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I think you should check out the books: The Enemy, The Dead, The Fear and The Sacrific all by Charlie Higson. The are excellent zombie style books and I think i would provide fantastic scenarios for the game. Especially the way in which the adults evolve and gain intelligence. I think the way St. George and Wormwood work should be added to the game. Max24833 Love the books. Love everything about them.

(George Frick) A small simple suggestion/thought. I loved rebuild 2 except for a few things, that I hope will be addressed: 1) The sound is sooooooooo loud, I keep turning it down, and it comes back like a zombie. 2) I seemed to always either crush or be crushed, I couldn't figure out how to do better at the higher difficulty levels. Can the difficulties be a little more progressive? I'd like to make more serious efforts at the difficult levels; but it seems like I'm either choosing easy or "don't bother".

(Cloven) Just a Few random idea's (and my 2 cents) that I've had after reading through these pages:

  • Terrain: The idea of a curtain wall might not really be that viable to your average zombie survival group, (admittedly makes programming life easier!) how about using the city's terrain and having players build off of that? Barricade streets with cars, close off sidestreets to funnel zombie attacks into strong points? This would help add a depth to combat strategy. Maybe impassible add areas, eg rivers, that can provide natural defenses (This all ties in with the above idea about guard placement)


  • Less people: You've suggested having less survivors? I like the idea of a close knit team working together however imo that doesn't fit so well with the idea of 'take and hold' like rb1+2 and would me more suited to a nomadic type existence a bit like 'the walking dead' series (apart from the months in the farm!), how about you group moving through the city from block to block as resources dry up? Bringing you into natural conflict with other groups or possibly recruitment opportunities or scenarios (could be used to drive a story arc?)?

Wizzid (talk) This idea is actually kinda cool, have maybe two game modes? Have a Survive scenario, goal is to reach point A of the map to Point X with a group consisting of Y survivors. You get points for each zombie eliminated and for each survivor that makes it. Then have the conquest where it follows the theme of the original Rebuild games and you try to take back a whole area.


  • Micro Management: If you dont like the sound of that; How about adding mundane tasks that just take some survivors out of your 'available manpower' pool? eg, for every 10 survivors you find 5 of them need to do non player controlled 'day-to-day' tasks like cooking, cleaning, maintenence? This way you don't have a daft situation with a whole city having 25 people manning it but dont have to micro manage as much.
  • Equipment: I wouldn't go overboard on items, maybe 1 type of clothing / armour (it doesn't all need to be kevlar vests! Even a biker jacket is really quite bite proof!), 1 weapon and 1 'special' for each survivor. Perhaps less guns? Make them rarer but more powerful? I'm sure even in America you don't find assualt rifles and RPG's lying around on street corners. And surely if you did, other people would have gotten to them first?
  • Personal Involvement: I think that the involvement of the player as a character in this survival situation should take a larger role, for example having to fight zombies in raids and maybe having some "Walking Dead" style dialogue bits when you are recruiting, etc. Would be fun! Also could have a Grand Theft Auto style "Roam" thing where you can walk around your town and see what's going on


  • Fear Factor: For me morale seemed a bit of an odd resource, it's the end of the world, odds are everyones going to be pretty miserable. Imo people's effectiveness would be more likely to be affected by how likely the prospect of an imminent, messy and painful death is! This could be alot more up and down on a daily basis than morale, eg after an attack people would be shell shocked and scared s**tless, and much less effective on missions! But after a couple of days zombie free people would be a lot more confident again!
  • Traits: This could tie in with injuries, no need to go too overboard maybe 1 at most 2 for survivors (1 physical eg fit, overweight, strong etc. 1 psychological, eg, jumpy, nerves of steel, etc), these would be representative individual characters and effect how people perform in different roles. ie, a 'coward' would be useless in combat, but great at backline duties, whereas an 'action junkie' might get bored if theres not a constant stream of zombies to smash! Could be changed or acquired by survivors experiences (as an example a survivor sent on multiple missions on there own - 'loner' gets bonuses to effectiveness when assigned to missions alone)

To add on to this, maybe create a random "pool" of traits for the survivors. Each one could have a few ( 1 at the very least, maybe 3-5 at the most if possible). No conflicting traits of course ( like having both "Coward" and "Action Junkie" traits on a single survivor ). Also, if there was a dynamic progression of the survivors as the game goes on then their experiences could change and remove traits, Ex. the "losing an eye" event in Rebuild 2 could assign that as a trait to the affected survivor and maybe remove anypositive traits like having excellent vision.

What if some traits like losing an eye can help and harm, like if you lose an eye, you may get killed faster but you could be a better scoper and more accurate?

(Wizzid) Things we should be aware of should we follow certain suggestions, thoughts or ideas:

  • Less People: There might be less people, this could be acceptable. However how do you take back a city? how long does it take a group of 10-20 people secure each building, each parking lot, home and so forth. Realistically if there is only 10-20 people, you are only going to take enough that you need at first and expand when necessary. have it so we are finding survivors that hear a radio transmission, can work in or against your favor. Maybe you have some signs set up leading people to a safe zone outside of your main city for them to rest. Having a million survivors on each map, bad idea I agree. Having a limited supply is good, but still have to think about any horde attacks and so forth, so things would have to be balanced accordingly.
  • Traits: Love this idea. I know in the original Rebuild I had one of my leaders lose his eye 4-5 times (I am the one that stabs people in the eye dammit), if this stuff happens, we need it to stick. There are some injuries that could prevent you from using somebody to attack or build in an area. Maybe somebody is only as useful as sitting on the wall or inside a tower shooting at zombies, or using a hoe to ready a farm.
  • Fear Factor, Morale: I like the Fear Factor and think that should be something we strongly think about. As Cloven said, maybe somebody is scared of zombies and needs to be around people, or maybe you have somebody scared of people and just wants to kill zombies all day. Also Morale, in both rebuild 1 and 2 morale has been a bitch once it gets down too low. As much as I hate the "We are taking a Day off", it still fits. People dying, hunger, losing land, w/e. Morale still needs to be a big factor. High morale you can get something done quicker, maybe 50%. Maybe make Fear Factor a trait?
  • Time Scale: I like this, however what if it is only 2 that we use? As in one in the morning and then one in the evening. Otherwise we can stick with the original time scale already presented in previous Rebuilds.
  • Zombie Horde attacks: Once you have a city fully taken, why do the horde attacks stop? sure maybe they happen and they are not as strong as previously, however they can still attack. They came from somewhere anyways, so keep the attacks. Maybe they just happen less frequently once you have taken a whole city.

Cloven's other ideas are really great also and could add a bit more, but for the most part they rock. The Terrain option, just about a lot of people would try to get land that is elevated. This would help with seeing everything around you and if you are being attacked, whoever/whatever is going to have to march up hill making it harder on them.

(Quietmarc) Maybe already suggested, but what about a timeline that scales. So, the core of the game is about what it is now, but after you "win", or maybe gradually throughout the game, time goes from day-to-day in the beginning, but the more stable and secure your city is, each turn begins to represent a week, or a month, or years (on "survival mode") where the problems are just as serious but strategies have to change (like, your walls are sturdy enough to hold back as many zombies as could ever attack, but now the herds stretch tens of thousands of corpses deep, so your city is under siege until the herd gets bored and wanders away...or a non-zombie plague that we can't cure now, pre-apocalypse, etc).

Maybe a new endgame or two, to make it less linear and introduce a reason for why the zombies are here in the first place. My idea is a time machine that can send you back to before the outbreak. Only problem is that when they get there, the outbreak wasn't an accident like everyone thought. A group called the "Cleansers"(The name can be changed) have been hiding in the dark for years, creating the zombie virus. The survivers now have to stop this virus from ever being used, and must fight the now massive cleanser group(The reason they cannot take the group out by the source is because they do not know when the group was started or where it was started). But there's one twist. EVERY character that has been in your group, including anyone that was killed, will now fight for you in order to stop them from ever releasing it.

But maybe the military already has everything figured out. Maybe they only need everyone to evacuate, and then they can fire a nuke right into the zombies. Maybe they are getting tired of waiting. Maybe they sent helicopters to evacuate everyone and it leaves in 30 days. Maybe you just have to get out of there as fast as you can, or maybe you could help evacuate people before the helicopter leaves. But maybe you are too late to get to it before then.

In the actual game, an event happens sometime, a love caravan. OK is very fun, but maybe sometime it could be a MEN caravan and man is asked to leave the city. In the same event, sometime you could get disease (STD) from the love caravan.

Also for disease, maybe, leaving someone in the Hospital could prevent disease ? So many building after you had them to your city are like useless.

In the item, we could find vehicule (cars, bus, moto) so mission could get quicker

Had some drugs? a good boost in stats (for a day or a week) with sometimes side effect (loose stats, disease, addictions)

Like in the game civilisation, maybe have great buildings like "wonders" only one by game or by scenario, with powerful effect on the survivors

Food is needed in the game, you could separate food and drink (water or esle) controlling a well or another watersource would be important, following the same idea the well could be infected, and more disease or dead except if you search for a technology that prevent it.

Facing the hordes of undead, we could "post" some guard near the block of attack for defense bonus

Create area of defense, a man in a police station had a defensive bonus to the 8 blocks around. we could post guards in every building with more or less defense bonus.

(Choubidouwa) I like the "area of defense" idea so you can just hold up 60 dudes in one police station and expect them to hold all of the walls.

The "number of survivors" in adjacent tiles should change every turn as they move on, more gather or they are turned. It would be interesting if a competing fortress could pop up somewhere on the map. Or if unhappy members of your fortress could start their own fortress. Then you could have other humans try to raid your cities instead of just zombies.

Each tile should have it's own map. So, like, when you went to scavenge a church there would be an actual church map you needed to explore. You could do one or two variations of each one as a top-down style shooter. This would give you the option of executing other survivors if they were deemed a threat.

Speaking of which, there should be a value ranking how well they fit into society. Anyone you meet should be in danger of turning on you, until you've developed a strong enough relationship with them.

With the top down shooter style maps, you could then use this map to place fortifications (you could "buy" better fortifications with supplies found. Instead of just finding wood, you could find hammers and nails and barbed wire and wood and concrete and things that would let you upgrade your defenses) You could place the fortifications on a grid to direct zombies in a certain direction and then man the walls before an attack with guards stationed in a nearby building.

Bullets should be a supply you must scavenge for.

Just because a building becomes part of your fort doesn't mean you should lose the scavenge-able materials therein.

There should be a finite number of zombies. The more you expand the more zombies it attracts. You can choose to automate defense if they attack multiple places at once. But it should be possible to clear all of the zombies from the city before you even explore all of the tiles.

It should be possible for people within your fort to become zombified. Either by being bit during an exploration, or some sort of other mishap.

There should be an endboss for one of the endings. Some ridiculous zombie monster that's super hard to kill

Items: Consider adding a page or menu where you can look at equipment available, and who is equipped with what gear. Your last game was confusing and quite irritating because you would equip one piece of equipment to one person, then the menu would close. Making finding the right person a task.

I liked the play in the first Rebuild much more than the second. The second got really restrictive in that housing only provided room for one or two more units, where the first gave a lot more (granted, I only play on the easier difficulties.)

The real time strategy aspect offered in the survey, like the Final Fantasy series, intrigues me. The combat is just "blah, blah, here's what happened" and this is an area the would be good to interact more in.

The tech paths on both games are perfect. A wide enough variety that there's differences without being too complex.

Multiplayer: There could be the possibilty of multiplayer and you all start in different cities(different cities is being discussed in the World map section) and you would eventually link up and form alliances(or vice versa) and you could do raids and such.

Work Teams: If survivors are often teamed up together, they could be more effective together, but run a risk of cliquing, alienating others and if you are also suffering unhappiness, they might defect together (to form a competing group??)

Multiplayer: Okay. One problem about multiplayer is that, plainly its been done. To do it you need the daily timescale for it to be effective and that makes the game slow and no fun. Also the game would then become to much about the multiplayer aspect and everyone would start forming groups alienating people, which would make the game less fun. So if multiplayer is done, it should be less of an important feature.

Resources: This problem is with the idea of needing certain supplies to build things(EX: Hammer,Saw,Jug,Brick,exc...), the problem is that these thing are to common. if you go to an average house the chances are extremely high that you will find these things. And another problem is losing these items after use witch isn't realistic at all. Who among your friends do you know would break a hammer after every project. Some new resources would be fun. some good ones would be water, wood, and stone. These could all be added with forest, quarry, and river. you could even make special ones that have to be fixed like burnt forest, dry well, abandoned quarrry.


  • One of the truly enjoyable elements of this game is the exploration of certain themes. it'd be nice to explore the political element further (eg having to deal with the factions on the map, or in your own stronghold).
  • On another thread there was a discussion of too gory, vs accesibility for all ages. i think if u explore the dread of the apocalypse and the forlorness of a bygone world, you'll hit the right balance w/o being graphic. in my opinion, the text from rebuild 1's messages are more towards this feeling than the 2nd one.
  • More warriors references
  • I think that Gustav should have a bunch of stuff you might be interested in or willing to trade for.
  • I really want the game to be long. I know that is asking a lot of a flash game, but I sat down and beat rebuild 2 in one sitting. A long sitting mind you, but I was hoping that there would be more levels. I also was overflowed with items in rebuild 2. I sold many unused items to Gustav, but really there was an overflow. The dogs also seemed to be glitched. I could assign them to someone, but then they appeared in my inventory. When I reassigned them it took them from the previous soldier. Other items disappeared or faded to show use, unlike dogs.

Zombies types: What about making some special zombies that randomly appear? e.g hell screamers that can summon horde quickly unless being put down or something less of a threat like a zombie that mimic a survivor knocking at the door. or there can be different common zombies around, making the use of different weapons to take them down vital. Members of the team may also have chance of getting infected if too active fighting zombies (i.e accidental scratches etc) which may result in harsh decisions to make, keep the member in or risk having one more zombie to kill.


Pentagon (talk) I was playing the original Fallout the other day, and I zombified light-bulb appear above my head: Why not use Fallout's version of RTS? Wasteland 2 also gives an idea of what this type of gameplay could be like; overhead, free movement through clicking, etc (I'll post a Fallout gameplay link below for some more ideas). I also thought talking heads would be a nice addition, if it's not too hard. If the animations prove to be out-of-the-way, than a still image would work perfectly, with or without voice-overs. You could have dialogue choices (or just general choices that use your basic booleans like R1/R2) as well. Also, the overhead RTS rooms should only be used during missions; guarding the stronghold, bartending, researching, scavenging, recruiting, annihilating zed, etc. When the player character is not involved in a mission (i.e., you sending other NPC's on a mission), it gives you the usual timer and progress.

I also thought that once the player character joins a new city, he would have to work his way up to becoming "leader", maybe as a story option, your first objective could be taking out the leader of the city who may/may not be tyrannical. Before you become leader, you're given missions to do, one of each, before becoming leader due to a random chosen by the game randomly, or by your own decisions (Do bad at farming, leader dies due to malnutrition, forget to kill one zombie, kills leader, piss in the leaders water bottle, leader dies from poisoning). Also, as a better story option, you could start the game as an unconscious survivor, found by Father Kane & co., and brought back to their stronghold (Or your city, if you chose to kill Kane and drive the gang out, or maybe you kill the gangs former leader, and Kane becomes leader once they leave or something).

Why don't we keep on going after conquering the town, like in Spore, and finally conquer the world with unique challenges like minefields and high radiation zones as well as "umbrella corp" style facility's in key city's, and a large hostile(at least until you gain their trust) military.

Shanedragonsteel (talk) Hey when we move to a new town why dont we bring all are gear in like a big bag and all are pets (( the pets should have way more diffrent names this time to many the same)) and why dont we bring up to 100 people on the hele to a new town

Add a few new factors into the game like the weather. Wandering zombie attacks would be more common place in good weather conditions and less frequent when there's 3 feet of snow on the ground. Scavaging would be more difficult in poor weather. Farming would slow down during winter conditions and speed up during the summer. Have a BIG storm hit the city that causes problems. Flooding controlled areas that can cause a temporary loss of a farm, hospital, etc. Have injuries or deaths from the big storm. Make a new research technology like Weather Prediction to lessen the effects of weather.

Create a few new building types. A command post for example. IT might be easier to assign characters from one main building than to hunt down each group's location. Hardware store, gun store, zoo, pet store, pharmacy, and other speciality buildings would provide very specific items from scavaging.

New survivor types. First of all, not all survivors found in buildings will be friendly. They might attack/kill your party that discovers them. Make a few "Elite" survivors that you may encounter. Say you find "Rambo" and he joins your group. You then get a +20 defense rating and say a +1 combat rating for the group he's in. You could find a celeberity and get a +3 happiness per week if they join the group.

(Greygrey7) I think the game needs less caravan stuff like the last game i didnt like that stuff. I like the idea that you could be morale and happiness but i think it should come like from a theater not a show like that.

There should be a way for a small sized cure to come to contact with you. You would be able to send someone off with the "Cure" to give them an extra life if they get killed by a zombie.

Interrogating faction members Being able to capture faction members and get key info from them. EX:New weapons and stuff.

(Corpserule) Zombie Bosses and End-game Weapons

I thought about it for a while, how to add Dramatic elements to the game?, so i thought about it, and u could have zombie bosses.

Here's how it works

In levels where you want a zombie boss to appear, u have it come once the player has 60%-70% of the territories on the map (easy/normal), or after a given amount of days.

When the boss is about to come, have some events such as a loud thumping sound in the distance.

The zombie boss appears, much like a horde and starts moving towards your base, day by day, fighting against the zombie boss is an instant loss, if he assaults your borders you suffer a major loss (though not instant defeat).

To defeat the boss, you need to do these in order

> Research Weapon -> "Researches possible weaknesses to zombies, and devises a weapon suitable of beating them"

After researching the weapon, it will notify you that the materials you need are in some far off corner of the map, one of the remaining non-owned squares. To get the parts, you need to...

> Scavenge the area -> standard scavenging, it will give you the weapon 100% of the time as long as its successful, note that while the weapon is in the territory, that territory cannot be reclaimed. After scavenging, you will receive the weapon

> Equip the weapon -> The weapon increases your survivor's combat strength dramatically, in addition, if u fight the boss zombie with the weapon (Either by Defending or a kill zombies mission) it is defeatable so long as u still beat its combat strenth

Anyway, thats my idea, hoping to make the end of the game more interesting for everyone

Smarter randomiser

PunkCub (talk) If possible, the randomised building placement could be improved. In my last Rebuild 2 game, I had five malls next to each other, and two police stations separated by one of them. While five apartment blocks in a row make sense, mall blocks less so (at least when placed in random directions, a certain megamall feeling by allowing them to be placed side-by-side could be nice, and maybe form a possible core for your compound).

For police stations, one per "precinct" (a rectangular of some size) would suffice, same for hospitals probably (or at least a maximum number per district/neighbourhood/whathaveyou.

Amaroq's thoughts

Amaroq (talk)

New Pets: Everyone knows that dogs are man's best friend, but what about other animals?

  • Cats: less food eaten by rats/mice and higher morale
  • Horses: Not as fast as cars, but don't need gas. Can be slautered for large food boost.
  • Work horses: Build faster and/or scavenge more resources. Can be slautered for large food boost.
  • Cows: produce small amounts of food (milk) or can be slautered for large food boost.
  • Wolf pup: rarely found when hunting, attaches itself to random person (whether or not they like it) and gives HUGE hunting boost and helps a bit zombie killing and fighting rival factions.

Delena's thoughts

I like the idea of more pets and what if you could apart from equip, train them to be better at something like scavenging and killing.

  • There could be wild life in parks and zoos (because of zoos there could be any type of animal or zombie animal).
  • Horses and cows should go in farm animals so they can be less trained but are mostly for resources and this could add animal focused farms.
  • If pets have more management there should be a veterinaries to healing them.
  • In rivers, lakes and oceans could be fish.
  • Animals could breed so that the traits pass on (like a cow that produces plenty of milk or an easily trainable dog) or just for more resources.
  • If a pet gets killed is a very little morale loss but is like a person died to its owner morale.
  • Farm and wild animals killed don't affect morale.
  • Pets and horses could be linked so it's like equipping but doesn't use a slot and the animal can still be controlled.
  • The wolf pup idea extended would be that if a wild animal is raised by people it will be domesticated but has better stats, abilities and stats max.

Miguelinileugim (talk) Actually pets work pretty much like shields, if there's a situation where the survivor would die, then only the pet dies and everybody's happy.

Just to give out some info and annoy you a bit :)

Delena (talk)

Well this are ideas and what I wrote is a bit more realistic than pets just being sort of items at least I think that.

Nachosamurai's thoughts

Nachosamurai (talk) First I'd like to say that I came onto the first one, (Rebuild 1) and played it before realizing there was already a sequel out. I definitely love the added complexity in Rebuild 2 and I feel like it does pretty much everything better than Rebuild 1, except for two things:

Rebuild 1 showed zombies on the city blocks, and I really loved that. It made the whole thing feel way more real than just empty blocks with a state for how many zombies. I realize that this is graphically harder to do since it means every building has multiple versions, but I think the pay-off is definitely worth it for thematic immersion.

In Rebuild 1, unless I'm mistaken (I haven't played it in a while), it felt way more important to discover survivors. They were more rare, and thus were a really important resource. This also added to the sense of a world that's post-apocalyptic. My biggest complaint in Rebuild 2 is how common survivors are... not only does this create a problem of having to manage too many people, but it basically ruins the immersion of a post-apocalypse.

I think that at its core, this is a 4x game. (Right or wrong, for purposes of illustration I'm gonna run with that categorization.) One of the biggest things about 4x games is the need for replay-value because you're basically replaying the same game again and again. Rebuild 3 needs to take this into account from the ground up in its design and implementation. One thing that 4x games have to do is make random maps. In Rebuild 2, of course the map is random but there's not a lot of variety between the different types of buildings... so this is an area that could really improve the game.

Lastly, I want to mention the idea of marketing Rebuild 3. If it includes some sort of combat mechanic, I really think that this game could be a huge hit. Get it on Steam's Greenlight and you're going to sell tens of thousands of copies. I loved playing the free flash versions so much that I went and bought the mobile version on my tablet just to support the development of the franchise. This is a really unique game vision and it is really fun! There's a huge market of gamers who would love to play a more fleshed out, more complicated Rebuild game.

Rasa13 thoughts

Rasa13 (talk) with all these idea's and suggestion's, i just hope that Sarah doesn't change the main gameplay. you can some minigames here and there add some tweaks but I IMPLORE YOU not to change the classic/unique/timeless gameplay. changing the main gameplay entirely is the BIGGEST mistake a develepor can do

Here's my take on what the back story should look like: in the year 2012 North Korea claimed to have put an end to their nuclear ambition and so they have. but they secretly began a different biological weapon's project known as project ZED on the most isolated lands in korea on 2013 (a month before the date of the outbreak) North Korea finally perfect'ted their formula and started testing it on animals.

It turns out the virus was unstable and spread too quickly at an alarming rate. as they thought the project was contained, one of the test subjects escaped the perimeter and only a month after the incident, 70% of humanity has been infected with ZED but on 2014 you have created a city free of ZED, a city of order and peace. but its only begun. will survive? lets see.Rasa13 (talk) 10:12, 2 October 2013 (UTC)

a suggestion for when you put this game on IOS or ANDROID, make it free for the first 24 - 48 hours that should boost popularity. its what popcap did with Plants VS Zombies 2

honestly i thought that the name gangs of deadsville as strange. if i were an unsuspecting guy surfing the web i wouldn't go to something called gangs of deadsville. i mean of all the suggestion's that were given......

Miguelinileugim (talk) Yes... it makes perfect sense that one of the most technologically backwards countries of the world develops the perfect biological superweapon secretly.

rasa13 (talk) well what else did they spend decades for? or how about south korea? Japan? Russia? that's up to you

Woolfe's thoughts

Woolfe (talk)

Ok just thought I would list the reasons I loved Rebuild 2 in a nutshell with brief comments on negative aspects.

It's simple but hard, ok once I worked out how to manage it, it ended up becoming pretty easy, with only impossible proving a challenge. BUT with the Winter add on, it made it into almost a whole new game, drastically changing my play style and making individual's more important in some ways. Sometimes it can be unforgiving, like when winter falls early. Thats not a bad thing, but is frustrating at times.

It's engaging. Even though I have played it through numerous times, I still love playing the next town to see how it will turn out. And I always play through to capturing the entire city. The only thing that may have been nice would be to have more than the "4" normal endings (plus the city capture end) so maybe even double the number. And then each game gives you a random 4 to succeed in.

The characters. This was a big improvement on the first game. The characters have character. Stats should go above 10 if they have the appropriate equipment.

The Buildings. They were simple, and yet had a certain amount of depth to them. It is a shame that you pretty much end up building just apartments and Farms tho. I too loved the way you could see the Zombies on each block in the original.

The Reports and Stories. Ultimately these are what sell the game. Oh sure the gameplay is good and fun, but it is the interesting stories and characterisations that really make it memorable. Simple things like someone else giving reports if your main character is on a mission etc these little touches add to the magic of the game. I still read a lot of them, even tho I have pretty much seen them all before.

If Rebuild 3 can keep these themes strong and expand on them with Factions and larger areas then I'll be very happy.

Alltrex's thoughts/ideas

So i think there should be a multiplayer where 4-5 people start rebuilding or go all rambo on the other rebuilders while a ai (or a human) plays tactily as zombies, The rebuilders can start war or have a trade routes, and if somebody important dies (like gustav the trader) no one else gets it so they are screwed.

I also think there should be charcter costumeizeation (or how ever it is called) where you make a SINGLE AND FORVER charcter and mabye a single town for the single player, and save towns for multiplayer so you don't lose them

There could be resources like iron, make iron bullets,copper to make copper bullets (each material means diffrent damage so if it's iron you get 10 hearts and copper 5 hearts ect.

To mine better resources (i know turning into minecraft) you need a smelter and a so many levels of mining, the more he mines, the more he earns, mines can be made in mountains

Make cutsecnes where it actually shows the people flying away in a heli (or other endings), have a research have a cut scene (electricty- the scientist has to metal rods and electricty sparks,or the cure is formulated)

Guns are really rarer because in the 2 part, i had 20 unneeded guns.

Food doesn't stops at 999 and farms predouce so much food and dies out, there could be diesiese in food to add depth.

As someone statied, zombie hordes should still go with the whole city captured, only rarer.

There can be tratiors in your group (execept for the heli explosian) and you can find enemy/friendly forts expanding.

World view where if you finished a town you can ask them resources/people/trade for the next city.

Have it where if you reached a number of people, you gain a secret ending where you get a clean industrul (i know it's wrong) residentual and commercual and win the game (with an option to play with your clean,governed city and pick where there is the 3 things listed.

Have the food not be money!

Have seasons with pluses and minuses(winter:zombies die out,summer:zombies are fasit's wrong) im just at mid


How about you add a Top Down Shooter type thing for extra realism. use your character and kill some enemies!

Yet, this is only a suggestion. . . It would be awesome, though!


So the hordes in Rebuild 2 always confused me since in the description they had the occasional "smart" zombie leader so to build on this idea how about making the zombies slightly hive minded so that when the occasional "leader" (zombie with the idea to attack the fort and not wait in herds) shows up your fort can do actually do something about it.

To explain: the fort is constantly getting attacked by hordes so a mission show up to investigate. If its succesful you find out that a "leader" in the area is commanding zombie attacks. This in turn comes up with a mission to destroy the zombie leader which will be hard since you'll have to wade into a horde but if successful ends the onslaughts, at least until another leader shows at a much later date. And if that idea works you could take it a step further and create a hive-brain leader in one of the cities that with its original strand of the virus/disease/magical source you can finally create the cure that way you don't have to keep explaining why the cure has to be made in different cities. You only have to make it once a game but its near IMPOSSIBLE.

Other Thoughts and Ideas

Axethrower23 (talk) So there are various skills the survivors may learn in Rebuild 2. Those are:

  • Leadership - recruit people/make them happy
  • Scavenging - find items
  • Combat - fight/kill
  • Science - discover/invent
  • Construction - reclaim/build/upgrade

I'd like to suggest adding a stealth and awareness/detection skill.

This could make it safer scavenging from different areas. This stealth skill could also prove useful if there were to be a "steal" or "kidnap" option when interacting with other factions. If the player has enough stealth, he/she could steal or kidnap from other factions, without them even knowing that you stole/kidnapped a person from them. But when the enemy has enough detection/awareness skill, the person you sent could either die, come back alive/injured but didn't steal anything/kidnap anyone, or succeeded but came back injured(or probably not depending on combat skill. Since he/she was detected, you should expect the other faction to do something about it).

The awareness/detection skill could also reduce danger in missions that include a small amount of people. This skill could also be used when scouting. to have a more accurate interpretation on what factors are there in a certain building/area. Well, this awareness skill could also be something like a sub-skill of combat or stealth. Maybe combining stealth and awareness would be better.

Axethrower23 (talk) when expanding the fort and adding defenses to malls, how about adding resources such as wood/metal/wires. that would make fort expansion and defense more realistic

Strykers Ideas

Stryker (talk)

  • New Zombies
    • Zombie Soldier - Increased zombie armor and risk of someone getting killed. Effect - Increased Risk of someone killed and Harder to kill.
    • Zombie Crawler - A crawling zombie which may have been cut while the military tries to kill the zombies in the infected city. Effects - Reduces Risk of someone getting killed, Slow.
    • Hazmat Suited Zombie - A zombie wearing a hazmat suit. Effects - Armor harder to kill and Increased risk

Stryker (talk) There should be sandbox mode where you get to place all sorts of buildings and number of starting survivors, food and etc. and number of reclaimed tiles then there are buttons

  • Buttons
    • Save Map
    • Load Map
    • Test Map

All female survivor option

SuperDeadlyHamAttack (talk): I guess this is kind of a strange request, but I'd like an option you can check to make all the characters female. I don't know how difficult this would be to implement, but I would guess that the game already checks for gender in R2 when Gustav wants to swap rocket launchers for a female survivor for his caravan. There's so many games out there with male-only playable characters I think it would be a nice change to be able to make it all women.

Rayman (talk) If they have the marraige and having children thing, an all female option wouldn't be something I'd like. Unless I want hardcore mode. Even though it hardly edits the game.

Pet Enhancements For Rebuild 3

Wizdome (talk): Make there be new pets like birds and other animals, but have the zombies able to bite the pets, but as a twist have different reactions to the bite! examples: Death, sickness, and mutation. You could also make certain pets able to do certain things. example: Dogs can sniff/follow tracks made by other factions. Pets can also have their own special set of abilities. example: Humans have looting, cats have clawing.

I think I'm going to go over to tech area now...

Hours of Day

Noah Forsyth (talk): I don't know if this has been proposed or not, but what if tasks had hour values instead of whole days. For example, you could have the player have 6 hours of daily activity for any survivor. Scavenging one building might be 2 hours long and clearing it might be another 2 hours. If a player had a survivor perform those 2 actions, it would be a total of 4 hours. The player could assign other tasks. He/she might have that same survivor scavenge the next building at a cost of 2 more hours, a total of 6. If the player were to then have the survivor perform another 2 hour operation that day, then there might be a morale penalty as the survivor feels overworked. Long hours of work may tire the survivor and increase the risk of something going wrong. You could also factor in travel time, making scavenging a distant building take up more hours due to distance.

Distance could be calculated separately. An example is that the operation "Kill Zombies" might actually cost 1.75 "hours" in the coding. Travel might be .5 "hours." The total would be 2.25 "hours" and the CPU could round that and give it an even 2 hours. A further building, say four times as far away as the last, could then take (4 x .5) 2.0 "hours." 3.75 rounded would be a 4 hour mission. A scavenging mission on the same day to the same building would not add 4 hours because the survivor would already have travelled there, it would be 1.75 "hours," rounded to 2 and bringing the total for a scavenging and zombie killing mission to the distant building take 6 hours of the survivor's day.

That was long-winded and hopefully useful. Good luck!

Busy People

Noah Forsyth (talk): One of my personal peeves about past Rebuild games is that survivors that are, for example, tending crops or bartending have no effect on combat. I feel like they could still factor in, but not necessarily as much as other survivors on guard duty or idleing. Even a farmer could defend himself/herself if attacked, although they wouldn't necessarily be on the lookout for zombies. Just a thought, thanks and good luck.

Loss of Limbs=

Max24833 There should be a way survivors can lose limbs on missions, in the same way they'd lose their eye. I think it'd be more likely a survivor would be bit and need his arm or leg cut off, then eye damaged, like Hershel Green and Lee Everett from the Walking dead TV show and game, respectively.

Same-Sex Relationships

theboywhotriedtovanish (talk): I think it'd be really lovely if the game incorporated same-sex relationships. As a queer geek, it's always a bit depressing to play games with a relationship component involved but only be allowed to pair up heterosexual couples. I love zombies in media, and it's been really exciting to see more representation for LGBT* couples in zombie media (see Eric and Aaron in the comic series of The Walking Dead, and Jack and Eugene and Maxine and Paula in Zombies, Run!, etc.) and it'd be super cool if you'd be willing to have the relationship component of the game include non-heterosexual couples. Obviously the system for these relationships would have to be different from het couples. For example, instead of having children, a couple could "adopt" an orphaned child.

I looked around quite a bit to see if this was suggested yet, but I couldn't find it, so please forgive me if I've been repetitive! I'm sorry if this is incomprehensible, as I'm currently super sick, but thanks for reading.

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