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(SeymourG) The Creators of Rebuild and all it's sequels own all it's physical and intellectual properties and rights, including but not limited to t-shirts, jackets, cups, mugs, dolls, plush dolls, games, apps, phones, phone covers, electronic covers, ornaments, decorations, backpacks, or other sold or published merchandise or property.

Sarahnorthway (talk) Yeah, what SeymourG said. I, Sarah Northway, own it all, including survivor plushies and zombie fridge magnets and rights to the Rebuild movie and the novelization thereof. (note, those things don't actually exist... yet)

Miguelinileugim (talk) If this game were sent to space through the SETI program the creators of Rebuild would still keep their copyright rights through all the known space. Interestelar transactions will be subjected to planetary taxes and any fanart made by sentient or non-sentient beings will be subjected to Sarah approvation.


By submitting anything to this wiki, you consent to let me (Sarah Northway) use your posted ideas, concepts, or words themselves in any of my games. Everything on this wiki may appear in Rebuild 3, with or without crediting the person who posted it. I'm a nice guy(girl, whatever) and will do my best to give credit and to reward wiki contributors, so if I screw up I'm sorry. Please don't post here unless you're okay with that possibility. You can write me at if you have any questions. Sarahnorthway (talk)

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