NOTICE: This wiki is read-only. Rebuild 3's design phase is over and it's now released. Thank you for all your help!

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Concept art by Adam Meyer

Welcome to the Rebuild 3 ideas wiki. It's now locked because the game is in Alpha, but you can still read past suggestions and my own ideas for the game. I'll open a fresh wiki soon.

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I created this wiki to help myself and you fans organize our suggestions and desires for Rebuild 3, the sequel to Rebuild 2 (aka Rebuild Mobile). I've been working on the game since February 2013 and I've made my decisions for most things, thanks in big part to contributions on this wiki. For instance:

Rebuild 3 will be called Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville and available as downloadable pc/mac, free flash and mobile. It'll be set in the same time and place as the first two and you'll share a region of towns and cities with other factions. The art will be stylish and vector-y, and attacks will revolve around placing guards on the right buildings.

I've sorted out the tech tree, items and buildings, and have outlines for the random events and survivor stories. The game is now in early private Alpha, available to anyone who preorders the deluxe edition of the game. Feedback for the alpha and any lingering suggestions should go to the forums. Thanks so much for all your support and enthusiasm because...

I'm making this game for you!

- Sarah Northway

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