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General music

(rasa13) how about using the song "walking dead" by linkin park as the OST. or you know when we play the credits. or maybe "blackbirds" also by linkin park as the OST. the music from the last 2 games failed to amuse me, although i must say its better than most of the crap i hear on the radio.

Personally I adored the music in the second game. I seriously loved it to bits. The music never got old, thumbs up there! I completely agree with you on that one, the soundtrack is absolutely perfect for this game and complements the feeling of desolation and hopelessness perfectly. Damjancd

Though of course we need new music for a new game. The music should be tragic. I want to feel like I'm picking up the pieces of a once great city. If a good survivor dies there could be a brief sad tune playing. Violins and pianos perhaps. Acoustic guitars like from the second game would serve this purpose nicely too.

Thomas The Jank Engine (talk)

You probably won't do this, but it would be cool if you just ripped off thomas the tank engine theme song as a little dumb option in the options tab. Please?

Sarahnorthway (talk) Wow, definitely not going to do this because it'd be illegal, but I suppose you're welcome to listen to the Thomas the Tank Engine theme while playing Rebuild 3 if that's what floats your boat!

Sarahnorthway (talk) I'll probably hire someone to write a score this time, probably in the same tragic tone as the second game but with more melody & beat.

Bender: It took a very long time for the music in the second game to grow on me. It's too consistently ambient. I would've liked a more orchestral score, especially if there's event-based themes. And a wishlist item: success-dependent OTS. If you had a good day, you get the hopeful tune. A bunch of bad events cues the foreboding theme. And a balanced day gets something in between. I think the best music for this game is from Skillet:Hero (Ssoundtrack maker) a.k.a Hunor.

Axethrower23 (talk) The Price of Freedom by Takeharu Ishimoto used in final fantasy crisis core has a sad feeling to it. Especially if you've played crisis core. I think you can find the music sheet in the net. I don't know if the song is copyrighted or something though.

If you want to hear it:

Maybe some classical music would be nice?

Kakinaga (talk) I am still love music from Rebuild 2. It is blend into the game. Something like "Chocobo" in Final Fantasy series, or Rambo in Rambo series.

Woolfe (talk) Because I play mostly the mobile version now. I have sound off. BUT on a pc version I will likely turn the music off. Like I do for most games. For me it is all about sound effects. If I want music, I will just put some on myself. Except in a game where it the music is used appropriately (GTA for example).

Axethrower23 (talk) try the music by two steps from hell. it could serve as the general music or an end music

Attack / victory music

The Waffmeister

As well as tragedy there should also be horror elements in the music too, like when zombies assault your fort their should be a pick up in music. The music gets more insane and hectic.

There should be victorious music when you come home from a successful mission. Again pretty brief, perhaps a few seconds. Though a full on victory over some enemy or the other should have a special minute long tune, not the same dreary song playing as you secure your win.

Sarahnorthway (talk) Totally: short trills to indicate zombie attacks and successful or very-successful missions (say when you find equipment while scavenging). Also longer music for game endings. Maybe a main-menu loop as well.

rasa13 say's: don't put too much effort on a victory song how about just some trumpets playing in a said tone?

Sound Effects

Sarahnorthway (talk) More professional and diverse click noises, more zombie roars and moans, maybe sfx for each mission like hammering, shooting, knocking cans of shelves (scavenging). Any time you click on a building you should hear some noise to indicate what's going on there. Probably no human voices because they'd get tiring unless there was a lot of diversity.

Damjancd I do SFX and ambient music work for the Misery mod, I could offer my SFX services here too, if they are needed. I record layer and synthesize all the sounds I make and would gladly give unique high quality SFX for this game. Write to me at damjancd (at) gmail dot com if need be.

Pointless sound effects

Miguelinileugim (talk)

I don't know where I've heard it, but there's an unspoken rule that says "if a sound effect lasts more than a second or has any rhyme, then don't throw it to the players more than once".

I don't know any example because I haven't played beta, but just in case please be careful with sound effects, there are some of them that can get stuck in the head of the players and give them nightmares

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