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I've gotten so many requests for a Rebuild sequel over the last year, along with all kinds of suggestions and ideas. This wiki is a place for myself and for fans of my Rebuild series to organize our thoughts and desires for the next game. I'm planning to start work on Rebuild 3 in January 2013, so right now I'm just checking back every few days to do cleanup and muse on what you've been posting. You can contact me at if you have any questions.

What's Rebuild 3 going to be?

Everything else (including setting and combat) is still up in the air.

Ideas Usage

I can't promise that I'll use all your ideas, and it's quite possible that I've already had some of them myself, so please remember that anything posted here may or may not be used in the final game, with or without crediting you. I'll do my best!

As well as design suggestions, this wiki will eventually also be used to submit stories and events for the game.

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