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Have a big World Map with many cities of different sizes, maybe 20-30 in all. They're randomly generated with specific settings, like:

  • Small and easy (tutorial city, suggested to new players)
  • Big and hard (looks scary and red)
  • Mostly farms
  • Mostly urban
  • Tons of zombies because of a giant graveyard
  • Perpetual winter (no farming)
  • Enemy fort that needs to be taken over
  • Power plant that you need to get started again
  • River you need to cross
  • Helicopter you have to repair
  • Suburban enclave populated by a crazy zombie-worshipping cult
  • Urban core has no zombies but lots of bad gang activity
  • Oil refinery by the ocean
  • Town in a forest with lots of hunting
  • Giant library
  • Sandbox mode, a mixture of everything. Randomly generated seasons.
  • Start as a children's faction. "The Innocents"
  • Shoreline/beach/ocean and a port you need to secure

Users are pointed to small, easy levels first which contain the tutorial.

Players can't choose their difficulty (?) they just have to pick the levels they want. Huh, maybe instead the difficulty is suggested by the scenario but can be overridden when the city is created.

Special endings aren't available in every city, just in specific scenarios.


Quick-play mode

Players will also be able to just start a game using whatever settings they want. Show the full list of settings which will have to be a gui for testing anyway.

You've had the motorcycle gang in the last game, and the idea of new communities setting out and forming other settlements. I really think the idea of "neighbors" might be really interesting--maybe you could connect two zones together, and after you complete the first zone, you then need to "invade" your neighbor's zone and attack another community of survivors.

(Anonymous) The "other communities" have different values, and the player's role-playing will make some like you and some not. If you allow the church of zombies to flourish, the religious fanatics will be predisposed towards you, and might even join you if they are adjacent, but the hell's riders bikers gang will fight tooth and nail. If you have high fighting levels, the fighting factions will respect you, but if you have low levels they will be bad neighbours that think they can take advantage of you. But if you haven't enough science, the geeks controlling the hospital and science lab will not be willing to pass on the info they have gathered, etc.

The role-play can be in part through decisions made (allow the church, allow the mad scientist in, etc. as in rebuild 2), but ideally should also be extrapolated from the player's actions: depending on scavenging for food rather than farming will please some factions, while high levels of farming will please others.

Oh, and every faction can be courted by appropriate gifts as well (so even if you are quite the pacifist, you can send your weapons to the warriors, who'll like you more, etc).


A scenario that makes calculation and design of game harder, isn't necessary because in return of time and expense on that most of players don't find attraction into the game ! and i don't mean we should lower scenarios what i mean is just creating random scenario doesn't help the game become more alive ! scenarios should follow a determined routine and try to concentrate on main matter of game (Ruling group)

City shape

Real cities aren't squares; if anything they're roundish masses that peter out gradually to farms and forests and suburbs on their outskirts. Some of the cities in Rebuild 3 should look like this: urban in the center, rural on the outskirts, impassible plains/forests at the edges. But others are supposed to be more like districts and butt up against other cities on the world map. Some scenarios will be entirely urban, so what shape should they be, and what should be the barriers at their edges?

Rivers/lakes/oceans are an obvious one, and maybe in some the city can look like it continues but is inaccessible generic grey buildings.

The outer filler (impassible plains/forests/grey buildings/water) should continue as far as you can see, but you can't scroll past the edges of the real map tiles. The filler tile art should obviously not be part of the real city.

Xiaolaoshu (talk) I kind of like the simplicity of the square and hope that filler spaces are optional in city generation. Some of us just like making improbable hyper-efficient, super dense fantasy cities.

Idea: Scouting

Wizzid (talk) Was not really sure where to put this but thought it might be a good idea. In the previous Rebuild games, once you get a good number of soldiers, scouting an area really has no point. You go in attack, recruit or scavenge then reclaim. What if because you attack an area without first scouting it, you maybe kill any survivors in the area? Also this could cause problems with factions if you maybe kill a recon team or friends/family of one of the other factions. This would give a new strategy to everybody. If you attack first, this could be a huge problem later on. Maybe the other factions see your ruthless and barbaric ways and plan ambushes. After all, did you scout the area? Also this option can be given to other factions as well. When you flail blindly, you could end up screwin' yourself. Also by scouting an area first, maybe you can observe movements of people, factions and or zombies in areas that you have scouted while the rest of the areas might be seen but what is going on remains a mystery. This would also give a sense of heightened danger with zombie attacks and limit the knowledge of a zombie horde to 2 un-scouted squares away.

Idea: Types of movement

Miguelinileugim (talk) Speaking of movement, I think that we're risking the game to be too much Civilization-like. I mean, having zombies and NPCs moving freely from tile to tile would make the game hard to swallow.

So, here are the options:

  • Civilization-like: Big figures moving from square to square and doing their work as in Civ 4, tiles with detailed info on clicking.
    • Pro: More visual
    • Pro: If well done, you would have a sense of what you are doing at any moment
    • Con: Too visual, overwhelming
    • Con: May spoil gameplay by focusing on units instead of techs, politics, events etc. (Units are boring)
  • Arrows and colours: Tiles with zombies would be painted red, from light to dark, if there were survivors, they would be painted in yellow, from light to dark, if there were food, it would be painted in green, from light to dark etc. Movements of zombies would be shown with arrows with more or less solid colours according to the strength of the movement.
    • Pro: Very detailed, good for strategy and not too much clicking required
    • Pro: Original
    • Con: Hard to design a good visual appearance
  • Layers: Many layers with different details, for example a military layer for zombies and soldiers, an economic layer for food and supplies and a strategic layer for survivors and other special things.
    • Pro: Very good for strategy
    • Pro: Good visual appearance, not too overwhelming
    • Con: Switching between layers might be a bit tiring

Scenarios list

Batch: SeymourG's ideas

The Fantastic Seymour Guado (talk)

I like the idea of having different cities a lot. But there should also be general regions. (So that there's not like a permanent winter in the middle of a bunch of urban cities) Also, there should be a big main plot behind it, with one big, obvious goal you work towards. Here are my thoughts on some big ideas (I put the Epic Beginning Cut-Scene/Trailer/Description text in there so it can have more awesomeness. You probably won't even take it beyond a flash game, but if you do, there's some cut-scene material right there):

  • Rebuild: Countdown to Armageddon

The prequel to the first game! It shows life slowly going to hell as the virus first appears. So at the beginning, it'd be mostly riots and gangs trying to raid you, then it'd slowly turn to zombies galore. Just like in Rebuild 2, the farther you get, the more zombies that notice you. Every so often at the beginning, TV transmissions and newspapers should fill you in on the story, but they'll stop soon (obviously).

Epic Beginning Cut-Scene/Trailer/Description text: It is a day no one will ever forget. (Enter date)(Month/DD/Year) was the day when first reports came in of mass cannibalism originating in China. Soon, it spread to all the world's major cities, and finally to us all. Riots rampage through the streets as the zombie armies march ever closer. Do you have what it takes to survive? Rebuild: Countdown to Armageddon.

  • Rebuild: Mutation

Instead of regular zombies, there are crazy super zombies, and a bunch of different types of them! A zombie-worshiping mad scientist mutated a bunch of zombies, and it spread, so along with normal zombies, there are ones with boosted abilities (such as zombies with 4 legs for increased speed, 2 heads for double-deadliness, and a zombie that can fly)!

Epic Beginning Cut-Scene/Trailer/Description text: It is year (enter year # here), and a mad scientist has finally figured out a way to mutate all the world's zombies. Zombies of all kinds have stormed across the world and taken down all of the world's large posts. Underwater US Naval Base STORMHAWK was the last to fall, infiltrated by super-intelligent swimmer zombies. It is up to you to make a stand and defeat all the world's zombies, and stop the mad scientist before he creates a super zombie to kill us all. Rebuild: Mutation

  • Rebuild: Revolution

So the zombies turned a bit smarter, and now they want to become equal citizens. Humans won't listen, so until you tame all of the gangs and religions out there, they'll beat you down until human life agrees or DIES!!!

Epic Beginning Cut-Scene/Trailer/Description text: After 20 long years of bitter, endless war, the zombies figured everything out. A peaceful end is in sight, and now they want to become equal citizens of the world. But that will never happen unless all the world's zombie haters have either seen the light or sent to join them. Rebuild: Revolution.

  • Rebuild: Evolution

A more natural(ish) version of The Mutation, this scenario would feature zombies evolving on their own, become more clever, smarter faster, everything. Mutation features odd super zombies with certain individual skills, while this has every zombie slowly evolving further and further.

Epic Beginning Cut-Scene/Trailer/Description text: 20 years after it all began, Evolution began. It started subtly, but then zombies seemed to begin to understand our language. That brought us great hope of maybe the disease wearing off, but we were DEAD wrong. It's only going to get worse. Rebuild: Evolution.

Just had a brilliant mind explosion epiphany thing. If you feel like it Sarah, you could make one GINOURMOUS city that has like 500 city blocks (for starters, downloadable version only) for co-op. (For starters, it'll just be people with their own forts trying to help out each other or destroy each other to take over the city. When lots more people flood in, they can choose to be in one of the cities, or one of their own. But difficulty will ramp up then so starting cities will get their a** kicked. When players die, I don't know what should happen. Maybe y'all should edit this and decide for yourself. :D)

(TheUndead) Start over or become something like a zombie commander?

Also, seasons should have their own advantages and disadvantages (as SuperTaco said)

Miguelinileugim (talk) Great idea TheUndead! After you lost you could unconquer the rest of the city and destroy every faction with your mighty zombie army! Though, it wouldn't count as a victory.


  • Advantages
    • Food is produced the most
    • Morale is highest
    • Speed is highest
    • Humans attack less
  • Dis-Advantages
    • Zombies move faster


  • Advantages
    • Food is produced second highest
    • Faction attacks happen the least
  • Dis-Advantages
    • Fatigue goes up fastest (Need I explain?)
    • Zombies move fastest
    • Zombie attacks happen the most


  • Advantages
    • Morale is second highest
    • More cover/shelter to hide (During missions, so the zed won't see you)
  • Dis-Advantages
    • The leaves from trees make you much louder in some places
    • Mold spreads throughout your food easier and faster


  • Advantages
    • Zombies move slower
    • Zombie attacks happen the least
    • Weapons do the most damage (Cold bones break easier! And Cold steel is pretty sharp too)
  • Dis-Advantages
    • More Food Disputes
    • You move slower (Unless you equip a fur coat)
    • Fur coats make you fatigue faster
    • Food is produced less
    • Guns have a change of jamming
    • Faction attacks happen more often

Batch: MasonMarsh's Ideas

  • Rebuild: Revelations

"15 years, 15 years of misery... Never thought it'd last this long, never thought I would last this long. But I have, it was time for a change, I have travelled months to find the CDC, Center for Disease Control. Hell. I have found various notes upon notes that reveal what really happened here, how they made the disease, how it spread. However, not all of the notes are here, they must be in the surrounding buildings, I will find out, I will reveal to all what the b*stards did to us."

When adding a building or scouting, survivors could find notes, which will reveal what happened inside the CDC, while liberating each building, you find more and more notes, that will ultimately lead to how and why the virus was released.

  • Rebuild 3: No Hope

No radio contact for months, people are rioting in the streets, people getting killed in the small Rebuilt City (The one Rebuilt in Rebuild 2). You and a handful of other survivours left to start your own new City, with little supplies and No Hope, can you survive, or is there really No Hope?

Many different endings, like, that Motorcycle Killer guys tell the leader to destroy the city, or you refuse and destroy their base, or you leave the Rebuilt City to create your own, or just simply stay and continue leading. Kinda like Fallout 3.

Ending should be like, "And so, it was done." And the listing of how your decisions influenced certain survivors and settlements.

That's all for now, Sarah, good luck, I'm open to help with anything.

Batch: BR8N03epsilon's Ideas

  • Rebuild 3: The Next Zed

The game would start a few years after the apocalypse, without a major threat of zombie. (still a few here and there, but nothing dangerous) Suddenly, the zombies reappear, this time in different types. There would be some big, tough brutes, some that could swim if this game has water, etc., to add another level of difficulty. Different characters could specialize in certain kinds of zombies as well.

  • Rebuild 3: Flashback

This one is a bit different. It begins after the zompocalypse, when zombies return. In the city is a strong veteran that fought way back before Rebuild 1. This veteran will regularly have flashbacks to the beginning of the zompocalypse, allowing the player to play in two time periods at once. Of course, there would have to be some restrictions, some thing to keep the young veteran from dying, and other things that would be paradoxical. After the game is won, there can be an option to play entirely in one time period or the other, or keep having Flashbacks.

Not the most developed ideas, but good starting ground.

Batch: JB's Idea

Rebuild: Uneasy Beginnings

(JB) Scenario where the game mechanics are all the same, however there are several leaders who all want different things. You play as the "head leader" and you have to make decisions regarding how to rebuild and face the zombie threat. If you make too many decisions that anger a certain leader, he or she will try to take over, or split the city into two. This scenario would really show the difficult process of trying to face the zombie threat, but also trying to play the political game of a divided, opinionated, and desperate community of humans.

Batch: Wizzid's Ideas

I was thinking for when creating your character, why not have at the start sort of like a choose your own adventure type thing. Depending on what you choose will determine your stats, items and general relationship status with other factions. With this, you can briefly retell the story while setting up the stage for what happens in the future (present).

Also, this might need to be moved to either story or elsewhere. We need to come up with a specific timeline. At the start you (Sarah) had said maybe 20yrs. By setting how long after the Zomb Apoc this game takes place, will help determine the science and or story.

Wizzid (talk) Maybe design some missions by npc characters. Kill so many zombies in this so and so area, capture and hold this building for so and so days. scavenge some medical supplies to help another faction out.

Miguelinileugim (talk) Seems right, however most players prefer to be able to customize their characters in a more conventional way, specially minmaxers.

Plus, many players would think the game is just a crappy choose-your-own-adventure game instead of an awesome turn-based game.

Batch: xSuperTacox's Idea

(xSupertacox) After Rebuild and Rebuild 2 you have successfully eliminated the threat of zombies and secured the border of your city, but you may not be the only one. what if there were other cities or towns of the sort that could either be your allies or enemies. You could have trades and liberate other zombie-infected areas with armies that you build. The game could even be on a bigger scale then just a city, maybe there could be multiple regions in which you could play. Then there would be bandits that would attack you and they could possibly lay siege to your city for a while. The zombies could also evolve and adapt according to their location, like if the city you are in is near a lake, zombies could be good swimmers or something like that, or if they are near some sort of nuclear factory they could get mutated with different abilities. Finally there should be a change in seasons that could produce benefits or penalties, like farming or attack boosts. The maps for attacking and defending could also be different and you would have a greater range of weapons and perks and resources. I know that I would spend hours playing a game that had some of these elements and I hope that they are integrated into the game. If some of the things that I mentioned were ideas from other people then I'm sorry for taking them because I did not read any of the other posts, these are just things that I have been thinking for a while would make a good zombie game.

Batch: r2d2go's Idea


I think rebuild should be building bigger, so this game would be within a large area with many cities, each city belonging to a faction, with each faction having a capitol. Then, you would slowly conquer zombified areas (each city being a short game of the previous rebuilds, short mostly due to advanced tech) with the other factions, then move towards fighting other factions. The game would be over when you control the land and zombies have been exterminated. It would be a week to a turn, with children and parents, each person having their own happiness, complaints brought to you. Seasons would pass, you could make allies, either conquer enemies or convince them to join. There would be much more advanced tech, and you would be running out of ammo and be required to make your own after a point. Zombie attacks would cease once all were killed. The last city would be a chaotic mess of zombies that all the factions work together to kill. The next rebuild would be a state within a country, and you have to help beat the zombies back and recapture the general area. Then you would build the world back together. Meanwhile, zombies conveniently evolve and become formidable foes even against your tech, but not insurmountable ones. Then, after 5 or 6 long, fun games, you would start a new series, because 5 games of the same type is quite a lot. Let's not mutate like epic war here.

Batch: Stryker's Idea

Rebuild: The Beginning of the End

20 years.... 20 years... I never thought I survived for so long. Avoiding, Shooting, Escaping those monsters... I found a vehicle with enough fuel to travel. As I was about to leave I saw a Horde of about 1000-5000 zombies following me. Though I escaped I found fuel stations on the way so I took lots of them. I have found Survivors in this city called (Citynameinput) with few survivors and few supplies they need a leader to lead them and I became their leader. The Zed are in our walls but are shot off. I warned the survivors about a horde of 1000 - 5000 Zeds coming in about 100-200 days. As the leader I will Strengthen the survivors. Find survivors and gather supplies. I tell you this. Its the Beginning of the End. But we did not lose hope

Today we rebuild... Again

A challenging game of a lot of Zeds arriving in about 100 days or more. Its like Resident Evil

Batch: Caravan scenario

Sarahnorthway (talk)

Someone mentioned wanting to play as Gustav, running around the map in a caravan instead of a fort. This could possibly be a scenario where you have a 1-square fort that can be moved. It'd be heavy on scavenging and trading with different factions. Maybe you'd have more limited inventory space. There'd be more factions on this kind of map and none of them would be hostile so you couldn't fight them, only trade. People could still clear zombies, scavenge, get sick or die, be recruited, arrive at the caravan or get upset and leave. There'd probably have to be a low housing limit. Caravan life is harder and more dangerous in Gustav's caravan so you might have to pay people to keep morale up so they stay. Maybe you can hire mercenaries (or prostitutes) from certain factions.

Since you couldn't take over the city and many of the other endings wouldn't work because you can't occupy buildings, you'd need some other specific goal or plotline. Maybe surviving a certain number of days (until spring?) or amassing a certain amount of wealth.

There should be multiple goals if you play as a nomad/Gustav-like trader like:

  • Search for a pre-outbreak piece of tech
  • Amass enough wealth to leave the area (maybe parts for a boat or plane)
  • Find a cure for the zombie outbreak (Maybe finding research and parts from a team of scientists)

Miguelinileugim (talk)

This could be an excellent idea to test the trading mechanic for use in future games. And about the objective of the Gustav scenario I think that it must have something to do with your personal security, so "buying" a mall and upgrading it (several times) while hiring a couple mercenaries for defense and having a minimum amount of income would be a good objective.

Batch: Wilderness scenario

(Wolf) You escaped from the outbreak and are trying to hold you own in the wilderness. You could tame or hunt animals, grow food, make fire, kill zombies that have wandered into the area, and even fight or trade with humans that are inhabiting the area. Seasons could be randomly generated, same with weather. You could be on your lonesome or be in a small group. Moral would be mainly determined by food, people would be less likely to 'leave' and there wouldn't really build defenses in the area, so zombies would just come and go. There could be different types of wilderness such as desert, forest, tundra, artic, ocean, etc. Each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Batch: NiuWeiLei's Ideas


The Individual:


This scenario would revolve around you, yes, you. Instead of being the head of a large fort or compound, you're out for yourself. You will start off in the attic/basement of your house, or in your apartment. You will be able to meet up with survivors and form a group/party. You can join different factions/forts, with your group/party if you have one, but you wouldn't be the head of it, instead, you'll be merely a member of it, being assigned by the leader(s) to do certain jobs and help make it grow, and eventually becoming the leader if you want.


I feel like this scenario should be more minigame/combat based. Combat could be a turn-based tactical interface, with your group on one side, and zombies scattered around the map, they will start off by merely wandering around, unaware of your presence. They will turn hostile toward you once they spot you, are attacked by you, or hear the noise created by your weapons.

When scavenging, there will be an optional minigame where you have to click-drag all/desired supplies into a bag or something, once again, this is optional, but it will give you a small experience/supply bonus. When scouting, you have a pair of binoculars, and you must spot/mark the zombies, supplies and possible survivors.

If you want to gain experience or respect among your fellow survivors, you can challenge them to different minigames, such as a shooting contest, darts, etc.

I hope this idea is considered, thanks again, and I can't wait for Rebuild 3!

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Batch: Some Anonymous Ideas

Here are some ideas with possible uses. I have many others on other pages. My ideas as I imagined them are dependent on adding transportation and weather to the game.

Terrain ideas:

  • Freeways: essentially a large barrier cutting across a city. Can be fortified to become a nearly-impenetrable barrier to "unfriendlies". Perhaps continuing across the world map to connect different cities (must travel in multiple days).
  • Avenues/Boulevards: a wider street interspersed among the standard streets. Can be fortified to become a not-as-impenetrable barrier to "unfriendlies". Perhaps continuing to suburbs (towns within a day's travel).
  • Rivers: large linear water feature across cities and the world map. Can be used for boat travel (barges come to mind). Acts as a deterrent to "unfriendlies", but they can still swim across it. Can flood.
  • Creeks: small linear water feature across cities and the world map. Too shallow for boats. Minor deterrent to "unfriendlies". Can flood.
  • Canals: man-made short linear water feature across cities. Constructed for boats. Major deterrent to "unfriendlies". Can flood if connected to a river (but not a creek).
  • Lakes: random water feature in cities and the world map. Can be used by boats. Can be impossible to cross by zombies (dependent on the width of the lake). May be crossed by factions if narrow enough or if the faction has a boat.
  • Oceans: self explanatory. Can be used by boats. Impossible to cross by zombies. Factions can attack by sea if they have a boat. Hurricanes, tsunamis and nor'easters can strike land near the ocean and make seas impossible to sail on.
  • Mountains: self explanatory. Hard to cross. A hiding spot for "unfriendlies". The higher peaks have glaciers and are always cold. The altitude affects people un-acclimated to it.
  • Hills: self explanatory. Not as hard to cross as mountains. A hiding spot for "unfriendlies".

Check around for my other ideas.

Batch: Paulpo215 idea


Survival: No survivors to find, no victory conditions, and limited food supplies you start out with a contingent of say a dozen survivors (which you can all name?) and you try and hold out as long as possible. you can still do things like loot and capture buildings but there will be no survivors on the map to recruit and some helpful events will be disabled. this mode should mostly be a high score challenge but maybe the one victory condition that is left on can be conquer the whole city...with 12 people....yeah good luck. that may seem insane but I am sure people will play it if you make it and even a few may beat it.

Fall of (city name) you start with a filly conquered city but as soon as you start you are assaulted by massive waves of enemies and start losing structures. in this scenario you would start with a great city but the zombies would attack twice as hard as a normal hard game. the goal here could be to try and get some kind of evac or something or....YOU DIE!!!(meaning there could be no way to win)

No Zombie: instead of fighting zombies there are just a bunch of other factions, most of which start hostile. you have to make allies and defend your outpost against the onslaught of the last judgement(or whatever band of thugs took thier place when I killed them)

(Loop Dragonblade) I realize most these ideas won't be in the game but they would be fun little challenges ( and they would be incentive to buy the full game) Battle On.

[Zambia] How about a rescue mission (Escape from New York Style) down-town high-rise slums full of ever-increasing zombies. Your goal is not to re-take this section, but to last long enough for your scouts to locate the missing (scientist? Leader? Soldier? Kid?) who is hiding somewhere in the area. Find them, then get your people out of the high-rise slums and back to your main city. This could be a tough end-game type scenario where you have to spend a lot of time training up a tough team of zombie killing ninja before trying it out. You may even lose a few teams before suceeding at it.

Batch: Woolfe's idea

Woolfe (talk)

FIRE! Ok so the city is on fire. This could actually be more than just a scenario, an ongoing threat perhaps. You have to put the fire out, else it will destroy your barricades etc. Putting it out uses up precious water resources, and when a building burns down, suddenly you have lost it and all its barricades. Zombies could catch on fire and spread it simply by wandering around etc.

Batch: The Other Side

You can play as zombies trying to retake the city from rebuild 2 where food is human flesh and your "weapons" are specific mutations retrieved from labs or the game mode is starting from the start as the zombie pathogen and taking over. Raider time You play as a small bandit group where all you do is sabotage and take supplies from big cities.In your bandit camp its less fortified and the people there are a lot more violent.To win you can probably have enough accumulated supplies to build a helicopter or something

Batch: Sirloona's idea


During the Fall: this takes place during the apocalypse where you are a cities mayor/manager who is tasked with keeping order and stopping the infection. Soldiers can be deployed to police stations and malls to keep order in the surrounding area if you don't keep order riots and gangs will begin bombarding you. You can also quarantine "infected zones" (zones that are no longer under your control) which will temporally stop the zombies from attacking you but there numbers can still grow and eventually destroy the quarantine. Also in the begining you have money instead of food but as time passes money is replaced by food.

Batch: Anorius's Idea

The Nuclear Core: You will have to protect a nuclear power plant with multiples nuclear core, that you will have to keep them cool, to avoid nuclear meltdown. The nuclear power plant will slowly damage, it can't be repaired anymore. Because it will damage, the level of radiation will go up. You will have electricity, but you will have to create crops:

  • The Cores : Keep them cool by using the existing pumps, make sure your cold source can be used. If you loose pumps, due to an agression, or cold source due to an attack, or entire parts of the power plant to zombies, you will risk nuclear meltdown of one of your cores, resulting to a severe attemps to your morale, and making the radiation levels very high.
  • The radiations : A normal nuclear worker will usually take 50mSv per year. To give you a little idea, a civillian take 3 mSv per year. Dangerous stuff is proved at 100 mSv (cancers), at 1 Sv, you will have nausea, headaches, at 5 Sv, 50% of a population die, and at 8 Sv, everyone dies without proper medicine. If there is a nuclear accident, the radiation level will be higher, and casualties will go up.
  • The Zombies : more you will resist, more of them will attack your fences. Be careful of radioactive zombies issued from zombie who fall in love with corium...

Miguelinileugim (talk)

Further info about radiation [1].

Batch: Schurill's idea

schubacca(a) (talk) Love the multi staged interlinked scenarios, we need a lot more of "Great, you found a helicopter, but remember those zealots you let build a church to up moral, they have declared it an abomination and blew it up." Need more of them that give rewards other than wining.

Buildings that can't be built without a chain of events that cause one of your people to have an idea on how to do it.

Find a teady bear in a house, you can give it to a kid for a moral boost, or hang it in the bar as a random trophy of a hard won fight that earns nothing. Unrelated event, nerves are on edge, random bar fights are occurring, you can crack down stopping them (maybe set up an organized zed round up to blow off steam and raise moral), or let them just fight it out them selves, leading to a few more random fights with random people getting injured for a few days. Unrelated event, random park/scrub-land square with nothing of value is way overrun with zombies, take the easy way and just burn them out securing a free square into your city, or clear it out by hand with high risk factor. Make the second choice in each of those and spawn a random event were the bear gets damaged in a bar fight revealing plans to the location of some one's bug-out shelter (fortunate for you unfortunate for them they didn't make it to it so its untouched and fully stocked) that would of been destroyed had you burnt it down.

Batch: N-zone´s idea

I like the idea of a nuke in the center of a city which is not exploded. After you rebuild your base long enough, you get a message that the bomb is going to explode and a countdown will start. The player has limited time to fullfill the conditions to stop the detonation (you lose if the bomb explode, obviously). you need the techs, the parts and maybe a good relation to the planned scientist faction or another faction to disarm the bomb. During the countdown, the zeds and other factions make this task to a problem. The disarmed bomb could be used as atomic power station.

DEFCON (talk) Realistically wouldnt this cause every faction in the city to devote their resources to help you with that? I mean, if you heard there was a nuke in your city and you had the knowledge to disarm it you would help.

Darklim's idea

Sarah wrote that there will be lots of different, specific settings. And some of these settings, if I understood everything, are going to have an implemented mission (turning the power plant on, taking over the enemy fort, etc...). But what are the consequences?

If there are no actual consequences yet, then we could either block the road in some cities unless the relevant city has been recolonized (booooooriiiiiiing), or get the players some bonus. One of my ideas is that the player could "sacrifice" a 5-man band, including at least a lvl 7 relevant profession to man the primordial building of the map, which in return result in a bonus for not only this city, but also all of the other cities! Which could, in return, permit higher difficulties in late-game cities, since the player is supposed to grasp the relevant bonuses beforehand. So, examples of bonuses:

  • Power plant: With great power comes great efficiency. Missions IN the city get a power-up, depending on their type:
    • Unlimited missions (bartending, farming, etc...): The level of the bartender/farmer/etc... is considered as 2 levels higher for the purpose of calculating the benefits, and for this purpose only. This may or may not result in virtually level 12 gamebreaking experts.
    • Limited missions: They take one less day to be finished, minimum one day. This may or may not includes the "resting" mission for the wounded and the diseased.

Required sacrifice: lvl 7 scientist+4 men.

  • Oil refinery: Let'em motors roar. Every mission OUT of the city can now be accomplished in one day (except reclaiming), but the noises of the motors will drag zombies from very far, doubling the danger value of the mission.

Required sacrifice: lvl 7 builder+4 men.

  • Enemy fort: This fort is a real pearl. There were so much dirty tricks to defend it. And an entire arsenal is buried down there. Well, now this knowledge and those weapons are all yours! As long as you let a militia in it, the defenses you build in malls, or any building measuring more than one tile, have their defense value doubled. Also, you can, once per city, order a militia strike on a case. This case will we entirely wiped out and become clean of zombies. This can wipe out the zombie horde! Also, if the zombie horde is neither on this case or one of the adjacent cases, then the adjacent cases are reduced down to the "troubling" level of danger.

Required sacrifice: lvl 7 warrior+4 men.

  • Radio tower: This will let you contact the mysterious Sierra November, a legendary survivor who've seen it all. 2% chances that, when something is supposed to go bad, Sierra November intervenes to help you deal with the problem. But the real higlight, though, is that the frequency at which a skilled survivor wanders into the fort and decides to stay is doubled, as long as the happiness is kept over 50% (Sierra is making some advertising. A real mother to us all).

Required sacrifice: lvl 7 leader+4 men.

  • The Craft Mine: Tunnels are double-edged swords: they do offer concealment and protection to humans, but they also do it for the zombies. Lotsa rugged veteran survivors died in this mine, but now that you made the tremendous effort of cleaning it entirely, you can loot the bodies. 50% chance, each 5 turns, that someone from the mine bring you some tier 1 stuff (like binoculars). 20% chance, each 7 turns, that he brings some real cool stuff (like an SMG).

Required sacrifice: lvl 7 scavenger+4 men.

tl;dr: in order, less time in, less time out, more attack and defense, advertising, and free loot. I don't know if they're that balanced in their actual states, but I'm pretty confident about them.

Of course, other giant buildings could be added, but, unlike the wonders in Civilization, they should be kept to a minimum, for the sake of not breaking the game too hard.

Miguelinileugim? Any advice on those?

Edit: aaaaaaaaaaaand I didn't read the relevant paragraphs in "Buildings". Meh.

Darklim (talk)

I've already devised over 6 super-buildings (lost the count), I might add yours in my new "buildings tree" (table), do you want the last version? I've sent it to Sarah but apparently she's on holiday (I guess is public domain or something, but I'd rather send it to you by e-mail than to post it here I guess).

Darklim (talk) Yeah, here's my mail: .

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