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Current status

Sarahnorthway (talk)

Nov 30: The game is now half finished. The design is mostly complete but there will be lots of adjustments along the way. I've got two artists and a writer on the team, we did a successful Kickstarter in October, and the first early Alpha test just started. The first version contains only the base game, with emphasis on the major interface changes (realtime, dragging survivors around the map, and location-based zombie attacks).

This wiki has been around for just over a year. It's been incredibly useful both for taking in community suggestions and gathering my own ideas. It has served its purpose, and is due to be replaced by something more permanent.

Sarahnorthway (talk)

May 25: I'm working on the engines first and most of those core parts are in but not yet balanced or finalized. I've only just started adding content (techs, events, factions, plots) and I'll keep adding content until the very end. One area that I haven't started on at all yet is the new rules for zombie attacks and how they'll be displayed.

Since it's just me I can afford to change my mind and work in changes wherever and whenever I think of them (or read them on the wiki). It's not a super organized system and it's hard to document exactly what I work on every day, but it works.

Sarahnorthway (talk)

April 30: I've found an artist (more about the new art style soon) and have about half of the base framework in place. There's an overland map, you can drag survivors around the map to start missions, you can trade with or fight the other factions, survivors have perks and individual happiness, the graphics are rendered using graphics cards, and a whole lotta refactoring.

Sarahnorthway (talk)

Feb 19: I've done a first pass of gathering ideas and figuring out what I'm going to add in this new game, but the design of Rebuild 3 will be a constant work in progress as I test things out and see what works and what is missing. Now, programming: starto! Beginning with some hefty refactoring on the old Rebuild 2 codebase which I mildly mutilated during the port to mobile. I'm putting in placeholders for the new major systems. Just a couple days in and you can already see other factions on the map. :)


I'm aiming to release Rebuild 3 in Spring 2014. I should be mostly finished by the end of the year, but with the complexity of this game it's going to need a lot of testing and balancing.

  1. Collecting ideas
  2. Start programming
  3. Find an artist
  4. Write the game
  5. Get accepted on Steam - done!
  6. Kickstarter?
  7. Alpha prototype (fans & kickstarter) <--- I'm here now
  8. Private beta (fans & kickstarter)
  9. Public beta (Kongregate and FGL)
  10. Steam/download & web release
  11. Mobile release
  12. Updates

Major programming milestones


The first private Alpha test is in progress, offered to Kickstarter backers above a certain level and anyone who preorders the deluxe version of the game. With every new release, I'll be inviting another batch of testers from those who joined the mailing list before November 1st. This is so I can get fresh eyes on every new version. The Alpha test is very rough and incomplete compared to the final game, and I'm looking for feedback mostly on the core mechanics and major bugs with the new engine.

When the game is ready (February?), I'll switch it to Beta mode and invite anyone who has preordered either through Kickstarter or [1], plus the last of the mailing list volunteers. Then we'll have a good ol fashioned bug hunt and get the game balanced and ready fer public consumption.


If Kickstarter comes to Canada before the end of 2013 I might do a campaign there to fund extras like cutscenes and voice acting. Making a video, doing content updates and sending out awards all take time that I'd rather be programming, but Kickstarter would be a valuable way to advertise the game.

I've decided not to do IndieGoGo because they just don't have the visitor numbers to be worthwhile yet.

Discussion: Kickstarter Rewards

Sarahnorthway (talk) The most obvious things would be digital - get your name in the game, get your face in the game, be a character in the game. I'll probably do these even if I don't do a Kickstarter campaign. Physical goods would be harder with my nomadic lifestyle, but seem to be a requirement for a successful campaign. I'd have to find a company to handle the shipping for me.

Woolfe (talk) Digital is fine, but make sure when you kickstart(or whatever) that you are upfront about it. I know other KS's where people are peeved at the cost of physical items etc. If you state outright that you are only going digital, or you will only go physical at a premium, and give your reasons. People will understand and bitch less than if you don't say anything at all

Schurill (talk) An easy item worth a good premium would be you rendered as one of the survivor faces or your signature used as a piece of random graffiti in game.

Karrachr000 (talk) Actually I agree with Schurill about the graffiti. Having some message written by contributors on a random wall in the game would be neat. I would have that as a low level kickstarter reward, but put a limit on it so that you do not end up with all of the walls being solid messages. For example, my message might be found on an apartment wall that would read "Julie, went to hardware store for guns and supplies. Lock the door. I will knock 5 times."

Greven (talk) I'm sure you hear this from internet strangers all the time, but i really would make my first kickstarter donation to get my two daughters names into the game, i would in all seriousness make a fairly decent donation to have them as zombies, watching zombie movies together is our "thing". Sarahnorthway (talk) This is the sweetest thing I've heard on this wiki. Even if I don't do a Kickstarter campaign, I'd like to sell names and faces and graffiti in the game or have a contest to give them away.

Miguelinileugim (talk) Kickstarter would be great if the game stayed free, with all the bonus being minor non-essential things like putting their names into the game, or adding them to the plot or things like that. But please, I think that everything would work better if the game and every playable feature were free, it's hard to find a good strategy game and if this were paid it would pretty much lose its audience. So, please, no "extra" gameplay as kickstarter rewards and no premiums, Rebuild 1 and 2 were honest and free, don't destroy this series reputation.

Sarahnorthway (talk) Rebuild 3 will paid downloadable (Steam) game. The primary Kickstarer reward would be the pc downloadable game at the $10 tier and above. This is how game campaigns make most of their money, and it's basically glorified preorders. But you gave me a completely insane idea: have an ultimate stretch goal wherein I make the pc downloadable game free forever if people pledge $150,000 (thus making the primary reward worthless). Think anyone would give me $10 if that was a stated stretch goal from the start? Nope. Think anyone would forgive me if I revealed it as a secret goal halfway through? Me neither. But, just think of the press coverage!

Woolfe (talk) You might be surprised what people will pay, even for "free" games. Honestly I have enjoyed the Rebuild games enough that for me dropping $10 on it is nothing. As a kickstarter to ensure it gets made, $20-25 easy. A kickstarter with cool stuff that I might want(In game characters, name in credits blah blah blah) my personal budget would stretch to $50 at most, but that's only cause I have 2 bloody kids to feed ;-) --Woolfe (talk) 03:42, 17 May 2013 (UTC)

Erubyr (talk) Probably not using the right way to add this, but I should have done it right :s I agree with Woolfe, there are plenty 'free' games where you can spend cash to get extras, I have a policy of spending max. € 40 (i.e. $ 50) for good games. Rebuild so far has been an excellent game so I would definately pledge on Kickstarter to get version 3 the way we (including Sarah of course) want it. --Erubyr (talk) 13:37, 28 June 2013 (CET)

Prutton (talk) I think you could make this game free and add some paid cosmetic features. Things like hats, clothes, building themes and such.

Essay: Kickstarter rewards

Miguelinileugim (talk) Here's my opinion on what kickstarter rewards should you set, their names and prices are strategic too!

  • Dead pack:
    • 10$
    • Standard game
  • Survivor pack:
    • 15$
    • Standard game
    • Extra content
      • Behind the scenes --> A video made by you and Colin
      • Official strategy guide --> Volunteer! (I was planning to write one anyway, you just would have to make it official)
      • Trees --> You know, those I've sent to you, minmaxers will love them!
  • Soldier pack:
    • 25$
    • Standard game
    • Extra content
    • Access to the private beta
  • Scientist pack:
    • 45$
    • Standard game
    • Extra content
    • Access to the private beta
    • Every one of your previous games
    • Put donor's name into the random survivor name generator (if there are many pledgers, limit possible ones to the ones pledged)
  • Leader pack:
    • 75$ (max 300)
    • Standard game
    • Extra content
    • Access to the private beta
    • Every one of your previous games
    • Put donor's name into the random survivor name generator
    • Draw a survivor face inspired by the one of the donor and put it into the random face generator (if there are many pledgers, limit possible ones to the ones pledged)
  • Major pack:
    • 500$ (max 20)
    • Standard game
    • Extra content
    • Access to the private beta
    • Every one of your previous games
    • Put donor's name into the random survivor name generator
    • Draw a survivor face inspired by the one of the donor and put it into the random face generator
    • Add a custom survivor short storyline according to donor's wishes

Idea: Optimal kickstarter campaign

Miguelinileugim (talk)

Some useful articles, very time consuming but a MUST-READ, this might be the difference between making some money and retiring at 40:

(If you're really impatient I might even synthesize these lengthy articles into an easily readable marketing strategy :) )

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