luddites was an actual movement that could have started up again, the 1337 cREw could all have chosen their name together by communication devices they share, like Xbox live or something, Gustav would follow you because he thinks you'll need supplies to continue rebuilding and he'll be ready to sell them, there's probably dozens of boarding schools with walls that are named after St Micheal, and the Suffragettes could be another movement that started up again. I can't think of an excuse for the Riffs and Last Judgement Gang being everyone. Maybe they hang around the edge of civilization to raid/ help you fight zombies?

Discussion: Faction Fort Growth

(Szgerg77) Factions (at least: most factions) should expand on their own, which might lead to tensions itself (taking the farms/houses you scheduled to take, competition to scavenge territories, pick up survivors, etc.). Members immigrating from, emigrating to other factions (with or without permission), perhaps also causing tensions.

Sarahnorthway (talk) Expanding faction forts would be a driving force like the constantly approaching zombies. It would make it harder to focus on defense and sit in your fort growing very slowly. Realistically other factions would grow faster if you've killed more zombies, but that feels wrong - instead their growth should be inversely related to how well you're doing. Or just constant. And definitely it would differ by faction, some would hardly ever grow and others would take territory like crazy.

Sarahnorthway (talk) It would also make it harder to be friends with other factions. Many players say they like totally conquering a city, which would require annihilating all the other factions which isn't very civilized (this is a game about restoring order, after all). I suppose you'd have to be able to unite with other factions once your relationship was high enough.

schubacca(a) (talk) Instead of faction forts being spaces in the play field they should be located "off screen" in a different part of the city, with options to send missions off to them and them sending teams you can interact with into your play map. example, a crew of people wondering around the map that interfere with your teams, and you can send a squad out to them to take them out, or send a few medics in to help them out. This keeps the map clear for your expansion, yet allows for combatant factions to get in your way and set up items (road blocks denying you missions in areas past them, fortifying a single building increasing hazard rating of any action in the area, random ambushes) to deny you large chunks of the map that you have to either clear out of find ways around without loosing to much of the zombie survival aspect. Also, any missions you send off to other factions areas of the city (off map) still have to cross your map to get to them and also are effected by their local danger rating, maintaining necessity to keep clear route to your allies, more hazardous to expand in the direction of your enemies. This makes it adventitious to send help to people who you want to help you as you can lower their danger ratings freeing up resources for them offering you better trade and other random events, or to preform sabotage missions to enemies such as luring in more zed to their area so they are to busy defending them selves to come harass you. This peripheral boarder danger lvl would also spill over into your map if it gets bad enough.

(Wiande) You definitely should do a multiplayer option, with a huge map and 4 players starting in different corner, with diplomatic option (example: combining research, trade food for items, exchanging areas, attack an area to take its control. This way the story will be different everytime as it's player related. Putting a system of reputation to the player quitting game early or midgame should help the lobby leader to kick lamers. Game should be like 2 hours long top in order players to complete game. Anyhow a multiplayer game puts a lot of new questions and matters to solve :)

Wizzid (talk)Wizzid I feel like a faction that expands quickly could have a sort of blitzkrieg type bonus (that is if you give different types of factions bonuses), maybe have a bonus to attack but something like a higher likely hood of casualties. Same thing can be done for defensive types, they get a bonus to defense and a negative to attack. Conquering other factions that are not allied with you, although barbaric does help to further the human element. At all points in time, humanity has almost constantly been compelled to commit acts of violence against each other. So use this, maybe you are allied with one group because of certain humanitarian efforts, such as the Rifts from the last game. Both take the map whether it is equally or not, when continuing onto the next map maybe your alliances carry over. With barbaric/war tribe/groups, you might have an alliance, but if all other enemies are gone you could go and have a chance that they will turn on you or your alliance holds. Also there is always the possibility of merging, but does that include on ALL maps for the life of that particular game? All of this could help other aspects such as trade, maybe some information on other groups, zombie movements and so forth.

Karrachr000 (talk) I feel as though having the other factions occupy the same map as you would be more realistic. You should have a variety of different ways to integrate them into your fort. For example, you could convince them that joining you is better than you destroying them, or you are so technically advanced, they join you out of awe. you would have to treat each faction's fort as a separate nation of sorts. If a faction is slow and stubborn, you could envelope them inside your fort (think Lesotho inside South Africa). I also think that their growth should be a variable set by the player in the difficulty menu. A more experienced player could set their expansion to high, while a casual, slow-growth player could set it to low or none.

Axethrower23 (talk) Hmm.. I agree with the dude above me. Having the factions occupy the same map would make it more realistic and interesting. You would need big maps though, depending on how many factions are there.

On easy levels/difficulty, when your fort/society/faction isn't doing so well, I think the growth of other factions should slow down. When your faction is doing well, the other factions should also speed up growth, but only to a certain limit.

On medium difficulty, I think it should be the same as it was on the easy difficulty, but the faction growth should be faster. When you're not doing well, other factions shouldn't necessarily slow down growth too much. Maybe something like -1 or 2 buildings per turn would do. And when you're doing well, other factions should also increase growth, but only to a certain limit.

On hard/insane/whatever difficulty, I think other factions shouldn't give a damn about whether or not you're doing well.

Sarahnorthway (talk) Good idea. I've got faction forts growing in relation to the size of your own fort, but it'd be better for this to be related to the day instead of your fort size in harder difficulties. So faction fort size is whichever is bigger: the size of your fort or the current day * BUILDINGS_PER_DAY. On easy, BUILDINGS_PER_DAY can be 0 and on hardest it'll be more like 0.3. Some factions will have smaller forts.

I think that the other factions should have different situations and such as to why they're expanding really fast or really slow. Maybe a faction is growing fast because of an abundance of food. Maybe they're growing because they have a lot of people. Maybe they're slow in growth because they don't have much food or people or weapons, etc

Mikeyg10744-If you ask me they should have their own city and if you kill them send them off or they leave due to issues or other factions or you you can take over that city after your done with the one your at currently or you can expand from your city to their making it one big city or you can merge with enough reputation with them. What ever you feel like you have to do.

Discussion: Interaction between factions

(Deadzflame) So if they dont like you you have to defend from them as well as the zombies and if they like you they will help you and trade with you.( I like the civilization idea being added here)So maybe you could raid them and they could raid you. Set up communications with them when you both get technology of electricty ( so if you didnt get the idea in that sentence maybe there building there base well your building your... )

Why not add a way to combine faction? Like if you can combine with scholars you can make everything high tech or if you combine with riffs you get upgraded guns? But if you do this any factions that hate them start to hate you or factions that like them start to like you? This adds more depth to relationships with factions and adds a way to get them off the map without losing supplies,people, and overall assets.- Dalno

The Fantastic Michael Preston (talk)

I think that if a zombie horde is on their way to you, you should be able o call on a friendly faction to help. But if it's a faction, it'd be a surprise attack so no help.

Giving all the groups a Symbol wouldn't be half bad, also the ability to name your own group and give it a logo also isn't a bad idea; However, combining with other factions is a bad idea since it wouldn't be realistic, (assuming factions are in different towns it would be to difficult to co-exist and defend two different townships). The ability to trade and assist them however is a good idea.

Well with the combing factions maybe it be like civilization where you create a nation or the groups leave their towns to join you maybe only combine with one faction so you would have to choose if you wanted survivors, food, weapons, tech etc or just make it difficult to combine like you would need a ultra leader and a certain safety level or just enough food and housing to keep them content i think they should have theese factions: *folowers of the old government (theese guys are neuteral, *nomads, and *fire (people who are trying to find a cure.

Axethrower23 (talk)

For the most part, I agree with the people above. I really like the part about giving symbols to different factions, including your own.

I think different factions should have different personalities and have different ways in governing their own faction and interacting with others. For example, the riffs are awesome badasses that kill zed around your fort for free, and the last judgement gang are assholes that practically do anything they want, take anything they want, and treat people like shit. Since these people are polar opposites, they have bad relations from the moment they find each other (not necessarily enemies at first sight).

I feel that other factions are allowed to interact with each other. They shouldn't necessarily only interact with the player. They should have alliances of their own, enemies of their own, and participate in wars on their own.

I think that there should be kinds of relationship:

  • Allies
  • Friendly
  • Neutral
  • Bad relations
  • Enemy

Interactions that I would like to suggest:

  • Give food/items/people/building/territory/reinforcements(reinforcements should be temporary)
  • Trade food/items/people/building/territory
  • Propose alliance
  • Start war
  • Threaten/demand(i.e. you could demand a faction to attack someone or you could demand food/items/people/building or you could demand them to cease all interaction with another faction, or you could demand that they have bad relations with a faction)
  • Ask for help/food/item/person/territory/building/reinforcements
  • Insult
  • Propose cease fire(this option should give you an option to give food/items/people or not)
  • Admit defeat(this option would give the player/faction the fort of the defeated faction. If the player admits defeat, its game over)
  • Improve relations/talking(this option would gave you the chance of "talking" or making friends with a faction in order to improve relations. I think that this option should be like a minigame or something. the leader could ask a questions or talk about topics, and the player would be given choices on how to respond. The choices given to the player should depend on the player's personality, if the personality thing would be included in the game. On the other hand, this option could just be given a chance of success depending on the player's personality and relations with the faction the player is about to talk to.)
  • Raid/steal(could be stealth or with guns blazing)
  • Attack(could be stealth or with guns blazing)
  • Kidnap(could be stealth or with guns blazing)
  • Assassinate (assassinating a leader could disorient the people and leave them weaker than they were before for a few turns until they find a new one. Maybe assassinating a leader could lead to the self-destruction of a faction, they could kill each other for the title of leader or something)
  • Give false information/disorient (this could give the player a chance to attack a weak spot of the enemy base)
  • Send spy
  • Scout other factions
  • Bomb the enemy wall(so either your troops or zombies could get in.could be stealth or with guns blazing)
  • Sabotage(if a faction is expanding towards a certain building, you could sabotage it.could be stealth or with guns blazing)

Some stuff you could do to the people you kidnapped:

  • Ask for ransom(when you have someone you kidnapped)
  • Ask info(from the person you kidnapped)
  • Torture(to get info from the kidnapped person, or to simply torture)
  • Starve(you could starve a kidnapped person)
  • Ask to join you(you could ask a kidnapped person or any person from any faction to join you. This person can also sabotage you or something when they join)
  • Kill the kidnapped person
  • Force the kidnapped person to work for you(this could give him chances to escape)
  • Sell the kidnapped person or any person(maybe to gustav or other factions)

Using stealth most of the time could minimize dropping the relations

In the case of when allies or friendly factions are in need (80% chance)

I think that when neutral factions are in need of help, they should ask help from other factions or the player in a chance to improve relations

  • 50% chance of asking the player for help
  • 50% chance asking other factions

In the case of when factions with bad relations are in need,

  • 20% chance of asking your faction and other factions whom they have bad relations with
  • 30% chance of asking other factions who they have neutral relations
  • 50% chance of asking allied factions or factions with good relations/friendly

In the case of when enemy factions(who you are not in war with) are in need,

  • 65% chance of asking allied factions and factions with good relations
  • 25% chance of asking neutral factions
  • 10% chance of asking your faction and enemy factions who they are not engaged in war with

Also in the event that this enemy faction is engaged in war with another faction, but not with you, there should also be a chance that they would propose a cease fire with the faction whom they are in war with, so they could focus on what ever problem they have

In the case that an enemy faction whom you are in war with is in need of help, there should be a chance that the enemy faction would propose a cease fire, stop the war, admit defeat(in which the enemy's fort would come into your control/you would own the enemy fort), or do nothing at all

When you have a faction whom you have either allied with or have good relations with, and you interact with their enemy (i.e. give them help), they should give you a warning or ask for you to distance yourself from them.

When you attack an enemy faction, or any faction, other factions who are enemies with the faction you attacked could get interested in you and improve your relations. Other factions whom you are in an alliance with could also demand that you attack a certain faction.

Batch: Quests

Factions will sometimes ask you to do things, exchange for stuff and an increase in relationship. Quests might be one-offs or might roll into a plotline and result in longer-term changes to the world, or maybe an ending.

  • Tithe food to them
  • Bring them a specific item
  • Clear out a specific building
  • Attack another faction

Sarahnorthway (talk) I agree, it would feel much better if a faction demands a tithe, then you actually send a guy on a mission to do it rather than having a random event where the options are "give food" or "don't give food" and it happens immediately. You could put it off. Maybe scrounge to find enough food to give them. If you don't show up after a week, the faction comes back to threaten you.


  • Help defend there base. For this they will pay you or maybe just like you more.
  • Help kill zombies around there fort or base


  • If other factions are expanding territories: swap territories: a farm for a fast food and school, apartment for hospital etc.
  • After reaching a very high relationship level: simply merging: taking over all territories and individuals


  • After recruiting new survivor, sometimes they will give info about other building. In where new survivor, maybe their son/parent/friend, is hiding. Or might coordinates of useful places (factory, town hall, military building, etc). Sometimes they will give you mission to "must" rescue them in a time-lenght. If not, they might start rescuing by themselves (with stealing gun/items from faction, to increase their success rate). Sometimes, this rescue mission is just optional (no penalty) depend on their behavior/description. Ex: Fireman & Parent -> High-chances for rescuing by themselves.

Sarahnorthway (talk) These are all great ideas. I can imagine little bouncing exclamation marks over buildings where a quest mission is available. Most of the time they can be things you would do anyway: clearing zombies, scavenging, getting survivors - but further from the fort to make them more dangerous. Quests could be chained together (find a thing - then fix it - then deliver it) and this would combine nicely with longer plots (fixing the helicopter / researching the cure). Will probably need a menu to show current quests...?

Batch: Faction overcrowding fix

There are more than 16 different factions suggested, even if you only took 8 seriously, that's quite a lot of factions, so many it might turn the game from a zombie-defense game into a cool post apocalyptic urban turn based wargame WITHOUT zombies. So, some possible fixes:

  • Little... but tough: Factions will be very small compared to the grid and neither them nor you will extend fast enough to eradicate zombies from the map too early. Make much more longer and difficult to reclaim more squares.
    • Pro: Less micromanagement of squares and ridiculously big forts
    • Con: You won't be able to get an hospital or laboratory until later in the game (it's not like you have buildings to spare neither)
  • Helloooo!!! Can you hear meeee???: Factions will be very far away, so they won't be in conflict until later in the game
    • Pro: Makes sense
    • Pro: That's a logical reason to develop techniques to visit far away squares from your fort
    • Con: At some point of the game you'll have to manage lots and lots of squares
  • Sorry, not in this universe!: Some factions will appear in some games, others won't
    • Pro: Unique games await
    • Con: Many plot issues won't develop (e.g The Church of the Chosen Ones wouldn't appear in every game)
    • Con: What's the point in designing so many factions then?

Sarahnorthway (talk) I'm planning to go with this one: Sandbox mode will have 1-4 random factions (chosen from ~11 of them) depending on city size. Each faction will have unique events/plots/quests so you'll want to play again to find them all. The main campaign mode will have you saving multiple cities that get bigger and harder as you go, with set factions in each so you see them all.

  • The streets aren't safe anymore!: You will defend buildings of different squares separately, while the roads won't be safe and so you may have zombie attacks in the middle of your fort, so you'll have to wait to later in the game to clear the streets too and zombies will still be a problem even if the factions end up clearing the map too soon.
    • Pro: Makes a lot of sense actually. Seriously, didn't thought of it before? You know how hard is to defend an entire street?
    • Pro: May allow lots of factions to coexist without altering too much the gameplay
    • Con: You might have to slightly change the defense system, what about going back to the old "defend all the fort at once" strategy? (Not as bad as I thought actually)

Sarahnorthway (talk) I probably won't model faction behavior very deeply; ie they won't need to scavenge for food to eat and won't be attacked by zombies. These kinds of activities might be covered with random events (eg you run into scavengers from the Riffs and have options "attack them", "work with them and share the loot", "leave and let them have it", etc).

Miguelinileugim (talk) Interesting... But will you design a rate of expansion for factions which takes things like zombies and food into account?

Batch: Specialization

If you are able to trade with other factions for, say, food, your fort won't have to produce food and can focus on, say, defense. Or the other way around, you can do quests for the Riffs and they'll handle fort defense allowing you to specialize in becoming a trading empire. I'd say that if the new factions make fort specialization possible, they'll have been a success. Sarahnorthway (talk)

Miguelinileugim (talk) That's quite a good idea, it would even open the possibility of a multiplayer Rebuild (which would be unbelievably cool but probably not worth the hassle).

Anyway, I think that these complexities would better be handled in Rebuild 4, I mean, it would be better to focus now on improving other aspects of the game to make everything make sense and test how would factions affect gameplay.

Then, when other aspects are more polished and you've tested how would simple factions work, you would be able to create advanced trading schemes.

For now, better to keep in touch with reality :)

Batch: Choose the number of factions/Hex-based map

DEFCON (talk) 18:41, 20 May 2013 (UTC)DEFCON

In civ 5 you could choose the number of factions that are in the game with you, and since sarah is basing some of this on Civ series I thought this would be a great idea (e.g. big cities will be more fun with more factions).

Also, a hexagonal layout offers much more strategic gameplay than normal squares.

Miguelinileugim (talk) Choosing the number of factions seems unnecessary, you either have an small map with some factions or a huge map with a lot of factions, a huge map with no factions or a small map with a lot of factions would make the game unbalanced. Some things shouldn't be customizable by the player.

Sarahnorthway (talk) I figure you can choose the # of factions in sandbox mode, but otherwise they'll be determined by the city size. Hex maps would be cool but wouldn't make sense in a city.

Batch: Spock threshold

Here's the idea: "Anything more ridiculous than someone dressed as Spock is incompatible with a serious plot"

  • Crazy armed people killing zombies and acting irrationally --> perfectly logical
  • Scientists with white coats and a suspiciously stereotypical personality --> somewhat reasonable
  • Guys dressed as Spock and acting like if they were in the Star Trek universe --> Spock threshold
  • Hippie women who call themselves "amazons" and who want to slave men --> sorry what?
  • Clowns with super-powers that kill zombies through laughter --> what the???
  • Anything related to my little pony --> ...

If you want to make a serious game, as most zombie games should be, try to make factions, characters and the game in general reasonable, you might be tempted to add some crazy or meaningless or unrealistic things for the sake of fun or gameplay, but remember, this is hell, not the pocalypse (though, to be fair, the pocalypse is quite cool and still serious!)

Imagine that you were a survivor, do you think that you could keep your sanity with clowns, crazy scientists, absurd technology and ridiculous plot twists? Personally I would go crazy in matter of minutes, so try to design a world where a regular person could stay sane, scared to death maybe, but sane.

Sarahnorthway (talk) Where do hipsters fall on this list? What about a quest to stage a counter-strike lan party between two factions? That's about as silly as I think it's going to get, and I'll do my best to have logical explanations for all of it.

Miguelinileugim (talk) Hipsters? Completely reasonable. LAN parties? Probably rational. Pretty much anything explainable by the reason is OK.

Take Ever17 as example, the plot is just plain crazy, but it makes sense after you go through it.

(Sorry for the late reply, I thought it was a rhetorical question)

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