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Sarah's opinion

Rebuild 3 is going to need a lot of writing. I'd like to aim for 3-5x the text content from Rebuild 2, in mission results, random events, plotlines, character interaction, item descriptions, and character backstories. I'd like to have less frivolous text but find ways to tell the wonderful/horrible little stories of the world at every chance I get.

A number of writers have asked if they could contribute to Rebuild 3. The answer: yes! When the time comes I'm going to set up a section of this wiki where we can all submit writing for the game. I'll do the final editing and make sure all the game's writing matches a standard style.

The hardest part of writing for Rebuild 2 was packing everything I needed to say for an event or mission result into 200 words or less, so it would fit on those little pieces of paper. I'm going to expand the length in Rebuild 3 to maybe double that but still try to average at 150-200.

Justice112 (talk) One way to logically expand the length is to make it a look into (random leader's) journal (which was a concept you seemed to use in the last Rebuild, but it appeared more as a sticky note. Making it a journal (call it, Journal of a Deadman) could logically allow the expansion plus plausibility.

Givemegames (Talk) Also in the jounal you should be able to go back and see what it showed before.

Loqman (talk)

you've done so wisely on rebuild 2. but i think making a copy of this game given to testers is a fine idea... i'm a trusty person and i can test things in the game buy i don't know about coding stuff i just can help you with bugs and writing stuff. generally its better to make relation with player to story and use short story lines at first and always keep stories in a profile with an stomp above them (Regular Blue/ Daily Green/ Considerable Yellow/ Security Red / High security Black) this makes the reader to understand he should read this note because of the black mark that is stomped and taking wrong decision makes him loose half of the things in the game or completely... but blue stomp means there are no useful things in the note and just story and green says there are information in that note that may help and yellow means trade or other stuff. and red is the very important stuff. that needs to be read but if the reader doesn't do it carefully will lose few important things


Dr. Uri Dice

Dr. Uri Dice

"Good evening, dear Survivor, we have not made acquitance yet, I'm Dr. Dice."

He looks Russian, guess I would have no tongue to speak his last name if he hadnt shortened it.

"I'd like to accomodate myself in the lab that I see currently vacant in your colony. I would like to conduct some research there ... What you had? 'Bad experiences'? And now you're asking what I want to do there?"

"Nothing unpleasant I assure you, but you will cooperate will you?"

Question Positive ! Negative
Yes | No

What do you say?

Yes No

//Yes "How marvelous, there is just one more thing, to accelerate progress, I would request you to bring me 5 chem kits. I don't need them all at once, but every kit is going to speed up our research by 125% for 2 days. I will make my way to the labratory now. Drop by when you have those chem kits!"

//No "Well, how disappointing, but unavoidable, and yet understandable, given your previous experiences. Given your experience with the likes of academics, you would have trouble maintaining trust.

Positive Negative Question
Yes No But you will allow me to stay in your colony, (and do my part) as a regular survivor?

Yes No

//Yes Oh, good. For a moment I feared you'd throw me out again. That would be settled then. I'm awaiting your instructions.

//No How could you?! I wont stand a chance outside!. If I wasnt aware that a threat could cause my departure from this world rather sooner than later, I would rise an army against you all just to feed you to the undead bit by bit!

Frustrated the doctor shoulders his backpack and is accompanied out by the security.

You really think what you oughta have done. But another outbreak in here is out of question, and researchers just can't be trusted in these things.

The antagonist

Miguelinileugim (talk)

I think that the only bad guy should be a crazy scientist, like the one who sent those letter contaminated with Anthrax. Apart from him, I think that the people should follow a white-and-grey morality [1].

However, there could be bad guy if he were fanatically religious "the zombies are a curse from god that we must accept", or if he were really short-minded "we're all going to die anyway, why care?", or if he were mercilessly researching for a cure "what's another human life compared with the cure of this disease?"

Though, to be fair, I would side with the last one, you might make him an ally/enemy depending on the philosophical position of the player, an utilitarian would side with him and a liberal wouldn't. These ambiguities greatly improve any plot.

The fanatical utilitarian

Miguelinileugim (talk)

(Yes, this character is basically me with minor changes, it's not like I have to create a character from scratch right?)

I want to present you to Miguel, an spanish exchange student with a complex background.

Thanks to some smart leadership, he could scape the crowded university he was studying and fight his way with two more survivors, he had to sacrifice one of them to escape but in the end he found shelter in the colony.

Immediately he tried to lead the colony, they didn't take him seriously but after a passionate speech they decided to give him the control. He was merciless, or as he liked to say "utilitarian", he hardly ever sent rescue missions, the food and ammo was strictly rationed and any dissent was eliminated.

In the other hand, even with very limited resources and nobody with military skills, they survived in a 1x1 tile against hordes and hordes of zombies.

After making contact with the player, he quickly decided to speak with him, and propose a deal:

  • "I'm glad we've found another group of survivors, we all would like to join you, but with a condition, I want to become your second hand and have word in the management of the colony, I've managed very well our little redoubt, we survived even with all the odds against us, and I want this to continue. Will you let me supervise this group so we'll work towards our mutual survival?"

If rejected he would still insist until killed by zombies or by the player, if accepted...

He supervised everything that came into the player's view, he made minor suggestions about rationing and other similar things. But with the time he started proposing very cruel alternatives, using people in very risky or suicidal missions, torturing dissenters to keep the power and even infecting people to study the disease.

His thoughts were dark, he surely was utilitarian and doing the best he thought, but at what cost? It was worth so much suffering, even for our survival? Wasn't there a more human way to do things?

That had to stop, I told him so, but he wouldn't listen to any of my reasons, all that mattered was the common good, no matter what, I had to:

  • Stop him
  • Agree with him and do whatever was right for the common good

If the player chose the first option, he would instigate a rebellion and make the player decide between a dramatic loss of happiness or having to keep him in power.

If the player chose the second option...

Even though his means were tough, everything seemed to work just fine, the zombies were under control, the research for a cure was advancing quickly and there was food for months.

One day the cure was researched, or that's what I thought, we immediately created a zombie control center to dispense the cure by air and save the humanity, but there was no cure...

...but a lethal virus who killed all the zombies in the city, all the hope we had to save them was lost, the zombies became extinct, but all those people died, only those of us who had immunity to the initial virus and who survived the zombie attack were standing on Earth.

But at least, we survived.

The Rotten Ambassador/The Refused

Dude (talk)

If you get into good terms with The Rotten, The Rotten's leader will ask if you need another person to help in your group. If you respond with yes, then the Rotten Leader sends over an "ambassador," as he calls him. Soon, one of the rotten appears, and he introduces himself. If you respond with no, then the Rotten Leader says he understands, and that the option is always available if you need him further on. Needless to say, if relationships decrease with The Rotten, or you declare war on them, this option becomes no longer available.

The Ambassador has mediocre (but more than 0) fighting skill, and a perk that makes all scavenging missions 0% dangerous when sent alone, but, just as in R2, the less people sent on a scavenging mission, the less food scavenged. Other than that, The Ambassador is a newbie at everything. Also, to set him aside from other Rotten, he has a bright blue baseball cap.

From now on, The Ambassador will take over all interactions with the Rotten Leader. Every time you wish to ask for a trade, or any other similar matter, it will take a turn longer, as The Ambassador discusses it with his leader. He will also chime in on major decisions about events with his decision.

If you don't accept the church of the chosen ones, then that will be the end of his storyline. He is immune to random event deaths (crazy guy jumped over the walls and stabbed him!), but if he dies on a mission or otherwise, then The Rotten will tell you that they don't have any more people that he'd be willing to send over. If you go directly against what he says X amount of times without once following what he suggested, or meeting a happy medium, he will leave. Finally, if you do something aggressively against The Rotten, such as declare war, then he will kill one of your men and run back to The Rotten. He will then be guarding the Rotten's base with all of the skills you gave him.

However, if by this time, your group has accepted the church of the chosen ones (or decide to accept them after getting The Ambassador(which he will promote)), then the local priests will start calling The Ambassador The Refused. They will claim that he was not allowed to become one of the chosen ones because he was an awful person in the life before.

Tensions will rise between The Ambassador and members of the church, and they will begin being a detriment to each other's safety when going on missions. Eventually, the member of the church with the highest level of leadership that is not a priest will come in and announce that they and a group of other members have been discussing the Ambassador's presence, and they demand that he be thrown out.

You can either accept their demands, punish them, or scold them.

If you accept their demands, then you call in The Ambassador, and you may tell him either the truth about why he's being evicted, or a lie. If you tell him the truth, then he will be outraged. He will demand that you punish those survivors by taking their rations away for the next two days. If you accept, then your relationship with The Rotten will decay very slightly, for even considering the possibility. If, however, you follow through on what you say when you tell him you're sending him out of the fort, then relationships with The Rotten will drop immensely, and will be unable to go higher than a certain point. If you lie about the reason you're sending him away, however, you will tell him that supplies are not looking good, and that they can no longer support his presence. He will understand, and relationships with The Rotten will not decay at all.

If you decide to punish the demanders, then you will be offered several choices, including but not limited to: exile, execution, X-day long ration ban (within which, the punished may steal rations, and their stats will be temporarily debuffed (which, could also lead you to those who stole rations, as their stats will be unaffected)), etc. No matter what punishment you choose, the message will be received, the tensions with The Ambassador will end (meaning the safety lowering will be gone), but morale for those survivors will drop.

If you scold them, it's possible that one or two of them will stop being hostile towards The Ambassador, but the tensions between the rest and him will still rise. It will eventually get to the point where the members of the church can do one of three things. They can beat The Ambassador to death without a hitch. They can beat the ambassador to death, but end with one or more attackers bitten. If either of those happen, then you will get the choice to exile them, execute them, etc., or let them go. Or they can end with The Ambassador killing one or two of them in self defense, and the rest of them fleeing in terror. The outcome is completely dependent on the fighting levels of all survivors involved.

The Pack Leader


Like in the wild, certain members of a pack of predators rise up and take power of the pack. The Pack Leader of the Zombie Horde is slightly stronger, faster and smarter to the others, but by no means a super zombie. His main role as an antagonist would be as a mental enemy, such as being seen by the defenders and escaping to be in another attack, and becomes a symbol of Zombies. He'd stay with a large group of zombies, and a possible ending would be destroying him and the main horde. He'd look like a large, hulking Zombie covered with scars and wearing a military uniform.


In the game of Dead Frontier, Tyrant will not hurt the others. But in the movie, we see it will push away or tear apart who blocking Tyrants road clearly. therefore, no baby or child zombie in there.

Storyline for the main survivor

We Are The META storyline

You start out in a land that was relatively untouched in the early days of the zompocalypse; however, the zombies are getting restless, and hungry. The are slowly moving closer and closer to the village that your family and your neighbors have created. You are the first child in your village that was born in the apocalypse, being trained in one of many skill sets: Engineer, Leader, Scavenger, Soldier, etc. Taking place roughly 14-17 years after the zompocalypse your village gets attacked by an aggressive zombie horde. Being destroyed in the process of the attack you, a few of your friends, and a village elder escape and are taken in by one of the outlying, stronger Human factions. Being tasked with the objective of strengthening the new faction, you will ascend their ranks and have to face threats from the Zed and from other Humans. Eventually, you would take over the leadership role of that faction, progressively taking back the land around from the Zed and Humans alike; until you reach where your village once stood, now home to a brutish faction that worships the Zed as god. Tasked with clearing out all of the land around from Humans, either by force or by peace, and killing or capturing all the Zed around. You eventually destroy the faction that resided on your old village and an era of peace takes place.

The Brotherhood Storyline

Loqman (talk)

  • the idea of story is realistic and supposed to make relativity with audience.
    • the main person is you and you start in a bus talking about horrible things that are becoming happened in the world. then there become some choices for you : stay in this Big city and 1 million Populated (Normal Start) go to another small city with 100 thousand population (easy) go to the Capital 8 million populated so after apocalypse you can start conquering the world faster !! (Impossible start)

I'm in middle of (small /big / capital)... i could gather my 4 numbered family in a group we started by capturing a farm that produces actually more than how we need to eat but we don't have enough tools and medication for our living or a place to live... so we should start by capturing this (police station / Farm / House / hospital / Lab / Shop) near our farm. i'm thankful that in these years i tried to manage learning how to fortify an area and how to command people from a simple flash game that named rebuild2 but this situation is much more real than that flash game.

i can hear every day the signals of the survivors. most of the population has turned to zombies but many survived although it is not the good news. a mad scientist tried to steal my old grandpa and a person who was riding a bus full of dirty girls demanded to have my sister instead of some ammunition and weapons and a trader that comes every while and has gave us some weapon to defend ourselves but in return he asked for most of the good food that we had! last day a gang named [optional enemy of the audience] attacked to steal our food but we managed to defend and I lost my father in that fight... i will take my revenge from them. maybe i can gather survivors from the skills i've got from that simple flash game i know that wouldn't be much simple...

after clicking the next : we found another fortified with some blocks around us i'm not sure how they are but it seems they had much more luck than us and they've made it to somehow defend their selves and gather good supplies . i heard that they call their selves the Brotherhood we should find our way to them maybe in that case we can survive more days. we also have found [an item relevant to the place they captured and if they choose a house their family number will increase in +6 numbers with kids] from the [captured building] and we made other areas around ourselves scouted... my grandpa told me to become the leader and told me if i want any advice... my answer was [Yes, i still lack experiences / No grandpa , i almost know everything so you just rest here ! (tutorial option)]

after they have made it to brother hood fortified place they understand there are 8 survived families just like them and they have the family of the mayor of the city as the leader. mayor never played the rebuild2 and when i told him about that game he started to laugh and told me this is the real life and its much different, although i'm in doubt if he had any skill to how manage survive against these Z army! he told me about the laws that, when a leader orders to you you should do the task in time and if you didn't you will be judged by the court and if you did well you will have your reward... he asked me will you and your family obey the laws of brotherhood and become loyal to the leader? [yes, I will be Loyal to you as long as you provide my family! / No , you cannot lead me i'll make my own way]

If player says no: grandpa will advice you to be accept the proposal because obeying laws is the only way for your family to survive and he will not gets out of your way unless you accept the mayor proposal so you should take decision to push him aside and leave or change your opinion.[push him aside/ Accept and reconsider]

if you push him aside he accidentally fells to the ground and dies and your family abandon you... an screen comes up and says : you will join the last judgment gang ... Game Over !

if player said yes from the start mayor will give him orders every week and he will have his own fortified area until he shows good abilities so mayor would give him his place pleasingly (another ways are possible too for example mayor doesn't have skills so other family heads ask him to become mayor) and conquering world from city by city will be possible. Grandpa says : accepting reconsideration was wise... because it is our only way to have medicine and the other 8 families will support us in trouble because this is a brotherhood.

if he said No then because of grandpa says yes grandpa comes and says : now the mayor sees you as a threat... you should watch the orders he gives to you maybe he tries to make troubles for you... then mayor gives him orders every day and most of them are dangerous like attacking an area with high risks or mayor asks him more tax on foods or he asks him to give him some family members away and for the player it will be wise to do not obey and if he do the orders he just looses everything and fail at least... he should negotiate with other family heads to have a morality point from them... but after saying no to one of orders chamber will be made and others consider its the fault of the mayor (danger of the mission X loyalty point of the heads) so after he did well in reducing loyalties and capturing a good fortified place he will make the mayor stay away from the duty and will choose one of the his family members to become head of his family (there are other options but they are not considerable because there are no laws defined for them and this choice lowers the happiness of that family a lot!) you will have your own city and in this case you can change the name of the Brotherhood to any other names.

  • i have this idea to make this game more realistic , every body is not just one person (for example how one person builds an apartment in 2 days!) so every one is a family head(consumes 5 food)/ if he had more people than 20 in him/her is a master of group (lvl 2 person consumes 20 food) and if he had more than 100 people under his hand is a clan head(lvl 3 person consumes 100 food) and no one can lead more than 200 hundred. if you disappoint this main person you will loose all people in his command.
    • you might think it changes the story lines but with a common change that can repeat in every story this change is possible ! also at the end you can gather population of more than 40,000 survivors in country which makes game more fun and population growth will be possible.
    • you can exchange population of every clan to another means you exchange the workers or soldiers to another clan but it needs more than 50% percent loyalty or happiness from that leader and it makes the happiness of the people under his command lower.
    • each clan has ten different members (kid girl, kid boy, adult male, adult female, warriors, scientists, builders, scavengers, old ones, dead ones)
      • one clan that has 200 people can have 800 plus points in addition it means one member can learn fight and build and research...
      • if loyalty of leader is low but happiness is high you can change the leader of clan and family and group but the leading skill of the next leader is random and even loyalty is dependent on laws of the city hall or courthouse!
      • old ones increase the happiness and loyalty of the group leaders but they don't do anything else.
      • kids can help or study these are two options and default one is study ! (every kid gives a percentage of activity to the group if they help)
      • options in heading a clan is many! and in a group is much less and family are none.
  • hint : don't put many different options at the start of game and introduce them to the player in totorial . most of options are just some information that the main player should consider them when he wants to make a decision.
  • when you leave a city you should give it to a loyal leader (small city family head can be a leader) (big city group head can be a leader) ( capital a clan head can be a leader)
  • having more population cannot be easy and having causalities is something regular when there is a more than 5% danger.
  • study option for kids is useless when the leader doesn't have enough teaching abilities.
  • giving balance between male and female in a clan or group makes population happier.
  • i don't expect you to put all these in your game so i gave them to you if you want have one of them in game. but try to put these things because it'll be the best flash game ever if you do. ;)

Max's Storyline ideas

Max24833 Hey, what about making a few more personal goals that the player can choose for their Main Survivor, to make it more personal. Like, as well as the main storyline, there are mini-goals that allow People to get mini-victories throughout the game, that they would choose out of a list. These would come alongside another much larger main storyline. A few examples include...

  • Home, Sweet Home: Retaking your old neighborhood, you can finally relax at your home and be at peace. Achieved by taking over random suburb.
  • Man's Best Friend: Finding your old, lovable companion, it's you and your friend against the world. Achieved by finding a random dog.
  • Happy Days: You've made a fort, saved some people, and made life in the Apocalypse pretty damn decent. Now, the future is looking happy. Achieved by getting 100% Happiness for "X" number of days in a row.
  • Blood and Guts: You've finally managed to make a dent in the Zombie Horde, taking down enough zombies to make a difference. Achieved by killing "X" number of Zombies.
  • Community: You have a real community here. With over "X" Survivors on your side, it's you and your brothers against the world. Achieved by getting "X" number of survivors.
  • Breathing Space: You have your own fort of security, an island in a sea of chaos. You have made a small city of peace. Achieved by taking over "X" houses.
  • Politically Incorrect: You've managed to destroy that faction with sick, twisted views, and exile their ways from existance. Now you can focuse on rebuilding a better, peaceful World. Achieved by destroying a faction with ideas that are different to yours.

These are some ideas, you could add others as well. I just think it would allow more personification to the storyline.

Miguelinileugim storyline

Miguelinileugim (talk)

Instead of having to design your own random Joe, I think that ideally you would have to choose between three characters with different storylines and professions, starting from here everything would be easier to figure out:

  • The soldier: Easy. Has to find his son/daughter or something humanitarian and simple, starts as a very talented soldier and the storyline is pretty straightforward and predictable.
    • Bad ending: His son/daughter dies, he frees the city from the zombies with firearms but the protagonist isn't happy and commits suicide.
    • Good ending: His son/daughter survives, he frees the city from the zombies with firearms and everybody is happy, apart from all those who became zombies.
  • The leader: Hard. An idealist whose only desire is to help humanity overcome the infection, he will taste fear and love from very very close and ultimately live to see his dream become reality, but it won't be exactly what he desired.
    • Bad ending: After seeing the humanity rise from its ashes after killing every zombie with a virus, he dies due to a zombie bite he was hiding from himself.
    • Good ending: He finally survives and works towards a better world, but those who died because of the zombie infection still gives him regrets.
  • The scientist: Impossible (Nightmare). Has to develop a cure for the virus so he'll be able to cure his wife which has become a zombie and is trapped in a cage (by the protagonist, which feeds her every day). The story would have some plot twists and end in tragedy (it would be very dramatic)
    • Bad ending: His wife dies due to a complication with the cure, the world is free from the zombies thanks to the cure, which unfortunately was lethal.
    • Good ending: His wife survives, the zombies become humans and everybody is happy.
    • Good ending (if you're feeling sadistic): His wife dies but the zombie infection is cured, the protagonist tries to live in a world without his wife, commits suicide in an unbelievably tragic fashion.

This would add to replayability too! Maybe with just one city but three different storylines everything should work fine! Tell me what do you think of this! :)

Character Bios / backgrounds

Every survivor will arrive with a brief description of how they came to be at the fort:

  • Joe's a big, quiet guy. He ran a pawn shop before the world fell, back when it seemed like you could fix every problem in the world if you just had enough money.
  • In the early days of the disease Julie followed procedure, staying indoors and telecommuting to her government job. After the Internet went down, she diligently worked on spreadsheets and planned out team meetings to be scheduled at a later time. It wasn't until the food trucks stopped coming that she realized the world wasn't going to bounce right back this time.
  • Red is an middle-aged war veteran with a hot temper. He tends to forget unruly teenagers' names, using the word "dumb-ass" instead.
  • Nick was bullied and embarrassed all his life. Scrawny, timid, and unwittingly shy, he lived an isolated life for a few months raging on and working out to finally take revenge, but instead found a big surprise.
  • Maude, a retired government worker, lived her retired life deep in the suburbs, sending checks to Nigerian princes and tending to her 20 cats. When her favorite cat went out the window, she saw the outside - unlike ever before.
  • Mario was the neighborhood plumber, spending his paychecks with psychedelics most of the time. This might have prepared him though - his hallucinations might have come to life when the world fell.
  • James was a boring person. Never working longer than several weeks at a single place before starting again else where. Then the undead arose. Now James wants to use his skills to become something better than his past life.
  • We nearly died laughing when Jim came round the corner, covered in soot, stripping of his burning clothes, a pack following close behind. He slipped in before we got the gates shut, and now we can’t seem to find him. Oh well.

Miguelinileugim (talk)

  • Steve is a people person, he greeted everyone with a piercing smile and a kiss in both cheeks. He just told us a really good joke about a zombie priest! You should really met him if you have a minute
  • Kind and quiet, Laura is very reserved, she acts like if she were hiding something, though she hasn't been bitten, she may have lost someone out here

6477131465 (talk)

  • She hitched a ride here from Montreal looking for her sister. Doesn't speak much English but I saw her hit this Zed with a brick. I'm glad she's with us.
  • He's a electrician from south of the city. On the way back he told me he used to weigh a whopping . Nothing like a zombie apocalypse for diet and exercise I guess...
  • He's a (former?) gambling addict from the West. I got him to join in a game of cards hahahaha! I just hope he doesn't take too many chances when fighting Zed.
  • Ima RNA who was with (insert faction). I like what you're doing here. I tell ya though, nothins changed.. Shitty pay. No cigarettes. Ya do have cigarettes right? That's the only reason I came here.
  • My God I wish the Zed had taken all the assholes at the start of the apocalypse. Damn cut my face with that sword of his. At least he's got food.
  • He's a communist who's come here to lend us a hand. But he's totally not here to spy on us. Why would he do that?
  • I convinced a farmer to come and join our group with her family. Apparently organic food is pretty important her. Funny story, apparently when the pig farmers tried to recruit her, they said she was organic too.
  • Hey you know those scientists we just recruited? an old buddy from college! I'm glad she survived! She asked me what happened to my liberal arts degree. I think ate it.
  • Bonnie is an overnight gas station clerk with a kid in tow. She would have escaped my notice if the kid wasn't drunkly fighting over who got the last bag of Doritos.
  • This kid apparently escaped from Gustav's Love Caravan. S/he's pretty fucked up. Yeah that's all there is to say about it.
  • I found this lady hiding in a cardboard box. Codename: Solid Snail. She's willing to work with us in order to stop the terrorists and rescue the President. (Just play along with it, she's really good at scavenging)
  • Trisha was apparently living in a tiny fortress made of file cabinets living on a day. Not all that different from life before the apocalypse...
  • Joan is a nun who was briefly the Last Judgment Gang. She wanted to leave but they beat her up pretty badly. Once she recovers she wants to start an independent church here.
  • Zeke was studying to be a Rabbi but nowadays he fishes from his tiny little boat and drinks rain water collected from a tarp. Good thing we found him before he dried up.
  • Do you remember that talk show, Mornings with Fabian on 86.1? Well here he is. He's not so attractive as I thought he'd be...
  • Buchi is from Nigeria but he's no prince. He was studying engineering before the apocalypse. He's a decent builder too, he had quite a wall surrounding his squat.
  • Mei was well into retirement from her government job. When they tried to make her come back she came to us. She seems to be hiding something... But I don't care what it is; unless it's food.
  • An expectant mother and a toddler joined our fort today. She says she was a nurse but I think she's lying. I'd never kick her out though. We kind of lied too, about conditions at the fort.
  • Valerie is a self-made (sic) millionaire. She was on the last bottle of her least favorite wine when we found her. She seems alright. By the way has anywatch?

Loqman (talk)

  • Asqar went to this city for work from Persia, when we found him i could see the shining hope that has born from his eyes... he keeps saying we are Muslims we never get possessed by this devils (he means Z corpses) even if they bite us . i suggested him never try to test this on him self because we need him human !
  • Narges is a very pretty black eyed girl from Persia... when we first found her she was keeping saying this words "BesmeLaheRahmaneRahim" really loud it seems she expected that word protect her somehow ! maybe it did when we found her...
  • Samira's Breasts gathered too much attention between the guys and we're thankful we have another pretty Persian girl in our group it seems those boobs are the outcomes of a surgery. she told us she doesn't have much food or tools to give but she can make some guys happy and then she blinked... not every one from Persia is religious.

Miguelinileugim (talk) Too many persians! Are they in a convention or something? :D

6477131465 (talk)

  • You know that godawful sound you occasionally hear coming from the boarding school? Well this is our neighborhood virtuoso, Stephenie. She agreed to come on the condition we let her play her violin. Also Jack is no longer allowed to lead recruiting missions.
  • We FINALLY recruited Amir today. He was holed up in the electronics section, armed with a sock full of used batteries. Although by "recruited" I actually mean captured. The kid will warm up once he sees our food supplies. Damn those batteries hurt though...
  • You're not going to believe this, we recruited Mo Moran and his family. THE Mo Moran. Most Valuable Player in the Football League of the United States for . He looks pretty weak and skinny nowadays though. Must be the steroids.
  • Gail Cook joined our fort today. Apparently she was in the WNBA. Whatever that is. I just acted real impressed.
  • Dan comes the Church of the Chosen Ones. I found him sitting peacefully in a jail cell with about their business.

Achaix (talk)

  • Remember those graffiti we saw all over the city? We recruited their creator yesterday. Name's Cathy, former artist. She looks harmless, but don't let that fool you; she can swing her paint buckets pretty accurately, though they leave a hell of a mess.
  • Just found Abe, a writer. Seems pretty easygoing for some's living in the apocalypse; told us that as a writer, you have to cope with weird things daily. Claire suspects he's insane, but he overheard her mumblings (Damn... He could be a good lookout) and told her that "Everyone's crazy at some point."

Tetron (talk)

  • NAME seems to be missing... most of his face, but he claims he can see fine. I guess he's telling the truth if he's lasted this long.
  • NAME used to be a maths professor. We found him scribbling equations on the walls. Don't ask what he was using to write with.
  • I ain't sure how long Kenny Clark was down that garbage chute, but he sure was happy to see us. Practically leaped outta there in a single bound when he heard us callin'.
  • That crazy old lady had about a hundred cats with her in the BUILDING... all salted and stored ready for the winter. Said she was just fine on her own. Maybe we should get a leader to talk to her.
  • The bald guy we saw in the BUILDING seems to be keeping the zombies at bay just fine with his garden shears. Told us to "clear off before I prune you real good!" What a douche.
  • NAME and his family turned up outside the walls yesterday. At first he was looking to trade, but once he saw how good we have it here, he decided to join the fort.
  • NAME, the scientist we found poking around in that crypt, seems a bit... off. Kinda twitchy. Still, she seems to know her way around a lab.
  • We found NAME wandering around in the park, hurling frisbees around then smacking them out of the air with a length of rebar. He keeps yelling about how he's the greatest swordfighter in the world. Whatever, the crazy ones can still fight.
  • NAME just won't shut up about his conspiracy theories. The way he puts it, aliens used the All-Mart chain to spread the virus so the their pals the Illuminati could take over the world. He's a pretty good at foraging though, so we'll have to put up with it.
  • NAME nearly blew my head off when we went to recruit her. Took me an hour to get her to put the gun down, and another to get her to check out the fort. She came round in the end though.
  • A whole party of soldiers arrived at the gates today. Sure, it's a bunch of extra mouths to feed, but we could use the additional firepower. Should we let them in?
  • NAME claims to have "over three hundred confirmed kills". He says he was part of a secret CIA wetworks team and that he laughs in the face of undeath. Yeah. He says a lot of things.
  • NAME won't stop twirling her shotgun around to reload it. Looks fancy, but she's gonna break her fingers or blow someone's head off someday.
  • NAME hacked his own right arm off when he got bit a few months back. Good thing he's a southpaw - he's a crack shot.
  • NAME's pretty quiet for such a big guy. Very intense. Might want to keep an eye on him.
  • On the other hand, NAME's gotta be the most talkative person I've ever met. He's the leader of this little squad, kept them going all the way here.
  • These twins, NAME and NAME LAST NAME, used to be part of a circus. "The Death-Defying Duo" seem to have lived up to their name - they ain't got a scratch on them.
  • NAME was an engineer before all this. We sure could use a decent one, but he's demanding a whole apartment to himself in return for his services. Should we accept his offer?
  • NAME was the lead bassist in a novelty techno-metal band. Now he wields a different kind of axe.
  • NAME the chemist and her husband were pretty happy to get out of that basement, but when they saw the state of our food supplies they [almost wept with joy]/[said they'd stick with their dirty cellar].
  • NAME made a living as a TV survivalist, so he knows how to live off the land. Says he prefers the rainforest to the urban jungle. Well, I guess panthers die pretty easy compared to the predators we get round here.
  • NAME used to be part of an obscure sect who believed the rapture was coming "real soon now". When he (and everyone else in the commune) didn't get called to heaven on Z-day, he decided to hoof it out of there before he got eaten.
  • NAME reckons she's the last New Yorker left on the planet. Judging from what I heard on the last emergency broadcast, she could be right. A hundred million zed in front of you , Hurricane Nadia at your back...
  • This guy... there's not much to say. He's pretty much the most ordinary guy in the fort. He's not crazy, he's not particularly skilled, he doesn't have any especial problems. He's actually really dull and forgettable... in fact, I can't remember his name. Let's just call him BLAND NAME.
  • NAME is, without a shred of doubt, the most annoying little girl I've ever met. I swear, if she wasn't "a child genius", if she wasn't "doing so well up at the lab"...
  • At first we thought NAME was some freaky new breed of zombie, but he just has a whole load of bizarre piercings and his entire body covered in tattoos.
  • NAME, despite having only one ear, can pinpoint the location of a bag of crisps/[chips???] at a hundred yards with hearing alone. Unfortunately, that's about the only thing she can do well.

Givemegames (Talk)

  • Bob what everyone calls him we found him scavegeing in a trash can he hasnt told us anything but his name but at least he listens to us
  • James a 10 year old kid we found on a farm with a beebee gun he looked a little roughed up but he was strong enough to survive the apoclayse
  • Joey what we call him a easy going guy but he does get freaking BESERK with out a can of beans for a day (i was thinking we let him out in to a bunch of Z's when he gets angry)

Discussion: World history

Whether I set the game 20 years later or keep it at 1 year or somewhere in between, I want to talk more in the game about what actually happened during the beginning of the disease. Was it really engineered by Dutch tulip cultists, or was that just a coverup for the secret bio-war being fought between the US and China? I want to talk more about the history and science of the epidemic the way they do in World War Z.

Justice112 (talk) That'd be a perfect thing for the user to scavenge and figure out and put into a journal as the game progresses!

Loqman (talk) whatever you do make it revelant to the people who are playing this game. i think it's a fine idea to make the start more realistic. like the person who starts is between the people and he is simple. he is in a bus to the way his home and he has a newspaper in the hand that there is somethings written on that and every one in the bus is talking about this hot topic... you can tell a small story that made this thing happen and every one in the bus is talking about that too that makes the story more realistic.

then years pass and the horrible thing has happened. but you took warning serious and managed to learn how to survive in future...

Idea: Storytelling speed

Here are a couple of possibilities, with their pros and cons as usual:

  • Just tell me everythin'! (everything you'll know, just after you click play, nothing left to say)
    • Pro: Ahem... easier to code or something?
    • Con: May Overwhelm the player
    • Con: No point on playing to solve the mystery as there's no mistery
  • Who I am, what's this? (tells the bio of the main character, you'll have to discover the rest)
    • Pro: You'll have to discover the secret of the zombie apocalypse for yourself, thrilling
    • Pro: Knowing your main character may introduce you to the story
  • Shut up and play (self-explaining)
    • Pro: This is sooo mysterious, zombies everywhere and my survivor is pretty much strange, what's going on?
    • Pro: Unlimited plot twists available
    • Pro: Easier plot as you won't have to limit yourself to the initial info

So, basically start the game without any info, don't even tell the player who the protagonist is, and for the sake of the gods, DON'T even think of spoiling the secret on how the apocalypse started.

Sarahnorthway (talk) I'm in favor of the mystery: what are the systems? what's the world like? who are these characters? what items can I collect? I'll start with some random tidbits like the "tulip-eating cult" from Rebuild 1 (a red herring btw), then reveal the story as you play. You won't necessarily discover the truth of where the disease came from when you beat the game, but there will be some sidequest(s) that reveal it. On the other hand, your character's history may be a plotline that progresses as you go through the game, regardless of whether you're searching for every little secret or just playing the strategy game and ignoring sidequests.== Givemegames (talk) ==

Let the person playing pick a Main Charecter and he/she can see a bio of the Main Charecter and tell a little bit about what happened a week after the zombies came and what she did.

Idea: WATM's Offerings

  • Having General Stores and places were people can buy items and continue with their daily lives.
  • People need food, and if a city becomes too big you are going to need places to go to collect their daily rations.
  • Having cemeteries (as Seymour said) would possibly multiply the amount of zombies, but considering this game might take place in the future (about 5 years) most of the decomposed bodies would probably have arisen.
  • Alliances being made between Killer factions (ruthless, murdering, gruesome) and Avenger factions (peaceful, welcoming, doing what is necessary) would make for a semi-diplomacy system.

Miguelinileugim (talk)

  • General stores doesn't seem necessary, rationing is a good enough economical system for the apocalypse, free market is unnecessary
  • Supermarkets you mean? That would make the game too complex
  • Cemeteries shouldn't have any effect in the number of zombies, at least if they're going to be product of an infection instead of magic. I mean, they're the "living dead" not the "dead living"
  • Could you explain with more detail the alliance part please?

Batch: Potential Storylines

I still believe that we should abandon the traditional dead zombie and go with something that is current and scientifically plausible. This will of course be left to Sarah to decide, but with a newer zombie species you throw in a lot of story potential.


  • Dead zombies: Only way we can keep zombies believable in the current DEAD fashion is keeping them simple.
  • A dark sorcerer, wizard, mage, necromancer, whatever. From the magic that the person has, it keeps the bodies of the dead from rotting away and or can help explain why the dead are able to RISE up from the grave even if they are fully decomposed and just a pile of bones. We can go in the way of Evil Dead: Army of Darkness kind of and have something like the necronomican. But this might have already been done in the first Rebuild?
  • Religious based: Now then before your head starts spinning, give me a moment to explain. Quezacotl is Aztec or Mayan (going off the top of my head on all of this.) and some of the stories was that when he returned he would raise the dead and take over. The only other religious figure other then the Devil I can think of right now that does this would be Jesus. Using Quezacotl gives a neutral aspect as far as religious themes go and that I know of is fairly new as an idea for traditional dead zombies.

Another Religious-Based idea: Everyone here is familiar with the biblical Apocalypse, right? For those who don't, here's the gist; The Messiah will return and break the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse; doing so summoned the Horsemen of the Apocalypse(War, Famine, Conquest and Death) and the "incorruptible dead"(Zombies, obviously).

If you hire the Love Caravan, or engage in sinful acts, the Horsemen will target your base and weaken it indirectly(Crops fail to grow, rivalry between survivors, etc.). If you DON'T hire the Caravan, or help people, the Horsemen will respect you and give you a little supernatural help.

If you end the game(Conquer the entire city), there could be two endings.

In the Faithful ending, in which the Horsemen will appear and, with a silent salute, leave this world. Once they do, the zombies immediately drop dead(Really dead this time), and a new age of humanity will begin.

In the Sinful ending, however, the Horsemen will appear and will warn you that "Next time, you won't be victorious, no matter how much you try." Achaix (talk)

  • As far as Dead zombies go, all of the stories have basically been written or told at one point in time. Both of these suggestions at least bring in decently fresh ideas. Granted the warlock, mage w/e idea is mostly old and been told over and over through various games, but this gives just a little bit of distance from what is around already.
  • Things to think about using the dead zombie idea.
  • Old been done once been done a million times. Granted if a Zombie Apocalypse happened, Dead zombies is what I am hoping for.
  • With science becoming big in the "zombie genre" they are impossible if they are dead beings. Where zombies are concerned, there is a larger majority that has started to embrace the new zombie ideas and the actual science behind it.
  • Transmission is done how? Through a bite mainly. However the zombie is dead. Meaning there is really nothing to help the infection unless it is through virus or bacteria. If a dog with rabies bites you, you are being exposed to that not really because of the bite but because of the saliva that is getting transferred from the mouth to the area that was bit.
  • New Zombies: these are ideas that are possible and already out there, just with a limited amount of people that are trying to put them out there.
    • Parasite: My personal favorite. It can take over the body and munches on the brain of the host. real evidence exists. Such as the toxoplasmus parasite or the zombie fly
    • Fungus or plant based. This has been documented with smaller insects such as ants.
    • Drugs, bathsalts w/e. Remember the incident where the guy ate the other guys face. Same thing basically, just we give it a bit of a different twist.

Haha! I had to giggle as the Talon Arms 2012 Calendar just came out and its all hot pants and half shitrs, shooting at zombies. With Halloween around the corner, I'm going to chalk it up to the male dark side of imagination or ease of photo shop? I'm still waiting on the gun bunnies taking out Taliban Zombies, but don't think that is going to pass the PC test.

Max24833 I think the idea of getting a worse ending because of moral choices you made kind of adds a moral message to the game, and punishes people for choosing things that are generally seen as bad.

Batch: Seymour's Ideas

The Fantastic Michael Preston (talk)

Comments on Wizzid's Changes:

  • Zombie Cage Match - That's gonna piss off a lot of factions, you know. And some people in your group. Some people would love the fights, but some would get really pissed off at you. Use at your own risk.
  • Love Caravan - No one should mind much except for the feminist faction and the religious people... In that kind of world, man takes what he can get. (That should be their slogan!)
  • Lone Crazy People - No doubt people are gonna get a bit scrambled in the attic when everything is destroyed, am I right? When you are out on missions, there should be an incredibly small (but possible) chance to get killed by one of them. Hell, maybe there'd be a conspiracy theory faction. But I think we're going wayyy too far with these factions and such. Speaking of factions...
  • Factions - They're nice. I just hope Sarah doesn't put like 50 of them in there.
  • The Random Science Guy - I hate that guy. I lost my only lab the first time I played! It'd be interesting to see him do something other than sit there forever. Why can't we just evict the f*cker? He should at least give us something... or maybe when he finishes a really long mission, he comes out with a super weapon and kills everyone.
  • Town Hall - The other factions might already have a government, but we don't! At least once in the game we need to capture a city hall and choose a government. You could have a ruthless communistic government, or a kind democrat! Communism would get you respect, but would lower mood. Democracy would raise mood, but the other factions would think you're weak. Whatever floats your boat. (Before it gets taken over by zombies, that is...)
  • Multiplying Zombies - Well, as time goes on, zombies will continue to sprout up from cemeteries and scare the sh*t out of us until we kill them, then more appear... And it'll grow as the cities become more populous. Who knows, maybe zombies are attracted to your cities and come from around the country to get you.

Batch: Pentagon's take on it's story

Pentagon (talk)

Rebuild III: A post-armageddon survival game.

The game starts with a sort of intro (can be skipped), explaining the story of the game, starting with insidious music playing, as headlines flash by ("New virus spread from Netherlands" "est. 2,000,000,000 infected" "XNN (Knock-off of CNN) wishes you the best of luck), and the headlines stop at "Armageddon: Nuclear weapons used to annihilate Zed menace", and an older gentleman in a russian accent (Gustav?) narrates the story of the game, how after the bombs fell, and the zed destroyed humanity, how bands of survivors from fallout bunkers repopulated humanity underground, and, 20 years later, they emerged from their underground strongholds to take back their own world. You were born in one of these bunkers, your default name is "Roger Maxson", and you wake up in an infirmary, being greeted by an older gentleman who appears to be a medic.

He asks your name, and what you did before being found (default is Soldier; can choose between Medic, Soldier, Scientist, Klanker (Repairman), Predator (Hunter/Trapper), or Freeman (Leader). He introduces you to The Stronghold, built upon the ashes of a once large city (Detroit-Macomb-Flint? Queens-Manhattan-Bronx? Vancouver-Seattle-Portland?), led by a "Government" known as "The Final Judgement", a Nationalist and Religious order of mercenaries and raiders, led by "The Minister". Once you're introduced to everyone, you quickly befriend two people; a man named "Pentagon" (I specifically made my account name this based around this character, to say the least), who is obsessed with the preservation of technology and the protection and understanding of the world, and Kane, who is obsessed with the the preservation of religion and the good ol' USA, whether it means killing anyone to do so. Pentagon is 28, Kane is 29, you are by default 25, but you can change your age to anything between 8 - 72.

After the initial introduction, the game switches to the style seen in R1/R2, overhead with city blocks. Your HUD would appear as the image below this section. The game progresses with you going on missions for The Minister, first being to scout the city block they found you in, along with Pentagon, Kane, and a Judge (Name for FJ Gang member peons). You collect your supplies while the tutorial runs, but get ambushed by a few zed, which would be another tutorial. After making it back to The Stronghold, you complete other missions (Killing Zed, Reclaiming blocks, farming, guard duty on the wall, scouting, etc), with each having some sort of profound story-driven option.


Once all missions are completed, the Stronghold is attacked by a Horde of mutated zed, you meet 3 new kinds of zed: One, a "Scrambler", who's screams alert other zed of fresh meat, along with it's hollering, it's also quite fast, though not very strong (based on a previous idea of howling zombies, will cite once name is found), an "Enforcer", a slightly larger/buffer zed that moves slowly, but can dash in a beeline, whilst damaging itself in the process. Can use blunt objects. The third, a "Mongrel"- a zombified Hound. During the attack, The Minister is either eaten, or saved, according to your own choice. If you save him, The Final Judgement will doubt his leadership, and murder him, then attempt to destroy The Stronghold, which you save (They then leave, led by "Father" Kane, out of The Stronghold on an "Exodus in America"). If you let him get eaten, The Final Judgement will make you leader for "letting a plebian such as that finally fall to Lucifer". Either way, you become leader, and The Minister either dies a role model and mentor to you, or a push-over and burden. From here on out, the game is yours, just like R1/R2, though it has a main storyline, following The Final Judgement, reclaiming the city/district, finding the source of the irradiated zombies and destroying it, saving The Riffs from Zed and creating an alliance with them, travelling to new locations (Examples: The Crater, The Basilica, Riff encampment, etc), and creating your own destiny.

Batch: Wizzid's Ideas

Things we can keep to help create the story:

  • Zombie cage fights. That is just awesome and maybe you send your people in to do a zombie cage fight. Helps raise survival and combat skill
  • Researching for a cure, new zombie means a new cure.
  • Factions: this can have a lot of bonuses to it. Attacking or joining a faction. Doing something that might hurt your standing with a faction or visa versa
  • Love Caravan: keep the ability to hire them for the day/night also have a new option to go and set the love slaves free. using the caravan can raise or lower faction relations while freeing the love slaves can do the same.
  • Lone crazy people: it is an apocalypse. that will be enough to drive almost anybody to the point of insanity, add in the fact that there are some really messed up people, you have another sweet side story. lets expand on the story. maybe you pick up a survivor who is a serial killer. or when you expand your walls this person slipped in. all of this could require you to leave more people at base for defense and maybe causes you to investigate or search the base for this person.
  • Airport/heliport: great for starting new cities and or scouting. should be easier and quicker to use the scout option. if you go to a new city maybe get a one time scout of the city but survivors/zombies can move in or out at anytime.
  • New city: if you send lets say 5 new people to start a new colony, give the option to send so much food or supplies. Also maybe the option to ship in food/survivors. Max of maybe 10 survivors and it takes a week for a supply request to reach the city. if you lose the colony, have the option to send in a new team that can try to pick up where the last team left off, with a random chance of finding any supplies/items that were left behind.
  • Graveyards: if we change to a different zombie, graveyards will not be so scary. Instead you know that when you put the dead into the ground you are not asking them to return. This could also maybe raise happiness by having a gy
  • Previous groups/factions: just have a more indepth story for these people
  • Evolving story: longer you play, the more story you get. instead of getting the whole story in one sit down, maybe it takes capturing certain territories to advance the story

Things we might want to change or lose

  • The random science guy who comes in wanting a lab, has potential for bigger story, just needs to be expanded upon or dropped. proves mostly useless once you have researched a way to keep people from becoming infected.

(Sarahnorthway (talk) I'd like to tie this story in to a new Scientist faction.

  • Create seasons. during fall/winter food is harder to grow or be found.

(Sarahnorthway (talk) Might make this scenario-based, so some cities start in the winter, others start 1 month before winter or during a summer drought)

  • Town hall: if we are going 5-20yrs after the apocalypse, groups/factions are going to already have an established government. maybe get your choice of what type of government you have which will add certain bonuses and or negative effects?
  • Time it takes to do things: example, it currently takes 2 days to kill an area that has 1-100 zombies, while it can take as little as 1 day to seal off the same area. I think it would be quicker to sweep the area of zombies then it would be to seal it off.
  • Multiplying zombies: lets rule out dead zombies for a moment. with that done graveyards become useless as a breeding ground for zombies. have a certain amount of zombies in an area. hordes can bring in a new zombie population, but the number of zombies should not increase the longer the game goes. during the initial outbreak yeah, zombies were created constantly, but now there is not as many people to create NEW zombies. this opens up the possibility of other factions/groups moving into an area that is not populated by zombies.

Essay: Philosophy and ethics

Miguelinileugim (talk)

No game is complete without a little philosophy, it is an essential part of any plot, here are some examples, when used in the plot it might make the players think a little about life and create drama:

  • Utilitarian dilemmas:
    • Is it worth to sacrifice an individual for the common good? Should the wellbeing of most people be above the one of an individual?
      • Application: Any situation where doing harm to an individual benefits the entire colony
  • Existential dilemmas:
    • e.g Are zombies truly alive? If their memories are erased, they are still those who were before?
      • Application: When researching a cure if you happen to give it an amnesic side-effect.
  • Moral dilemmas:
    • e.g Is the life of my loved ones more important that those of the strangers?
      • Application: Any part of the plot when the player has to choose between the common good or the lives of his loved ones

Personally I think that one of the best ways to create drama is to throw a philosophical question to the air and expect the player to answer it, and suffer it's consequences...

Woolfe (talk) agreed with a caveat. Do you want to make a "moral message" game. Because if you put a moral question in then, you answer it either by applying your morals onto the players, or by applying the characters morals onto the player. IE you have a choice of giving up a female character to Gustav knowing it is for prostitution reasons, what are the consequences. If you are just applying your own morals, then it would likely be a moral hit, but you get Rocket launchers!. If it is the characters, then it will depend on the character personalities. If the majority of the characters in your fort happen to agree with the Last Judgement gang, then they may well get a moral boost, or just not care. Whereas a group that identifies with the Riffs might be disgusted by the choice made(alternatively if the Girl made the choice willingly, the Riffs might applaud her self sacrifice). Etc this is where individual personalities comes into its own. You might even have a situation where half your group are happy about it, half are not. + you can add in other aspects, maybe the character wasn't well liked, or even outright hated, etc, or adversely the character is well loved, and its obvious if you do it, that you will rebellion on your hands. Woolfe (talk)

Miguelinileugim (talk)

No no no!!! I don't want any "moral message", I want moral ambiguity, I want a game where players have to struggle between what is good and what is wrong, without any answer but ambiguous results.

And about the moral of the characters, I think it should be done according to cliques and treating survivors in general by default as egoistic but humanitarians, just like real life. If you have to decide between a decision with 90% approval and another with only 10%, if they're equally good then there's no problem.

The problem would occur, for example, if disagreeing with human experimentation supposed an unbelievable happiness boost and agreeing supposed 10K zombies destroying everything, that would be biased.

Woolfe (talk) again I think we have miscommunication, I agree with you. Moral choices should have an effect, but it is the choice of the games characters, not the game creator etc. However it is Sarah's game so you know she gets the final say :-)

Also whilst people are egotistical humanitarians(generally) bear in mind they generally haven't just survived a Zombie apocalypse. So you can make people a little "crazy" and it would be quite reasonable. Woolfe (talk)

Miguelinileugim (talk)

Of course making people crazy would rob them of their humanity and allow extreme forms of government and their participation in all sort of moral nightmares, that's one of the most interesting things of the zombie apocalypse. Is in that void where Sarah can make players take cold-blooded decisions for the sake of fun.

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