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please consider following features: - 'time limited based challenge' feature which we must clear some objectives within limited time while defending. - 'scenario based challenge' feature which consist of several type scenarios. for example a scenario which we are given 60 days to secure our base for upcoming large zombies attack. another example. - 'competition based challenge' feature which we must compete with one or more AI group to claim territory while defending against zombies. we can also choose to conquer the other party. Once we conquered the other party, their territory automatically become ours. - fortification upgradable, zombie boss, ability to plant trap and trigger it (like ignite oil using fire) in chosen building.

Hello didn't know where to leave a suggestion but when you scavenge a house you should go into first person mode instead of using a simulation thanks. :)


Character Sorting

Sorting character by name and by skill. Alphabetical A-Z or Z-A for characters. List skills by numbers and with each individual skill. 1-10 or 10-1 for solider, builder, scientist, leader, and scavenger.Hi i think you should sort them by skill and then have the best to worst in each skill Axds123- i second this idea it would make life a lot easier if i could sort by skill so if I am attacking an area it shows military units first. if I were scavenging the best scavenging units or leaders etc. Thank you

Zombie mini-game

I like the idea of perhaps when an attack occurs you are put into a mini-game and have to shoot a certain amount or more to not lose buildings or survivors. Also, I love these games, good work!--2years-too-young (talk) 17:02, 22 January 2013 (UTC)

I wouldnt recommend a shooting minigame for this. Think about it. Later in the mid - late game, you are going to be attacked alot. It is going to become very repetitive and boring quite quickly. Unless the character in the minigame can be moved (WASD) have good graphics. If graphics, gun sounds, blood effects, etc is not a problem. this could look good. And for realism sake, AI would have to be added aswel (for the other survivors you stationed).

I think a scavenging mini-game would give the slightest amount of depth to the game. Maybe design a couple or three buildings on the map that you can search yourself (limited amount to prevent it getting repetitive) and have a simple moving mechanic where you click an arrow that advances you to the next room of the building. When in a room, you need to open cupboards, look under loose clothing and so on and find randomly generated loot (food items with different food value (so a pack of drink cartons = 6 food, a packet of crisps = 2 food ect.), weapons, building materials (which should be used to reinforce squares and improve them!)). Get Evil Kris to do the art again?! (28th July 2013)

zombie attack

Hey, awesome work on the game! i would like to ask if you can make part of the city a mlitary base and make the zombies surround the buildings like in rebuild 1 but have the pictures like rebuild 2 by kitty kat right but what a lot of zombies near an faction and what about kids we need to make sure we changed their diapers and feed them that is one worry I got relase the game now so I can play the sucker then I will ask miss northway can you add mass effect reapers I love to see them resherch their tech then they will come and help! but if your morale is low then they will help other factions! by rebuild series lover Ronnie

Adding Natural barriers

I would be interesting to have other barriers like Water or a bridge in some senarios so that it would change the way people would expand.

Story and things.

Hi, I am new, but I liked the games and would like to see more story to them. Like maybe one of the endings has you going against the originator of the zombie plague. Also, an ending counter would also be nice, to let us know if there are still more endings to find.

Will rebuild 3 be any different?

I waited for part two with baited breath, checking the website daily and then it arrived.. and it was Rebuild one with prettier graphics.--Greven (talk) 11:49, 17 April 2013 (UTC)

Optional zombie killing minigame

I think that with all of the missions there should be a minigame that you can choose to skip, like to kill zombies u go in with a certain time limit (like 5 minutes) and you direct all of your guys around and higher soldier skill gives them more health and can kill zombies faster. The amount of skill earned would be decided by the number of zombies killed and also there would be a certain amount of skill that they would automatically get for being there (like 0.5 skill) but at the same time you can just choose to skip this mission and the current system in Rebuild 1 and 2 would take place.

Zombie Mini-games

I think you should be have an option to activate or deactivate mini-games when your attacked. My mouse is really bad and it lags a lot so I would be screwed in something like that. For the people who do want to play the mini-game, ok, but let others have the option not to.

More Settings + Smaller Teams + Spanish! :D

Hi! =D

I'd like to propose some 'things':

1.- Campaign mode! I mean, I've played near to 100 times to Rebuild 2, with different difficulties and so, but it ends up being kind of boring... I think a larger play mode as a campaign with different settings could provide gamers LOTS of fun.

You can start trying to stop the plague with your army of survivors and end up loosing it, and then your small team has to take the city again. Later on you pick a small group of survivors and run into a forest to advance (don't know the aim). Maybe in the last stage it could have to advance from a ship to an island to create a safe place...

2.- Smaller team: Maybe I'm too sensitive, but I LOVE to know my team. When I get more than 10 survivors, it becomes harder to remember people's name. Therefore, if someone dies, I don't care about him/her, I just want to find another to substitute him/her, as if they were just mere objects. Well, I like to have an army like this, but a play mode in which you had to survive with your team and there were fewer survivors appearing. You know, more The Walking Dead (until the end of season 3 [hope this is not an spoiler for you, LOL]) or Resident Evil.

If you know and put a name to your survivors, you get more involved in the events, wounds and deaths that happen.

3.- Finally, my last little shit going out from my mind: translate it into Spanish!

I've just finished my third degree on English Philology... it is summer... I'm not rich yet... come on! =P

S. Alexander (talk)

Great idea with the scenarios it could really improve the game if you had a more progressive story. You should also have a great tech three, and generel more ways to upgrade. I think if we combined my stadium idea, the combo might be great. we need to have a small core that we can know and trust before we can expand to the many faceless. I think it would help to know each charecter better if they had some personality traits. Maybe two of our survivors a nurse and an engineer, turned soldier are actually married and have a little daughter, and a teenage son, and while the daughter is with them at the fort, eating her daily ration maybe contributing a little to the morale but otherwise being useless is there with them, but their teenage son is missing. Maybe he is out there somewhere curled under a desk, maybe he is one of them, they don't know, they can't know, but no matter what they want to protect little Emily and keep her safe. Sure hope we have a hospital when that infection comes so she won't die. Rphb (talk) 18:53, 13 November 2013 (UTC)


Hi i just started but if a group of people get super low morale maybe they could split off and take some of your territories and become an entirely new faction that is automatically at war with you?

Another great idea. I support itRphb (talk) 23:26, 21 November 2013 (UTC)

tanker trucks

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Suggestions on Rebuild 3

Hi guyz I am here just to suggest to you on the creating of Rebuild 3. I think this game should have more choices for example if you are scouting the place and u encounter some zombies then how should u take them out with blend in (get some blood on your face and act like them ), stealth( supressor Guns like sniper ), loud and violence like bombs and assault rifles, or run away.

And if you can then plz plz plz make a free and online version of it.

Have some more type of guns and buildings like assault rifles, sniper, bombs etc. Buildings like Gym, Bar, Armory, normal houses etc.

and yeah like other people have also mentioned it to create a mini-game then in that mini-game you should only control yourself and move and aim with your gun if you have one or else then just fight with bare hands or wait for the other survivors to die then join the fight.

Ideas to Rebuild 3

Rebuild 2 was an improvement over rebuild 1 but the general layout was the same. While I think the five skills are great, I think a more realistic less rigid grid structure would be able to improve the experience.

I also think that the game is too easy, remember we are talking about a treat that have destroyed civilisation so it must be tough, much tougher then a ragtag band of survivors can take on their own. My general idea is that we add severely new buildings the most important of these, the Stadium. In times of prosperity stadiums and their ancient predecessors coliseums, were used for entertainment and fun, but in the dark ages as society broke down, many of these ancient buildings of leisure and fun was transformed into fortresses, with everything inside needed for a small town. I think the modern day stadiums can be used for that again. My idea is that instead of starting with for random squares in the centre of the map. Five survivors, a leader, a builder, a scavenger, an engineer and a scientist (all level 1)band together after having cleared out the undead of the cities old stadium. The stadium then serves as the core of operations. It and other buildings, should be able to be upgraded, to different levels, limited by the skills of the engineers, the level of recourses and tools available and of course, the constant zombie attacks.

The external dimension of the stadium should be 4x4 city blocks, and internally it should be 3x3. The stadium itself offers room for up to five people to sleep in, but if you want to recruit more survivors you have to carefully mange the space inside. The fields are fertile and can immediately be transformed into farms or dwelling areas, but with the right tools and resources even laboratories and schools can be build.

The difficulty should be increased tenfold. While it is possible to conquer lands outside the stadium, this feat should be practically impossible for anyone but the most seasoned of warriors. Instead effort should be used to defend and improve the defence of the stadium and finding precious resources. The old Rebuild game only had two resources, moral (which for some reason was called happiness) and rations. Both are good, but for a fortress to be able to withstand the onslaught of the undead, we would need more then that. My idea is that we will add three more basic resources, wood, steal and concrete, all three are needed for the defence of your fort and for these that want to create the more advanced buildings. As the space is spare the survivors would need ways to live close together. As dwelling areas should also be able to be ugraded. At first they would only be able to be simple sheds but when fully upgraded dozens of survivors would be able to live within a single city block.

Another important aspect would be the toolbox. Engineers as well as soldiers needs tools to be able to work. It is critical that all soldiers carry weapons, they are defenceless without weapons. In the toolbox we can have all kinds of tools, from simple tools like hammers and screwdrivers, to intermediate tools that can be created using other tools like a plough (needed to create a farm) to electrically powered machines of wonder like these used before the apocalypse (to use the later your scientist would of course first need to find a way to create electricity). It wouldn’t be a bad thing to have multiple number of the same tools in your toolbox, because while tools aren’t consumed like resources when building or expanding your structures, they are used by that engineer and no one else can use them while he or she is using them, therefore to have four hammers in your toolbox means that four engineers can work on tasks that requires hammers at once.

Of course being comfortable in your stadium fortress isn’t enough to win the game, to do that you would need to actually retake the city, and some makeshift fort around a couple of newly cleared buildings aren’t nearly good enough to do that, afterall if it were zombies wouldn’t have been able to take over the city in the first place. What you need here is walls of concrete, high and thick and heavily defended. Building a wall on just one side of a block takes time and effort, and a block aren’t completely safe inside your fortress until it is completely separated from the zombie infested city outside, by a thick and high wall of concrete. When building walls you would need a new level of strategy. While holding 8 blocks at once might be incredibly difficult, the amount of resources needed to build a wall around them would only be a fraction of what it would take if you build it around each block individually.

Where do you get the resources? The main source of concrete are highways. In a past era these were used as a fast way to transport cars, but now they are just a hindrance, that only create easy access for zombies. You can’t even expand your fort past a highway as it creates a perfect place for zombies to pour in. Highways needs to be destroyed, they have lots of concrete that can be cut up and transported to the fort where they can help build your defences, and once there are at least one city block distance between a highway fragment and your desired fort border, you can start building a wall there. So to summerize, highways gives concrete resources, when enogh blocks are taken from a highway fragment, it is destroyed leaving the space open to be used for other things.

Wood is mainly used for dwellings and lots of the old city’s shops are still made from it. You may be careful where you harvest wood, as the building you take it from will be gradually destroyed, and the rule of diminishing returns apply, so you will never get the same amount as you take.

Steel if fairly easy to find in the zombie infested city, literally thousands of abandoned cars litter the streets which does no one any good.

Winding the game is a step by step progress and not as simple as in the old versions. Taking out the Last Judgement gangs is always helpful, but ultimately it doesn’t help with the zombie problem, so it cannot be considered a win to defeat them. It is very helpful however as it decreases the stress of the forts defence, and gives you access to all the tools that the gang had accumulated.

Fixing a helicopter is also no win, It gives you advantages like scouting the city gives you the opportunity to make context with other cities, but ultimately it only have a limited amount of fuel and can’t take all the survivors with it, and finally the zombies are a global problem, so there is no where to escape to anyway. Basically if you can’t make a stand here, you can’t make it anywhere.

Therefore the only way to truly win, is to create a large self sufficient fortress, with an ordered government, that can then serve as a capital, as you try to rebuild in other cities, with all the know how and resources you now have.

In short the grid should be more asymmetrical, the city shouldn’t be completely square, but still have clear defined borders. In the centre of particularly large cities there can even be a few skyscrapers. A skyscraper is a special 4x4 building, that both can house great resources and survivors, but due to its complexity is impossible to completely clear of zombies, and like a highway you can’t build your fort near it, as zombies can then drop from the high floors and into your fort. Your best course of action, when you have the tools available, is to destroy them, and clear out the debris.

A second special area is the outside. The outside is the limit of the city where there are no more city blocks, normal roads don’t go out there, but highways do. What is special about the outside is that it cannot be cleared, nor conquered.

A winning tactic from the old rebuild games was to find a corner of the city and then just expand from there, so you only had two fronts you had to defend. That is dumb. With this game there should be no advantages of reaching the city limit beyond the satisfaction that you have cleared the whole city, there would still be zombie attacks, and they will only be more vicious and less predictable. Rphb (talk) 16:47, 13 November 2013 (UTC)

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