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Existing Missions

In Rebuild 2, regular zombies can't enter squares with missions on them, and finishing a zombie killing mission extends this protection for one more day.


  • Don't show results text for regular successes, instead show results icons in new leftmenu, click to zoom to scouted building


  • Only use of scavenging skill
  • Goods found based on building type as in Rebuild 2
  • Move results to leftmenu with icons for what was scavenged, click to zoom to building and present what was found (e.g equipment)
  • New resources to scavenge (scrap metal, books, etc)
  • Perks to make survivors better at finding certain things

Miguelinileugim (talk)

Being able to choose the resource to scavenge each time would be great and won't add too much to micromanagement, for example:

  • Items
    • x1.5 Chance of finding items
    • x0.5 Chance of finding food
  • Food
    • x1.5 Chance of finding food
    • x0.5 Chance of finding items
  • No focus
    • No effect

Though it would be slightly unrealistic, I propose that (for example) if a place has enough rubble to scavenge it 3 times, and you scavenge it for items you find 3 weapons and 20 food and if you scavenge it for food you find 100 food and only 1 weapon, then no matter what focus you have chosen then you wouldn't be able to scavenge more.

That is, if you search for food useful items will get ignored, if you search for useful items food will get ignored, ignored food and items will "disappear" and won't be scavengeable.

Xiaolaoshu (talk) Seems kind of silly to differentiate between food and items. I move a 20 lb bag of rice I ignore to get a wrench off the floor.

Killing Zombies

  • Show regular success on new leftmenu instead of results screen
  • Uses up one-use items like grenades
  • If there is only 1 zombie in a building, it shouldn't take 2 whole turns/days to kill it. As a rule of thumb, if the power of the survivors is 3 times higher or more than the zombies, the mission would only last a turn. If it is between 1 and 3 times higher, then 2 turns. If it is the same or less then 3 turns.


  • No lone survivors but mini-factions everywhere and some big factions
  • Recruitments will be affected by the happiness level and some policies of the colony
  • Move failed recruit messages to leftmenu
  • Survivors can move into squares in the surrounding area and can ask if you will let them into your group. If you don't, they have a chance of either moving into a square surrounding the fort or moving on
  • Survivors in homes/squares that also have food and supplies will bring them in with them, or at least some of them. You can't carry a fully-stocked All-Mart with you, but they will bring along things to help if they had some in their square. You can always scavenge it later

Xiaolaoshu (talk)How about recruiting outside the city as a mission? Two possible scenarios are (1) radio call event and rescue or (2) search operation (go out looking for survivors, results varying wildly). This might be contingent on resources (vehicles, etc) and access (control of certain areas).


  • The square must be zombie-free, never dangerous
  • The builders will create a basic fence a.k.a some wires, further upgrades will depend on technology and will be upgrades from the wires
  • Reclaiming a square will not kill off a potential survivor, but will have an X chance to that survivor join your colony (depending on the happiness and policies of your colony) and a 100-X chance of moving to another square
  • Survivors moving to another squares due to reclaiming will suffer the risk of dying and losing all possibilities of recruiting them in the future

Xiaolaoshu (talk) Yes, please have a chance for survivors to spontaneously join during reclamation. And/or fight against incursion. Further, when reclaimed all resources and items should be found. It is crazy that I can get more food scuttling around an unsecured lot than a piece of territory I control. Make reclamation harder (more time/resources/danger) if seems too easy to manage. Scavenging should mostly be done because we need resources now and don't have ability to reclaim an area (too far, no time, no manpower).

Build Bar/Farm/Hospital/etc

  • Continue to unrealistically change the look of the building completely, for ease of identification
  • New building: engineer's workshop
  • Build over all standard single-square building
  • Doublewide squares can't be built over (or they might only allow special doublewide building)


  • Allows catching food in parks outside the fort
  • More effective in winter for balance reasons
  • Change to allow park squares to be temporarily depleted
  • Maybe make this a post that produces food every few days

Max24833 You should be able to hunt outside of the city, in the surrounding forests. It would balance the game, as after you've reclaimed the city completely and winter comes, you have nothing to do to avoid starving. Even if your food supply is full, you can start to starve if you have a big enough population at winter.

Xiaolaoshu (talk) Hunting outside the city is a good idea! Maybe hunting outside the city should be a separate mission type. It could be more dangerous and or require the base to be near an edge. It might allow any number of people (adding to the potential bounty). Could we also call it hunting and gathering because certainly vegetation should be an option.


  • See Tech
  • Some research might need to be done in other buildings (engineering workshop, library) or will require them


  • Learn skills in a school faster than you would in the field.
  • New perks increase training speed for specific skills
  • Maybe some perks are only obtainable via schools?

Miguelinileugim (talk)

Using levels of training instead of skill levels, a survivor would have to get training to jump from a level to the next or accrue enough experience, here's my idea:

  • Basic
    • May be learned from at least a library
    • Achieved with 5 experience points
    • Allows doing basic missions alone (instead of support)
  • Experimented
    • May be learned from at least a school and basic without extra experience points
    • Achieved with basic +10 experience points
    • Allows slightly harder missions and increases success rate
  • Advanced
    • May be learned from at least a university and experimented without extra experience points
    • Achieved with experimented +15 experience points
    • Allows slightly harder missions and increases success rate
  • Specialized
    • May be learned from a specialized facility (lab, town hall, armory etc.) and advanced without extra experience points
    • Achieved with advanced +30 experience points
    • Dramatically increases success rate
  • Genius
    • Can only be achieved through random events (that appear from time to time to every specialized survivor) and they have expensive requirements
    • Can't be achieved only with experience points, though they might be a requirement for the random event
    • Allows hyper-advanced missions

The main advantage of using five instead of ten levels is that there are clear distinctions between them and having a level 10 survivor (that is, a genius) feels more rewarding.


  • See Combat#Individual_Building_Defense
  • Assign survivors to guard specific fort squares (maybe 2x2 instead of single squares?)
  • But also add to overall fort defence for random events
  • All survivors not on some other mission default to guarding at the main police station


Miguelinileugim (talk)

The farming mechanism is a bit ridiculous, you can't expect to plant something today and harvest fresh vegetables the next day, not even the next week.

Some plants can be harvested in two weeks, but those are very rare cases. If there's any hope in keeping the farming system it would be after harvesting every 4 turns (a.k.a weeks), which would still be slightly unrealistic but at least make some sense.

However, farming in real life would be a very very bad way to get food, considering the massive amounts of food ready to scavenge and how hard is to farm anything (specially with good nutritional content)

Anyway, try to limit harvests to once every 4 turns/weeks for the sake of realism. You may even customize the graphics of the farms according to the growth of their vegetables!

P.S: There's no reason to have all farms in sync, one may be ready for harvest next turn and another in three.

Xiaolaoshu (talk) Nothing about the current games is realistic. I don't have a problem with X food per day. Realistic farming would be useless at time scale we are given. What if the time scale was changed? Like each turn represents a week (excepting combat or emergency and such which would be real-timeish). Then farms could produce a very large amount of food every 3 or 4 turns. Maybe workers would only be required for some of time (planting, a little maintenance and harvest). Farming results come up as events, sometimes requiring management. For example, weeds sprouting everywhere (assign X farming units to save crop). It would make farming more exciting. Also, could we have farming centralized? I would like to be able to quickly assign workers. I should be able to click on any farm an fill up as many slots as I have farms. I would suggest this for any similar activity where large numbers of workers may put on and take off.


  • Increases fort morale
  • Should trigger more random events
  • Some survivors prefer churches, others prefer bars

Miguelinileugim (talk)

Bars should make survivors atheist, due to interesting philosophical conversations between them and the demoniacal effects of alcohol (just kidding).

Of course, churches would make survivors christian, because of the apocalypse there wouldn't be protestants and Catholics but just christians.

The main difference between bars and churches would be reflected in the opinion of the colony in events of all sorts, specially those who have to deal with moral taboos and the way of thinking about zombies (as humans or inhuman monsters).

Of course, there might be a way to preach the cult of the chosen ones without losing the game and thus dividing the citizens between atheists, christians and "chosens".

Religious tension might be a problem if atheists or christian doesn't predominate, maybe even a civil war if they stay at 50% for too much time.

Xiaolaoshu (talk) I think both bars and churches should have a diminishing effect, possibly scaled for population (maybe 1 Church every 10 people gets maximum effect). I don't know if meddling with specifics of religion is a good idea. Church or its equivalents is a social gathering place and many people join them without having strong religious views. I guess certain policy and scenarios could affect churches in the game but do we really need to bring in real life factionalism into a nice zombie apocalypse?

Call Gustav from the bank

  • Instantly triggers trading with gustav
  • Can trade with factions on demand now
  • Gustav can still arrive on his own as random events

Xiaolaoshu (talk) Some bargaining would be nice. At least the player should be able to offer goods of choice. Also, maybe make the event a bit longer like up to 3 sales or something. Also, items or other resources might be offered instead of food. It does not need to be complex. Example- Gustav offers 15 food for Shotgun (1) accept (2) counteroffer (3) end. Gustav may or may not have unlimited patience.

Scout/shoot from towers

  • Should towers still have these effects?
  • Keep these instantaneous instead of real missions?

[Zambia] One thing that always bugged me about this is that one scouting mission to the other side of the board allows me to always see what is going on in that square. One survivor went there last month, but I can see the population of zombies growing. Maybe towers immediately and instantly scout out the surrounding areas, and people on scouting missions "roam" sending in updates from outlying areas. Areas that haven't been scouted in a long while might lose their "scouted" status. Nobody's been there in weeks, how do we know those survivors are still there?

Plot Missions

  • Will be different but executed the same way as Rebuild 2

Recover from injury

  • Automatically assigned when someone is injured
  • Survivors prefer hospitals and recover faster if there is one
  • Multiple people should recover in the same hospital
  • If a recovery square is lost, recovering survivors should die

New Missions

Upgrade Building

  • Previously named "Build Defenses" on mall/allmart
  • Most common is to upgrade defenses on a building
  • Any building can get a defense upgrade now
  • Building graphics may or may not show upgrades but they will be listed when clicking on a building (preferently every building will show them, even if the graphic change is minimal)
  • See Buildings#Building_Upgrades

Miguelinileugim (talk)

Ideally every building would show a little icon with the upgrades present, like a blue shield for a defense upgrade.

Dude (talk)

Perhaps there could be different colors for different levels of upgrades. Grey/broken shield could be no upgrades. Blue could be 1 upgrade. Green could be 2. Maybe a golden one for max upgrades.

Attack NPC Fort

  • Starts by sending people to a specific edge square in an enemy fort
  • Similar in danger/skills to killing zombies
  • Danger and chance of success depends on faction's fighting ability
  • If successful, building becomes unfortified and zombies can move there after 2 turns
  • Factions don't have distinct survivors in their fort, but may have a strength value that indicates how many healthy skilled soldiers they have. successfully attacking them in any way should deplete this strength, and it should replenish over time

Attack NPC Unit

  • Enemy factions may put units onto the map in a staging area near your base, the next turn they will attack/raid/steal as a random event
  • You can attack the enemy unit at the staging area before they can make it to the fort
  • Success/danger based on enemy faction strength
  • Useful if they were planning to raid and set something on fire then run away
  • Maybe you can also attack npc traders who appear adjacent to your fort, just to send a message/for fun/for riches

Attack Zombie Mob

  • Like "Attack NPC Unit", in the lategame you might take the fight to zombie mobs
  • Definitely need a tech before this is possible, and a lot of firepower
  • Much easier/safer to bunker down and let them bash against the fort's defenses
  • Attacking them before they attack will be more a "hit and run" than a real fight, reducing their numbers preventively

Trade with NPC Faction

  • Uses leadership skill
  • Initiated on any NPC faction square
  • Leadership skill determines what kind of deal they'll accept and how much your standing with them will improve
  • May trigger further diplomatic events
  • Can be done even if they hate you to broker for peace


  • Uses the leadership skill
  • Allows creation and effects of policies via random events
  • Also triggers random events to do with other factions
  • Also might prevent food thievery or mediate disputes that would have lead to violence

Recruit Mini-faction

  • Recruitment mission performed on a mini-faction fort
  • You can't trade with them, only fight or recruit
  • May take several tries to slowly make them like you enough to succeed
  • On success, some of them join the fort, if there isn't anybody left their fort will disappear

New Reclaiming Missions

Saarkin (talk)

  • Branching Out: I think it would be cool to be able to branch out to neighbouring towns and cities. You may send a portion of your survivors to clear a starting zone in the new area and once it is established you could trade between them or you may have to send rescue missions out to gather back in the survivors of an area that may be failing.
  • Save The Children: "There is a teacher who barricaded a school with her class inside. Take it back and get them out!"
  • Secret Food Stash: "I heard there was a stash of food that was left behind by another group of survivors. It might just be a rumour but if you want to go reclaim that building (marks on the map) and bring it back, it could be valuable to us" (Maybe you find that the building is still inhabited and you can take the food by force or try to persuade them to join you or trade (Random Chance of success).
  • Secrets of the Past: "Since the end of our society we have unfortunately been losing some minor yet important skills. We need some new manuals for our schools and labs. Go reclaim the Library a few blocks away. Beware though when the infection hit it was being used as a refugee camp. It hasn't been heard from for a long time.
  • Secrets of the Past 2: "Now that you have recovered the library and assigned someone to work there reorganizing and cleaning the place up, I have a new mission for you. On the edge of town there is a Technical School, head over there and round up some text books and owners manuals from their automotive department. Oh and you may want to take some heavy firepower with you."
  • Nearby is a local High School stadium. Some people have expressed interest in having a sort of Zombie Gladiator Games Where people fight zombies for money. Go recover the property and then decide what to do.


  • Wheeling and Dealing: "We received a friendly message from the Last Judgement Gang. They need some bike repairs and there's an unclaimed garage right across our border. If we can reclaim it in 10 days and repair their bikes they'll give us 50 food."

Investigation (not to be confused with research)

6477131465 (talk)

  • Uses scavenging or fighting skills
  • Initiated from a police station
  • Is done in response to theft, murder or suspicious activity, random event or maybe after 30+ survivors
  • Several possible outcomes, the suspect may escape the fort, be captured and tried, the investigator may become injured or get killed

Miguelinileugim (talk)

Using a police station as jail may be an interesting idea, it would allow for special diplomatic actions. Though it would be far better to wait until the later game as in the start a police station might be the difference between life and death.

Forced labor seems a good way to get "free" workers from other factions, though it might complicate the game too much.


Miguelinileugim (talk)

  • Races a tile from another faction, stealing supplies (a percentage of) and kidnapping survivors if lucky
  • Devastating diplomatic effects for all factions
  • Destroys barricades letting zombies come in (unless every side is zombie-free and under the control of a faction
  • Lasts 3 turns or so


Darklim (talk)

  • Uses leadership skill
  • Takes about 5 turns
  • Can only be done in a (reclaimed) school or a (reclaimed) bar
  • 1 person at a time
  • Let you create some pseudo-artistic stuff from after the apocalypse. 2+(leadership level)% happiness when finished, and you can gift the creations to any faction in order to somewhat enhance your relationship.

... What. Art is important too.


xiaolaoshu (talk)

  • uses builder skill
  • Takes 1/2 of reclaiming time
  • happens on random building; maybe occurring more often at perimeter or after attack.
  • if not done, building is un-usuable (i.e. suburbs can't house people). An extreme case might have it become unclaimed!


xiaolaoshu (talk)

  • no particular skill but takes a number of people/turns proportional to population
  • required every X number of turns (maybe once per season)
  • if not done, health goes down. Chances for fire and disease outbreaks go up.
  • scavenging check is made as usual to see if an item turns up.
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