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Sarah's decisions

  • refer to it as research in the game
  • scientists are renamed engineers and sometimes called researchers
  • new tech panel showing tech tree and progress
  • see current tech tree or screenshot of v1
  • items further down the tree require 1 or more earlier tech and take longer to complete
  • research is NOT shared between cities
  • research is still done in a lab
  • some techs unlock special Buildings or craftable Items
  • a couple techs at the end of the tree can be researched repeatedly
  • some tech needs a plot or event trigger before it is shown/available to research
  • free tech might be awarded during random/plot events
  • tech is not just knowledge, but execution; eg you might already know how to make fertilizer in an abstract way, but need to research to figure out how to fertilize the fields in the current city with the tools on hand

Sarah's chosen technologies

Rebuild mobile had 12 things you could research. The new tech tree (live / screenshot) has 38. I want it to be harder to just research them all, so you have to choose which path to take. I probably won't include all of these in the final game, and may add others.

  • policies - can create policies that affect the whole fort
  • signs - attract survivors with graffiti. + chance of random event
  • diplomacy - respect increases 10% more when dealing with factions
  • radio - attract survivors + chance of random event, with policy
  • full retreat - instantly call everyone back to surround a police station or tower in the fort
  • teaching - training in schools is 5% faster.
  • improved scouting - training provides + scouting speed and safety.
  • attack mobs - can kill mobs and regular visible zombies
  • spot hostiles - enemy faction units become visible & counter-attackable
  • paramedics - basic med training. passive +5% chance of injury instead of death
  • surgery - advanced med training. passive +5% chance of injury instead of death
  • medkits - can create this equippable item in workshop, % chance of being expended in the field to turn a death into an injury
  • basic construction - allows building house, bar, church
  • car batteries - basic electricity to run workshop tools
  • pipe bombs - can create equippable item, may be expended in the field to grant +100 zombie killing power
  • meat bombs - can create this equippable (stackable?) item in workshop, % chance of being expended to distract zombies and prevent injury
  • generators - advanced electricity, +happiness based on policy. unlocks events
  • electric fences - further upgrade to a single builder after improved fences, +defense
  • improved fences - upgrade can be built on a single building, +defense
  • farm construction - allows building farms
  • fertilizer - farms produce more food
  • irrigation - farmers produce way more food.
  • repeat improved farms - can be researched over and over for bonus to food production
  • pesticides - prevent food loss during random events
  • tower construction
  • bunker construction
  • turret construction
  • advanced construction - allows building schools, lab, workshop, hospital. Unlocks when you have a level 6 builder in the fort
  • repeat improve defense - can be researched over and over for a small bonus to defense on all fort buildings
  • basic traps - workshops can create equippable item that must be placed with a mission, permanent upgrade to building will kill 1 of zombie per day
  • advanced traps - kill 3 zombies per day
  • zombie vitals - figure out you have to shoot them in the head, 10% bonus to killing speed
  • zombie attractor - like trap but pulls in zombies from nearby squares to form a mob or static mob, disappears after several turns
  • zombie avoidance - 25% decrease in danger from distance mission is from fort
  • silent fort - 10% decrease in zombies flocking to the fort
  • armor - don't let them bite your arm or neck, 5% decrease in danger
  • disease vectors - blood, spit, infected dogs, signs of infection, fewer random events involving someone bitten
  • zombie antivenom - hidden tech, unlocks with plot


namic Sarahnorthway (talk) If research can only be done on a lab, but you need to research "advanced construction" in order to BUILD labs... people can get screwed by their starting proximity to a lab, or if a faction takes the only one over. I'll need to:

  • massage city so you start nearish a lab
  • award "advanced construction" automatically when a builder reaches level 5
  • avoid making tech so good it's no longer optional..?

Woolfe (talk) Perhaps some research has prerequisites, like a lab building, and others don't. So some research can be done without a lab, but any really fine stuff would need it. Or allow people to create a "makeshift lab"(maybe other buildings as well) that does the same thing as the actual LAB but has penalties or resrictions.--Woolfe (talk) 02:45, 11 June 2013 (UTC)

Sarahnorthway (talk) Should workshops and craftable items ONLY be unlockable via research? Probably yes because:

  • it's not a very rich system
  • it's complicated and should be hidden from newbs

Woolfe (talk) Maybe have some "crafted" items turn up here and there as random drops. So maybe someone else out there has crafted something, and then lost it somehow.--Woolfe (talk) 02:45, 11 June 2013 (UTC)

Sarahnorthway (talk) Is the whole tree (screenshot) going to fit without on the infoMenu without scrolling? Do I need some horrid dynamic system to display progress? How will it pop up when you start a research mission so you can click on what to research next? How much UI work is this thing worth?

Theking (talk) There should be different trees. Because this will be a non-linear game , each decision I make should have an influence on what tech I discover or make. Also , to make this game more non-linear than other non-linear games , each tech tree should have many subtrees , each subtree given to me according to the decision I make , and each subtree should have subtrees , and so on. Also I hated the thing in Rebuild 2 where every survivor who joins my place is stupid and dumb!!! I want to find , for example , Engineer survivors , with high research skills , but still , Engineers should be able to teach other dumb people how to engineer!!! Also , a tech upgrade could be an accessory , which I may or may not need.Theking (talk)

Technologies to research

Miguelinileugim (talk)

Acknowledgements to:

Basic technologies

Requires a lab.


  • Med-kits (not an item!)
    • No requirements
    • Easy to research
    • Decreases chances of death and chances of injury, though those who don't end up dead would end injured, so the number of injuries would stay the same
  • Grenades (not an item!)
    • No requirements
    • Easy to research
    • Increases the military skill of all survivors with non-zero military skill
  • Radios (not an item!)
    • No requirements
    • Easy to research
    • Increases random survivor arrivals
  • Binoculars (not an item!)
    • No requirements
    • Easy to research
    • Makes 100% safe to scout in neighboring squares
  • Boats (not an item!)
    • No requirements
    • Easy to research
    • Allows fishing at rivers for food after you've built boats (you can "upgrade" rivers to rivers with fishing boats)


  • Basic construction
    • No requirements
    • Easy to research
    • Allows simple structure construction and modifications/upgrades of buildings
    • Allows advanced construction technology
  • Traps (not an upgrade!)
    • Requires basic construction
    • Medium to research
    • Bonus to combat (see combat)
  • Fences (upgrade)
    • Easy to research
    • Requires basic construction
    • Allows building fences to increase the defense of a particular square (see combat)
  • Electricity (production and transport as an unlimited resource)
    • No requirements
    • Medium to research
    • Happiness boost
    • Allows advanced technologies

Undead The electricity should require like car batteries or just normal batteries

Advanced technologies

Requires a super-lab, a level >6 scientist and electricity researched.


  • Advanced construction
    • Requires basic construction
    • Medium to research
    • Allows advanced building
  • Electric fences (upgrade)
    • Requires fences
    • Requires advanced construction
    • Medium to research
    • Allows upgrading fences to electric fences for a huge combat bonus (see combat)
  • Prefabricated traps (not an item!)
    • Requires traps
    • Requires advanced construction
    • Hard to research
    • Bonus to combat (see combat)

Sarahnorthway (talk) These might be best as a 1-use item you produce in an engineering workshop. If a survivor has one equipped, you can drag them onto a building outside the fort and a special mission "place trap" will be available. Same for zombie attractors and advanced traps.

  • Advanced defense
    • Requires electric fences
    • Requires prefabricated advanced traps
    • Can be researched multiple times
    • Difficulty to research increases the more times you research it
    • Gives a passive bonus to defense

Sarahnorthway (talk) Great idea to have a few techs (defense and farming) that you can keep researching forever


  • Explosives (not an item!)
    • Requires grenades
    • Hard to research
    • Increases the military skill of all survivors with >3 military skill
  • Silent vehicles (not an item!)
    • Requires electricity
    • Hard to research
    • Allows survivors to use vehicles, of which there's an unlimited supply (gas is everywhere, cars are everywhere, what's the problem?). Bonus to scavenging (due to survivors being able to carry everything they find) and reduction of mission risk, both due to range and in general (vehicles are excellent for fleeing)
  • Advanced food production
    • Can be researched multiple times
    • Difficulty to research increases the more times you research it
    • Gives a passive bonus to food production


  • Zombie studies
    • No requirements
    • Hard to research
    • Allows biology technologies
  • Zombie domestication (drugs)
    • Requires zombie studies
    • Very hard to research
    • Allows using zombies to do survivor tasks automatically (e.g farming, the job farming will become unavailable as it will be done by zombies)
  • Zombie cure
    • Requires zombie studies
    • Extremely hard to research, it will make some random events happen at some points like "we need a volunteer to continue" or "we need Mr.Crazy scientist papers to continue"
    • Allows special buildings and actions (that give huge bonuses and/or trigger an ending)

Zombieslayer1000 (talk) i just have some ideas for techs that deal with other factions

  • Language
    • spanish- this allows you to have a fifty percent chance to have a sucsessfull spying mission
    • german- this allows you to have a seventy five chance to have a sucsessfull spying mission
    • Zombieapocalypseian- A brand new language that gives you a ninety five percent chance of a sucsessfull spying mission
  • Charisma
    • Wash clothes- improves trading and respect with factions by a little bit
    • Wash self- improves trading and respect with factions by some
    • Wash fort- improves trading and respect with factions by a lot

Technology Books and Manuals

Saarkin (talk) Once the Library has been recovered, rebuilt, and staffed it will be possible to periodically recover lost knowledge as the Librarian works there. These books will allow you to uncover and relearn lost knowledge for improving your life and those of your citizens. Some of these technologies you uncover will be stepping stones to something else and may have multiple progression points.

Electricity Books

  • "Basic Generator Maintenance" - Teaches you how to repair generators you find to power buildings
    • "Wiring, Splicing, and Cables" - Gives your people the required skills to interconnect buildings for power sharing needs
      • "Solar Panels and You" - With this manual you will be able to rebuild solar panels you find and use them to feed power into the dormant city grid
        • "The Oxford Compendium of Nuclear Power Plants" - Allows you to restore normal power use to the whole area you control.

Water Books

  • "Basic Water Storage: Your Guide On How To Survive The Apocalypse" - Helps you to keep your stored and found water clean and healthy.
    • "Rain Collectors and Grey Water Systems" - Allows you a random chance of recovering used water or water from nature to supplement your water stores.
      • "Public Water Works and How They Work...s" - Ahh now that the normal city water system is up again your people can finally take a bath.

Automotive Manuals

  • "Automotive Basics"
    • "Advanced Automotive Engineering"

Medical Text Books

  • "Mother's Wisdom: Herbal remedies only your mother could come up with" - They'll make you stop complaining about what ails you for fear of another dose. (25% chance of your people recovering)
    • "Stopping the Bleeding!" - Your guide to not dying (50% chance of your people recovering)
      • "Lets CUT to the Chase" - Surgical Basics (75% chance of your people recovering)
        • "A Surgical Strike" - An advanced medical guide (100% chance of your people recovering)

Justice Books

  • "No $%^* Sherlock!" - Observation Skills will now be super obvious!
    • "Popping the Question" - How to interrogate people to gain some info they don't want to share.
      • "Breaking the Bank" - Advanced Interrogation skills to break into the mental "vault" and steal their secrets.
        • "Super Slueth!" - Advanced Crime Solving skills. Nothing is beyond your abilities.

(more to come)

Miguelinileugim (talk)

OK, I'll ask for permission this time :), may I do a minor edit of your idea to improve it's format and make it a little easier to process?

Saarkin (talk)

I appreciate the offer but I like it as it stands and I will fine tune it as I go. Thank you for the offer.

Discussion: Tech tree

DEFCON (talk) The title says it all

Darklim (talk) While I am quite fond of tech trees, I have the feeling that it wouldn't fit Rebuild to let the player plan its tech. So far, one of the things I especially liked about Rebuild's tech is that you never know what you'll discover next. This "wild discoveries" aspect is really what got me into reclaiming laboratories early in the game. There is a lot of possible things to do, though; tech items, for example. Ressearching "BBQ" could lead to the mythical zombie-crisping "Flamethrower".

Miguelinileugim (talk) Well, on the other sides there are minmaxers/masterminds/OCD maniacs like me who just can't live without knowing what's next, what about completing the research tree each time you develop a tech and keeping it between games? So after developing the tech tree on easy, I would have that knowledge for nightmare.

Though, let players manually unlock the technologies (with a big spoiler alert) so players who accidentally deleted their cookies, minmaxers and noobs would be able to unlock that tree in advance.

Darklim (talk) Also maybe include an in-game option to buy knowledge about what's next (like sending gasoline to the 1337 cREw to learn how to discover most of the electronics-related techs).

Miguelinileugim (talk) Nah, if a technology is sooo advanced that you require some plot thing then is OK, but depending of a particular faction for all the electronic-related techs is too much.

Though, maybe for the "internet" technology you'll require 1337crew help, and for the "cure" the scientist factions, and for the "anti-zombie virus" you'll require the government.

But in the other hand, being able to research those independently would prevent many problems (like those factions being wiped out by zombies/factions or surviving unrealistically). What if just a bonus?

Darklim (talk) Wow wow wow, I didn't say that the player need a faction to actually unlock a tech; they can only know what's next. See it as scouting: they're willing to draw you the map of the tech tree, but it's up to you to explore the actual thing. Or you can go full blind, and disregard their offer to show you what's next.

Miguelinileugim (talk) Nah, that's a waste of resources, if it's just for knowledge you could get by finishing the game once and drawing the tech tree yourself then it doesn't make any sense.

Better to uncover the tech by actually going blind for the first time (and immediately for players who request it as a hidden option).

Darklim (talk) You're right. Guess roguelikes had too much of an influence on me.

Miguelinileugim (talk) Yes, actually FTL is one of the most frustrating games I've ever played, it's like if someone designed a game to punish OCD's and minmaxers.

Sarahnorthway (talk) I'm one of those ocd minmaxers. The Endless Space tech tree is like porn to me. But it seems like most Rebuild 2 fans could take or leave it and there are more important things to work on, so I'll try not to go overboard.

Essay: Improvised research

Miguelinileugim (talk)

Would it make sense to be able to develop the technology of cold fusion to power the colony? It doesn't and you know why? Because with all the technology and advances of the pre-apocalyptic world they couldn't discover it, why do you think a few survivors with low-quality instruments should be able to advance farthest?

There must be a limit to the technological level achievable, without advanced industry most things have to be created manually, that means that they can't build cars, they can't build robots, they can build RPGs. At most they can build improvised bikes, simple machines and low-quality guns, but nothing else.

"Technological advance is an inherently iterative process. One does not simply take sand from the beach and produce a Dataprobe. We use crude tools to fashion better tools, and then our better tools to fashion more precise tools, and so on. Each minor refinement is a step in the process, and all of the steps must be taken" Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

Sarahnorthway (talk) I _loved_ those voice clips. They're the reason I want to do voiceovers for major achievements/plot points/endings.

So, don't expect to research anything new if everything old has been lost, the only real advancement would be researching a cure or a zombie-killing virus, but that can only be done with the same equipment of the scientist who started it all, that you'll have to find (which is in your city by coincidence).

Why reinvent the wheel?

Most of the stuff you would be researching would be stuff you sort of know how it works but don't have the right equipment to make it (e.g fertiliser) so rather that just researching the tech you would have to scavenge from a building e.g. to make electricity you would take a generator not build it. For example researching a well (say 4 turns) would reveal highlighted buildings containing drilling equipment (e.g. shop, mall, etc.) to gain the tech you would carry out a mission in one of these buildings (2 turns) and when finished you would gain a well (increases population limit).

This would would allow tech without having omnismart scientists. Also the higher the tech the rare the number of highlighted buildings (e.g. DIY UAV may only be available in two buildings on the map) there could also be higher tech that you can't research on one map because the building isn't on the map but can research another you couldn't on the last map. This would create a tech tree that changes every map changing how you play and win e.g. high tech military buildings victory through firepower! Got more science buildings hold them off till you complete the cure. Each of these tech modules fits in an appropriate building (lab, work shop, etc) and is marked with an (optional) graphic. And yes lose the building lose the tech plus it could get stolen by another fraction

To get the most out of you stuff you would recycle everything you could. So you could have a production chain starting with (new building) a dump where all the rubbish of your colony goes (gained from scavenging and constantly produced by people lots of it). In this dump it gets sorted into organic, metal, rubble which is then used to supply other buildings (e.g.pyrolysis plant turns organic into natural gas and char) which then supplies more advanced modules e.g. nat gas + nitrogen = fertiliser then fert plus aluminium to anaesthetic and so on. Each stage provides a bonus e.g. nat gas heating plus 5 morale, nitrogen reduced chance of fire. The only resource counter (next to food counter) is for amount of rubbish in the colony each process just adds to the rate you use it and if you reach zero one by one the modules shut down along with their benefits.

Most of the modules allow you to produce a temporary item eg. fertiliser can build bomb trap which draws and kills zombies in square (mission has reduced risk), wood (from organic) allows you to build a sign which has a chance to attract survivors from nearby squares. Can be used once to 5 times and takes turns to manufacture. high end stuff would be something an ultrasonic gun which draws and kills zombies from three squares or Methamphetamine to reduce building times.

Sarahnorthway (talk) I like the idea of realistic requirements for tech but I'm worried people won't be able to play the way they want to because the resources or buildings aren't available. On the other hand, it would add replay value and make each map unique... so maybe one key tech (electricity from generators) isn't available on small city maps, and once it is it opens up a whole branch that wasn't there before. Maybe. I agree you should need resources to build some things, but I think they'll be more generic (like "building materials" or "medicine"). The more uses that one resource has, the more likely you'll have to decide between two ways to use it.

User:nemo yeah the idea of multiple resources was a bit hard to do. For the buildings maybe low end tech would be more along the lines of do I want to use the nickel catalyst I found in the hardware store to produce fertiliser or explosives (ethanol = plastics/alcohol/molotov, electrolysis = soap/battery etc.) each time I find a building with the nickel catalyst I get a choice (if I claim them all I get all techs or most of them if it's higher tech stuff)

Miguelinileugim (talk) Good ideas, but I guess they're a bit hard to apply :)

it's more of an unrefined idea that can be that could be changed and simplified. Just to get people thinking really

I would like to see more non trap items though and more civilian tech:

zombie free fm: use the radio to contact people reveals one survivor building every time (mission from the watch tower)

mobile speaker system: when used on a recruit mission attracts one more survivor

outpost kit: allows you to use (like you have claimed it) a building for a few turns (increases number of zombies in square after you leave) (so I wouldn't have my best soldier die on me just before I got the hospital)

power tools: reduces building/reclaiming (temp item)

near infra red lights: basic night vision which increases your total defence

penicillin: reduces injury time (tech)

Humanure: increases farm production but increase chance of illness (work till you cancel the tend mission)

locksmith: increases amount and food and items produced by scavenging

Miguelinileugim (talk) I've recently made hyper-improved tech tree based on the Sarah's one, and I think that your ideas doesn't actually fit there, I mean, some of them are basically overkill and with sooo many possibilities it's not realistic to add every one of them to the game.

Still, it's a very good start, keep contributing to the wiki Nemo! Don't forget to put three ~ at the start of your posts to get recognition :)

Xiaolaoshu (talk) I think most research is re-inventing the wheel in Rebuild. After all, we are starting off with random survivors so most people don't know how to do something like build effective walls, fix cars, any medical stuff or grow their own food. It might be interesting to require the development of really basic technologies to function. That being said, these technologies could be gained via research (of course), scavenging (especially libraries and schools) or could be as part of a survivor's package (i.e. finding a farmer gives farming tech, an electrician basic wiring/generator tech). Basic technology availability can be a starting option or part of general difficulty settings. Giving free technology is nice bonus but somethings still would require items or facilities. One further note, some of the technology research might be considered part infrastructure creation. So basic electrification 'research' might be less studying and more stringing together batteries and generators.


RachniKiller (talk). Remote controlled cars with cameras: (makes scouting, scavenging and killing zombies safer)

Automated Defense: Gives motion detecting gun torrents (increases defense, costs power, chance of hurting allies if they are outside the base?)

Military Drones: Military grade drones that can clear zombies in areas close to your base and perform scouting functions (Advanced late game tech,need to find or trade for parts to make them, Could be used similarly to survivors?)


I thought about this to but I tried to keep it more towards something that you could build from stuff you could find e.g. RC cars (never understand why they are never used in zombie movies) but also stuff like Microsoft kinetic powered sentry gun (maybe upgrading the software repeatedly to increase your defence) or maybe just a wired up sit on mover with the blades in more appropriate zombie killing positions

Darklim (talk) You know what? The military drones could damn well be an object. Like dogs.

Other Technologies

Xiaolaoshu (talk)

  • Food Technologies- Proper and efficient handling of food is a vital skill set.
    • Preservation (increase food storage, reduce health risk from spoilage)
    • Game Preparation (increase food from hunting)
    • Wild Food Sources (enables gathering of wild plants, fungi, edible insects etc)
    • Trapping (increase hunting chances)
    • Gourmet cooking (morale boost)
    • Alcohol Production (divert some of farm production to beers and wines for morale boost)
    • Distillation (hard alcohol is a good disinfectant, fuel and ammo source).
  • Chemistry- This is so insanely useful: making acids/bases, explosives, simple medicines, recycling materials. Some of it might be covered under other technologies but a good chemist would at least increase the production of materials even if not be required.

Idea: Additional Technologies

My idea is that there should be incredibly rare weapons. If you ever played WAW then you may know what I am talking about. Having you own version of something like the ray gun would just awesome in my opinion. If you were to implement such an advanced technology, it shouldn't really be able to be constructed, ( unless by brilliant scientists and engineers ), but rather found in laboratories, and rare to do so. Then, when obtained it would be difficult to maintain, but incredibly powerful. Able to destroy hordes and hordes of zombies within seconds. Also, if you know what game I am talking about, why not put technology similar to that of WAW and only WAW that is able to give that dark feeling that should, ( in my opinion ), be a quality of every zombie based media.
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